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The Powerless Succubus Empty The Powerless Succubus

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:29 pm

Mmmmh.. This is...certainly different.. And disappointing.


Viraa, a succubus, had be drained of her powers by her Master and Father, the one and only god of Evil. Like all succubi and incubi, she had been created by the lord of the sins himself with no prior life of her own before. Her home was hell and she enjoyed it. Her task was simple, like all her siblings, venture the land of the living and collect their souls. Most of which were during their sleep, where she would appear in their dreams and draw the soul to her by many and any attractive manners possible. After all, she had been gifted existence for just that, being attractive. Once the soul had been hypnotized by the beauty of the beast, she would simply cut its tie with the body making the return in the world of the living nearly impossible.

Viraa always enjoyed her existence. She could roam the so called Earth freely and be at home as well. Unlike simple demons, which were living beings in past lives, she held powers of her own. Controlling the mind and body of the living at her mercy. Was it always working? Of course not. Nothing is ever perfect. Except, perhaps, the all mighty gods. Though her job wasn't always so easy, it was enjoyable and even the angels themselves were not attacking the succubi and incubi. To them, the evil dwellers represented no threat and weren't worthy of killing. While they did bring souls to eternal hell, they were doing so in the most peaceful way possible. Through sleep and dreams.. Most of the time.

Which leads to few exceptions, one of which caused the gorgeous female to be restrained from home and stripped of her powers. She had been trying to bring a certain soul to her verse through dreams, but it had never worked. She had been trying so hard for months for only result, a simple smile. Incubi tried as well, with the same results, which later pushed the succubus to meet the earthling face to face. She had met him in the streets, while being surrounded by many others who could not see her forms. She attempted many, many times but the human's will was too strong.

After unsuccessfully retrieving the soul for yet an other time, Viraa called her Master to give him the news, which he replied positively, surprisingly. The female went on with her duties, collecting souls one after the other for a few days and nights. She eventually was lead to a human, one which was close by the now legendary one, and began her work when she noticed noises. The lady of dreams gave her work up and investigated the area only to find out low class demons were about to kill the human and force its soul in the underworld .Without thinking, Viraa exterminated the vile creatures and saved the earthling. Something was strange about that one. It's soul was definitely powerful.

Once her Master heard about its demonic slave's action, he banished her to the land of living and took away all of her powers. Even more humiliating, he invoke her in the human she saved's home, in his very room. The soul collector fell to the ground in a loud bang and scratched her head. She had never been hurt before.. What would she do next?


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