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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:40 pm

...If you are in the area, please stay at home. Remain inside and wait for the situation to calm…

Oh fuck.

The broadcast showed carnage Downtown as police were fighting an incredible criminal. Dressed in black head to toe, it had been moving too fast for anyone to actually see who or what it was. Smoke and dust filled the battle zone as windows exploded and bodies dropped. All that was certain was that it was powerful. Possibly using some sort of super human technology or super weapon. It was just too strong not to be. Fortunately, no shots were fired from the crooked mind and so the police and other forces of the law suspected the being to be unarmed. Unarmed, or at the very least, not using a firearm. Still, it remained it was dangerous. Crazy, even. No one knew how it started. The day went by just as always, people going to work and minding their own businesses, until, suddenly, an explosion occurred. After the dust fell back down, it was clear the ground had cracked apart in many circles, though there was nothing in the middle. Nothing other than a single footprint.

The reporter, sitting in a chopper high and far away from the mess happening in the streets down below, was describing the scene to the best of her abilities, but, surging from the clouds of smoke appeared a mass. A large object had been thrown and was approaching the helicopter, too fast to avoid and the viewers, watching live, had no other choice but to watch the woman’s last moments.

Shit. Shit. Shit! Said a young figure, running out of a café, not listening to the last words of the now dead reporter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ gone of this world! Never return of this life or the next. Demon, I cannot banish you for eternity, we are both aware, but you will stay in the netherworld until you are wanted. You, demon of war, will never return. You never were and never will be welcomed upon this earth.

A group of mages gathered in a mass, all holding powerful staffs in their hands. All staffs were made the same, orbed with blue and white pearls at the top, crafted from oak tree branches. The men were dressed in white ropes and advancing towards a single enemy and while the leader of the group spoke to their target, the others were speaking in a foreign language, practicing and repeating an incantation.

Vile insects. All of you! I will cleanse this world of the human plague! You will never defeat me or my name isn’t…

Bound in an undescriptive floating sphere, a woman with golden eyes and a set of horns atop her head struggled to fight free. She was naked and harmless to anyone unaware of her identity. Just as she was about to speak her name, she vanished leaving no traces of ever being there. The group of mages were done, their incantation was over and had work brilliantly. They were free of war-hungry demoness. Free of her carnage and the fear she had set upon their hearts for generations. She and the other so-called demons had been vanquished. Everyone light their lanterns and look at each other’s, relief clearly visible on their faces. The night had been rough, but they pulled it through. All they needed now, was to announce it to his Majesty, though it could wait until dawn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mythology is so interesting. Did you know people used to invent gods and goddesses of their own to escape being diagnosed diseased? They would say it was a sign from their gods and this way avoid being treated by doctors because at certain times during history, medicine took dark turns.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Is this why there are so many?

Yes, but none of them actually exist, or at least there was no proof of their existences.

Oh? Do you know about the goddess of war from the 14th century? It is said she was on earth from 12th to 15th but was mostly feared and known in the 14th. Judging by the historians, there would be proof of her existence somewhere…

Oh really? No, I don’t think I know anything like that.

Well that’s surprising, coming from Mister know-it-all. Her name was Albedo and she was known as the goddess of war, but she was in fact the goddess of destruction. It just happened that war caused a lot of destruction and she soon began using war to burn the world down. Or at least that’s what the books says.

Interesting, interesting. And why did she suddenly appeared and disappeared?

Appeared, there’s no explanations, but she disappeared due to people of the time needing peace. Apparently they did some sort of ritual or who knows what and she vanished. It’d be easier to get her to come back though, just need to wish her back, thinking of her with her image in your thoughts.

Ain’t that crazy? … and simple. Are you sure it’s a goddess? I’m pretty sure gods don’t work that way.

I’m pretty sure gods don’t work at all. Anyway, I gotta go, I’ll be late for my meeting.

Bye! Take care.

Samuel was a guy just like any other. He just walked out of university, diploma at hand and was searching for a job. Sadly for him, there wasn’t many opportunities for a lover of mythology for only exception becoming a teacher. The poor guy, oh how much he hated kids. He could tell them about the wonders of the gods a thousand times they would still not understand it, nor listen. No, he had to find better, but what? He’d need to keep searching, and while he would, maybe he could allow himself a little break by searching about this new and interesting ‘’Albedo’’ he just heard of.

