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Post by DEWM NINJA on Tue May 16, 2017 3:51 am

This Week With Dewm #10 Thiswe11

Hello, so last time as mentioned in the postponed post, that someone close to me died, I'm not going to say much about it, I've moved on already so I don't need comfort. It's fine. There's only one main thing as to why that's important:

The second chapter to Vorcium has been coming along very slowly, a lot of bullshit happened that week that stressed me out, mainly is that close person, but there were other minor things, like the tiny amount of attention the book is getting in the first place. It's stressful and I'm losing my drive to make the second chapter. It has made very little progress in the last couple of weeks, only about half a paragraph has been added really. I'll work on it in the future, when I feel like it again.

Secondly, I'm losing interest in doing This Week With Dewm as well. With my return to Google+ coming soon this place will basically be obsolete, not to mention there's hardly anything interesting, insert progress on Vorcium here, insert bullshit event that happen this week there, make a couple shitty jokes, done.

So anyway there's not much to say, I do have something for you. Me and my friends were playing Rainbow Six Siege, fucking stupid game. Nonetheless, some asshole, just remember this guy as The Asshole. Anyway one of my friends were the last man standing when he got killed, and the Asshole messages him and says "Get some headphones", to which my friend responds, "Get some pussy" as a joke. This cuck then proceeds to fucking report him, and since Xbox is a place where fun goes to die, my friend gets a communications ban, which means he can't talk to us in Game Chat, Party Chat or over messages, and he was also unable to use Skype or upload clips or screenshots (But since Xbox Live is broken he was still able to skype and upload clips lol). So that's great. Further into the match this Asshole proceeds to attempt to teamkill my friend, but since he was so shit at the game (he was at the bottom of the leaderboard the whole game anyway) he ended up getting teamkilled by my friend in self defense, and this Asshole must've had another friend, since the other random in the game turns around and teamkills my friend, and I teamkill the other random. Suddenly, the Asshole messages me, and this is what followed:
This Week With Dewm #10 Arg10
Then he went on my profile and reported everything and since the Xbox bots are so retarded they gave me a communications ban, too.
I'm glad I pay ten dollars a month for a service that can be abused so easily. I can't fucking wait until I get the money for a Gaming PC.

Anyway fuck you.

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