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Post by Z!FF on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:52 am

One of the Anidroid’s most interesting features is their personality chips. While it is safe to say this generation of androids is not the first to be equipped of artificial personality traits, it is the first time those traits can ( and does )differ between units. No longer do you need to search online for hours for the perfect bot with the perfect attitude… at the perfect price. Indeed, with this new line of products comes interchangeable personalities and while extra chips are not included, the first pick is free of charge! The choice is yours, pick from the wide variety of traits available, ranging from shy and clumsy to strict and straight forward and for those with thicker wallets, custom chips can be made to your recommendation! Our experts work day and night to model your ideas and create the perfect companion with the perfect attitude!

It is also worth noting, personality chips do not resemble chips at all. They are, in fact, balls. Spheres the size of golf balls, transparent and shining in colors. The Anidroid’s personalities’ complex design could not allow the usage of regular chips. You heard right, no matter the size of the chip, it could not hold the ground-breaking depth of the Anidroid’s programing thus leading us to a new, never-seen-before spherical design. While conventional chips deliver information from point A to point B at impressive speed, they were unable to suffice the amount of information needed to be computerized by the Anidroid’s systems. The new spherical design allows information to flow in every direction, from any direction. Of course this process is much faster, three times the speed of the fastest card on the market, but that’s not all! It also produces less heat, cutting down on the expensive cooling systems and the harsh maintenances, leaving you with more money in your pockets and more bang for your buck! Care free and happy with our Anidroid line!

Each personality is created and tested at the assembly line in a dolled Anidroid to make sure each ball that passes our door goes right in the hole. A hole in one on your parkour is what we aim, satisfaction guaranteed or we replace it free of charge! What are you waiting for? Give us a call and get your Anidroid today!


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