Later the same day, Samuel began his work, but it soon proved itself to be a much greater challenge then he expected to both find a job and information about the goddess. His future job could wait tough, as his curiosity took over. Never did he had problems finding information about anything. Most times he would find scarce info here and there, but in this case, he had found nothing. Nothing at all. Could his friend have lied? In order to be sure, he called him and asked for proof of his so called goddess. Sam’s friend said he only read about it once in a book his grandfather gave him when he was a child. Of course, booklover that he was, he had kept the manuscript and was willing to let his good friend borrow it.

The mythologist hurried up and made his way back home less than an hour after leaving, the book at hand. It was an old book, printed ages ago and was probably worth a bit, but what it held inside had more value to his eyes then what someone could give him for. Luckily Samuel’s friend seem to think the same way. Sitting comfortably in his chair, the man turned the pages carefully and looked for an index, which surprisingly wasn’t part of the many pages, leaving him to search harder for the few pages about Albedo. Eventually he found what he searched for and smiled, as it seemed to be ‘’true’’. His friend did not lie to him, that was a start.

Simply wish her to be here and she will? Seems simple enough. Albedo, please come to me! Wait .. no. Mmmh. Oh Mighty goddess Albedo, please join me on Earth and nah.. not good. Mmmh.. Hi, my name is Samuel and I would like to meet you! Sure.. like that would work.. What am I even doing? I want to meet something that doesn’t exist… It’d be pretty cool though. Well.. bed time I guess. Said the man to himself, walking in circles in his living room while practicing his greeting. Once he had a clear look at the time, he decided it was best to rest for the night, knowing he would have plenty of time the next day to mess around and maybe keep searching for his future career.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A toast in his hand, a coffee in the other. Television was showing the news, like every morning and Samuel was watching, more or less, as always. He was a little disappointed the previous night’s attempts was a failure, but he never fully believed in it to begin with. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe he needed to believe. Again, still in his underwear, the man closed his eyes and tried his very best to imagine the woman in his kitchen, waiting for him to open his eyes.

Albedo… He said to himself, softly when he opened them. Nothing. Again. No big surprises, even though he was sure he could not try harder from that point on. As he was about to turn off the television, the regular schedule had changed for a breaking news, hooking Samuel right away.

Oh shit. He said out loud, dropping his toast. Could it be? No.. it can’t.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Just as suddenly as carnage appeared in the city, it disappeared leaving no traces behind… for only exceptions, sinkholes, burning landscape and wrecked everything. Police cars were destroyed, some were crushed, others were teared in half. No one could tell what happened.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Since he was living on the other side of town, Samuel decided to go out make some grocery. Whatever was happening had no chance of reaching him or him reaching it in time and he had his life to think about anyway. Just as he opened the front door, keys at hand, he faced a tall, dark figure. A pitch black armor, with for only distinctive trait, two silver horns curled forward at the top of the helmet. It was impossible to see a face inside the helmet, just like it would have been impossible to figure it was a woman if it wasn’t of the thin body shape. A large, long and seemingly heavy battle ax in one hand, the armored lady was frightening. Even if he wasn’t ready to accept it, reality was standing in front of him. Albedo was standing in front of him. He could recognize the armor from the old book, hand written and hand drawn, but still pretty damn accurate. Leaving him no chances to escape, the goddess grabbed Samuel by the neck and lifted him off the ground.

You. Disgusting insect. You are the one who brought me back, aren’t you? Her voice. Very soft, but oooh was it sanding chills down the man’s spine and as he stayed there, unable to reply, he simply nodded. The next moment, he found himself standing up, both of his feet on the ground and a goddess kneeling before him, her head down. You may be an inferior hairless ape, but I thank you with all my heart. As she got back up, the woman removed her helmet to reveal colorful piercing eyes.

My name is Albedo, i am the demon of war. To thank you for freeing me, I will submit to your will for your lifetime. She added, again, sending chills down the man’s spine as he admired the beauty before him. Long silk black hair, piercing sunset orange eyes and smooth skin only a rock could not be tempted to touch were strikign features of her beauty.

Hu..huh. Mmh.. H-hello. M-my na… You can call me Sam. I-I never thought it would actually work, but.. wow, here you are.. wait. Demon? Aren’t you the goddess of destruction?

Have you seen horns on a god? Do not answer, gods do not exist. I have made sure of that.

‘’Oh. Shit.’’ Thought Samuel, doubting his action was worth it. ‘’I think I fucked up.’’


Believe it or not, I was going o type something funny and easy to read and enjoy. Guess I’m too much of a serious shit to do funny stuff…

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