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Post by Z!FF on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:04 pm

[Audio Log number twenty six. February first, two thousand one hundred thirty-seventh.]

Personality chips. Interchangeable from a synth to an other. Easy to install and most importantly, stunningly entertaining. Oh yes the personality chips are one of the greatest inventions of our time and they are only to be found in the new low cost, highly efficient line of cybernetic felines known as Anidroids. But! Don't be fooled by those flashy commercials and soothing voices! Those things are a work of the Devil!

There are no denying the Anidroids are cute. They’re useful, self sufficient, durable and … tempting but, behind those playful façades comes something so evil and twisted it will shatter your mind. Let me ask you, how can a personality be built from nothing? One can a machine have preferences? Why was something unachievable last year suddenly becomes so cheap just about anybody can get one? Let me give you the answers. Those are not what they seem to be. They are not packaged happiness! No! They are not decades of researches in re-creating a human mindset. They are humans. They were humans.

Yes! Yes! You must believe! Active Upgrade has found a way to save people's personalities, strip them of their memories and print them on those fancy glowing balls spinning in those composite heads. You don’t believe me? We’ve got one! One of them! Not just any one, one who barely remembers her past. Yes! The only one! Here, listen!

“Go ahead. Say it again”

“I-i.. can't remember. I don't want to. I-i… something is forbidding me to remember but… i reckon seeing the Tri-park. I’ve been there before. There's something about the third bench left from the North entrance… I don't know why… i-i… i need to..”

Do you see now? Thoughts, insecurities, memories… can any other synth do the same? How come the high end models can't? Not as fluidly at least. Not now, not never! These machines are people! Do not bu-


[File deleted. Audio Log twenty sev…]

Be sure to delete them all. Did the update fix those pesky memories?

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