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Post by Z!FF on Sun May 14, 2017 12:32 am

Before you read:

If you are a Warframe player: This is not quite the Saryn you know. I've changed some of her aspects to keep her refreshing and different. Hopefully i kept her interesting.

If you are not a Warframe player: This is not quite an OC. This is more of a Fan-Creation from an already existing game character.

Unleashing disease and plague with contagious spores, Saryn spreads deadly viruses, lethal toxins, and caustic vapors that rapidly decompose enemies while invigorating their progenitor. Recombinant properties of her biological weapons result in volatile mutations, drastically increasing the potency of her abilities.

Get down with the sickness, Tenno.

Warframes. Those armor only Tenno can manipulate and unlock their full potential. Those modern ninjas, far more powerful than anything or anyone ever before, the one who have remained dormant for centuries without a war to fight for. Tenno, a group of beings, above humans, though similar in everyway. They were the key to mankind's survival. Them and their oh so powerful Warframes. Each warframe held its own abilities, its own powers. Each looked different, each were different. Each tenno was different and so were the armors but as time passed, one demarked herself from the others. The lovely, the deadly, poisonous Saryn.

Of all ninjas she was the one. The one who changed the most. Of her usual friendly and talkative self, she had slowly mutated to a silent, distant, obsessed one. As the battles went on and on, Saryn changed more and more until the others became worried. For months they had not seen her true face, not seen her skin, not heard her voice, but there she was, standing tall, busy growing an other deathly beautiful flower. They asked, no, they demanded to see her. They wanted her to remove her mask, the combination of armor and living organism that was keeping her away from harm. With a sight of disappointment, she acted as their will and took the chitin off, revealing the damages done. Her eyes,from their perfect safire blue they hade evolved into corrupted green. Her hair, short and auburn had lengthen and darkened. Even her skin melted, infused in the warframe.

She seemed so different. She was so different. Her face showed barely any emotion. As she lost her flame? Her will to live and fight to protect the weak? No. She had lost more than that. She had lost her humanity, lost herself. She no longer was seeing herself as a Tenno, suited in a armor to battle against atrocities to save the system. No. She saw herself as a completely different organism. Something that couldn't be explained or described. She was becoming one with the living-plant frame, her mind corroding away as it by the agents coursing through the organism "veins".

The Tenno did all they could but there was no turning back. All her injuries, from hundreds of previous battles had served as accelerant for the frame to take over her body. Her wounds, cuts and scratches had been the first entry points for the armor to infiltrate her deepest regions. The once-woman inside the frame knew. She had known all along, but kept it a secret and a secret she would keep forever as the mutation had taken as far as her vocals. Looking at her friends, the woman sighted, placing the helmet and surely soon-to-be head above her current form. She remained silent, as she would for the rest of her days, but her eyes, her pose, her face had said what she had to say. She regretted nothing, she wanted it tp happen. Was her mind tinted by the poison her new body was producing? Surely, but she was able to accept it with ease. She had given up on herself, yes, but for a greater cause. She could better herself, up her powers, defend the others with more ease than ever before. She and the frame shared the same interests, help the friends, save the needed, protect the weak. Having no other choice but to trust both Saryns, the other ninjas left her alone, for some time.

Time passed and the missions came and went. It took quite a lot of time for the flower to blossom, but Saryn came back. She had stayed at the dojo for what felt like an eternity for the others. Not once did they gave up or forgot about their friend, knowing she would come back, and so she did, but again, much different than the last Saryn they saw. This one was taller, slower, curvier and she emitted such an enivring scent. A parfume, collection of the best odors flowers of any world could ever scent, yet mild enough to pass nearly incognito. This Saryn was no longer human, not that any Tenno ever was, but this one was indeed, nothing resembling a human. She had lost her voice, had lost her eyes, had lost her lungs, had lost her mind... But there she was, walking towards them, swaying her wide hips and waist like the gorgeous thing that she was. Tempting. Femininely tempting. Arousing even. She approached them all, slowly, carefully crossing a leg before the other as her heeled chitin feet clicked softly, moistly against the cold hard floor. With open arms she enlaced them all at once, taking full potential of her new height.

Time passed again, faster now that the clan was back together. What first was odd soon became normal and having a soundless, mute Saryn did not stopped the Tennos from talking to her at every opportunity. Eventually, the Tenno learned to understand Saryn's subtile movements to understand what she wanted to say and in no time flat, conversations were as normal as they ever been. Then came their first mission back together, after months of leaving the plant lady behind when facing danger. Yes they had faith in their friend, but the ninjas preferred to know her on the ship rather than in a fight, until they invited her down, to see if she could manage missions like the "old" Saryn could. An opportunity the living frame did not waste.

The first half of the mission went without any trouble, but the second turned to nightmare. Surrounded by enemy forces, the clan was hoping for a miracle, defending a weapon-less Saryn who still refused to hold a weapon other than her chosen katana. Once their first friend was deadly wounded, the living plant stepped in the fight, ending it by the same occasion. A thick carpet of plants spread from her to the ennemies. It covered the ground at surreal speed and large, colorful stalks and flowers grew from it. Spores began filling the area which soon was covered only by plant life. As the flora took over, so did the deadly poisons, literally melting the enemy away. Some grasped their throats in vein, others were plagued by diseases, few killed themselves... There was no escape.

