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Post by Z!FF on Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:03 pm

Hello and welcome to the fantastic game. This is a Dungeons and Dragons inspired roleplay. Like DnD, there is a dice system and some skill points. Unlike DnD, there are no maps or specific races.

The plot is very simple, you are an adventurer looking to complete quests for gold and glory. This is a very generic set up leaving room for improvement and things to be added as the play progresses.

This this will work is, when building a character, you will have to spend a total of five points in a skill three. These points will determine how efficient you are at what you are trying to do. You can spend all five points at one skill, or a single point at five skills, the choice is yours.

Once your character is completed, you will be able to join the roleplay. You are most likely than not going to have an idea of what you will write and, before you even start writing it, you will have to roll a dice. The number on the dice roll will determine if you succeed or fail your action. Then, you must write your post according to your dice roll.

Like in any other roleplay, you are free to do as you wish as long as it follows commun sense and your character's skills. A warrior can't send spells, for example. However you cannot kill anything, only the DM/GM can determine if an ennemi is killed.

To keep it simple, there will be no health or mana systems, it will be up to you to role play accordingly.

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