Why the Admin has a section of his own?

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Why the Admin has a section of his own? Empty Why the Admin has a section of his own?

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:08 pm

Welcome and thank you for coming here,

Before you get yourself some ideas, let me explain why i set this section up here for me alone to enjoy. There are multiple reasons but the most important are as such; in a distant future i hope to gather all my shorts and make a book. Keeping this in mind, i need my work to be gathered all in one place for easy access. Secondly, Yes, i could have made a website to hold my work, but i also enjoy role playing with others from time to time, so a forum was more suited. Lastly, may i point out i came up with this and i am the one building the forum, so i do believe i deserve some bits of spotlight.

All this being said, i hope you can pass over my ego and enjoy what others and i have written on this forum. I can not speak for everyone, but in my case, i have put a lot of effort into my writings, i sincerely hope you will enjoy them.

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