As the bodies of a small army were being grotesque​ly "digested" into nutriments for the plants, Saryn walked to one of them, slowly as always, keeping a feminine and remarkable lady-like flow. Behind her, the Tenno held each others, left in a circle untouched by the growing garden and afraid to touch any of it. The lethal beauty approached fallen corpse and touched it, simply, gently with the tip of her index, tracing a line of vines, which,from afar was impossible to tell, grew in and from the creature's body.

The contagious Saryn had proven her point. By altering herself not only was she stronger, she was strong enough to bring a dead back to life and use it as her spore-containment toy... Or soldier depending on the case. With the fallen victim back to life, it knelt behind its mistress as she returned to her friends, leaving the beast to decay and rot, according to her will.

Disgusted, the Tenno shared their mixed feeling with their silent friend and while she wouldn't say a thing, the subtle insecurity in her movements said enough. They could not understand. Would never understand. She approached her friends and hugged them all. Understanding, the ninjas did the same, enveloping their friend quickly before rushing to help for their fallen comrade​, leaving the plant lady behind.

It's been over a decade and no one heard from Saryn again. One of the latest addition to the clan, Zephyr, spoke of an infected being terrorizing enemy bases from time to time. A sort of failed experiment haunting them, she guessed, just like she was, failed. Experiment. It isn't enough to assume anything, but if something held the power to destroy bases... It had to be her. Saryn.


Since then Saryn has been on her own. She travels the solar system and its neighbors with a small spaceship the size of a bus. She often lands on various planets and for the most unbelievable reasons, lives there. Saryn needs nothing in particular to exist, she simply exist. Part armor, part plant, part living being, she can survive the worst of the worst of conditions. Most liquids will suffice to nourish her, be it utterly poisonous, acidic, thick... She lacks needs to communicate, sometimes staring at her interlocutor in various ways to share an idea, thought or to answer a question. She moves slowly, gracefully and with the up most care to details. She still believes in protecting the weak and innocent, but her current condition leaves people to wonder if she is the enemy or not. As slow as she may be, if she needs to strike her katana at someone, best be prepared: her strikes are relentless and surprisingly fast. In the end, Saryn will never give up on someone or something she respects or likes, still hoping to see her friends once more.

Weapon Information

Katana: A simple ceramic blade forged for all Tenno. It is constantly coated ( and sometimes dripping ) of Saryn's deadly poison.

Shuriken: Average hard steel shuriken. They are placed in sheaths holding 5 of them on both her tights. The sheaths are made of Saryn's own "flesh" making them the perfect receptacle to hold a thick and quite harmful acid.

Revolver: Perfect for longer range battles, 8 rounds and surprisingly lethal, the Compact Bolkor is a high impact, slow rate of fire heavy "bolts" launcher capable of "nailing" down ennemies.

Fighting Information

Saryn's movements may be slower than average but if needed, her past life as a highly advanced ninja will come into play. She can wall run, jump ten feet high without running or augmentations, run-climb walls... Her ability to parkour is outstanding, well worthy of the highly praised Tenno symbol. In true ninja fashion she is stealthy, preferring taking down targets one by one in silence over fighting crowds of people in plain sight. You won't know her presence until it's too late.

Powers :


Speed : Immediate

Range : Moderate

Damage : Poison

Description: The once Tenno can throw spores from her palms. Different than Miasma, those spores are solid to the touch and sticky. A limited amount can be expelled before the beautiful lady must replenish herself. Those spores’ only target is to disarray the target ( will cause headache, nausea, puking etc ) and possibly invade the enemy’s system. If latched correctly, the spores will reach for the target’s nervous system, allowing Saryn to implant her will into their consciousness. ( Works great on NPCs, will depend on other players if the player is willing. ( Will never kill a player or make them kill themselves without consulting. )) If removed before the Saryn is in control, the effects can last up to five minutes.


Speed : Slow

Range : Far

Damage: Poison, Corrosive

Description : Saryn’s deadliest power, to create life in order to take it. Canalizing her energy, Saryn produces spores from the fungus on her shoulders. The deadly pollen mist quickly spreads to the ground, rooting itself in place. A new flora ( plants ) begins growing. More plants produces more spores, growing ever so larger. This technic requires time and energy for Saryn to use, but in half an hour, an colony can be turned into a lethal garden. If one breathes her polluted atmosphere or enters it, death is nearly assured as either corrosion or poison will attack either skin, armor, lungs or all.


>Saryn can be safely touched by friends. Foes may suffer burns, illness, sickness, molted skin etc. ( Acid melts skin if you were not aware )

>The plant lady’s fungus is soft to the touch. It gives a feeling of ‘’breathing’’. It is thick yet quite light. While it can be easily damaged, only being as tough as ( real ) mushrooms, it can regrow as easily.

>Saryn’s breasts aren’t breasts. She has no idea what they are.

>The formation on her thigh is the woman’s most poisonous limb. It creates most of her toxins. It can glow with corruption when bloated. It is solid and feels resembles wood.

>Her hips are covered with a wooden-like construct similar to her toxin formation. It’s utility has yet to be found.

>She adores swinging sais hips as she walks.

More Info
Height: 6'5"
Specie: Living-Walking-Plant
Material: Unique
Power: Poison, Acid, Flora
Temperament: Calm, Reserved
Weapons: Poisoned Katana, Acidic Shuriken, Special Revolver
Pros: Natural wisdom, Stealthy, Friendly ( yet distant )
Cons: Communication, Speed, Interests

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