Vorcium: Chapter 4: Overworld (Second Half)

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Vorcium: Chapter 4: Overworld (Second Half) Empty Vorcium: Chapter 4: Overworld (Second Half)

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An entire fleet of Dragonfighters flew fast towards the LANTIS, which was nearing the moon. Inside one of the Dragonfighters was Nikola, who held a somewhat bored expression as he piloted the fighter. He spoke into a headset which he didn’t wear on his head, but instead left sitting around his neck with the microphone pushed towards his face, and its volume high enough for him to still hear. “They’re releasing defense fighters. Hold formation and open fire only when you have a lock on them, you can’t reload once you’re out of ammo.” Nikola said. “Roger, sir.” A robotic voice spoke back to Nikola, the same mostly robotic man. Momentarily, the LANTIS released its supply of ships that flew in towards the incoming attackers, firing laser projectiles, while the Dragonfighters fired bullets. The two fleets clashed, causing an initial mass explosion of ships. Nikola pulled his ship downwards until he was an odd one out away from the chaos above him. He pushed a button on his ship, causing its thrusters to release an explosion of energy, blasting his ship forwards at an intense speed, until he slowed it back down upon reaching the back end of the enemy fleet. Nikola noticed outside the viewing window several lasers just barely missing his ship. He pulled back on a lever, shutting down his ship’s thrusters, allowing the pursuing ship to continue in front of him, where he unloaded into the back of the enemy ship, opening up a hatch in the back that caused the robot pilot to be sucked out into space, before Nikola hit it head on with his ship, smashing it into pieces. The enemy ship continued, unpiloted, straight into the LANTIS, before it hit a transparent energy shield and exploded, causing Nikola to suddenly push his ship’s direction downwards, just missing the shield. He slowly brought it back up as he went to the other side of the LANTIS, between it and the moon, which he turned to look at. He squinted his eyes as he looked down at the surface of the distant object, spotting a nearly unnoticeable structure on it.

Scar stood on the bridge of the LANTIS, observing the fight from a safe distance. “Ma’am, the Demon forces are being crushed by our superior weapons. Intercepted transmissions suggest that Nikola himself was with the fleet, meaning if we destroy all of their ships, we might just effectively end the core strength of the Demons, and assert ourselves as victorious in the civil war.” A robot said. “Excellent. Make sure that there are no escapees, then.” Scar said. “We are currently at 93% strength in battle, ma’am, enemy opposition at 51%.” A different robot said. The door to the bridge behind Scar opened up, and Mac walked in. “Dammit, who let him in?!” Scar yelled. “This guy.” Mac said, before throwing a robot’s dislocated head onto the floor next to Scar. Two guards opposite of the door prepared their weapons. “You too, huh?” Mac asked, before he fired Pinaka into one’s head, and pocketed the weapon as he walked up to the other, grabbing its then prepared weapon and twisting it around into the robot’s head, firing into it until it fell over. Mac walked up to Scar. “Why am I not out there?” Mac asked. “You count as civilian, not Navy.” Scar said. “Bullshit, I can fight better than any of your little robots!” Mac said. “Look, return to your room, or else I’ll have to call in security.” Scar said. “It’s gonna be a while, there’s no security robots nearby, had to kill them all just to get to you.” Mac said, before Scar sighed. “Ma’am, I don’t mean to interrupt, but we have strange readings coming from the moon.” A robot said. “Like what?” Scar asked. “We’re not sure, exactly… the technology matches that of… our own.” The robot responded. “Keep an eye on it, we’ll investigate later, for now we have more pressing matters.” Scar said, before turning to face Mac. “Let me out there.” Mac said. “Not happening.” Scar said. “Ma’am, engines have gone offline, backup engines are also unresponsive!” A robot shouted to Scar, who looked back at the robot in surprise. “Any signs of sabotage?” Scar asked. “Negative, it seems to be remote shutdown from the same readings we got on the moon.” The robot responded. “Remote shutdown, I didn’t even know that was possible.” Scar said. “Well, the readings match our technology, meaning that they could be using some form compatability with more advanced types of tech.” The robot said. “Keep trying to re-engage the engines, we’re not getting stranded here.” Scar said. “Alright ma’am.” The robot said. “Well, this is just great… Maybe I can fly down to the moon and see if I can’t get you fixed back up.” Mac said. “If such an operation must be done we will send our own robots, not you.” Scar said. “That’s stupid, you know.” Mac said. “Ma’am!” Another robot shouted. “What?!” Scar yelled, turning around to face the robot. “Our shields have now been remotely deactivated and we’re being pulled down towards the moon in a tractor field, I’d suggest we brace everyone for impact!” The robot yelled. Scar was silent for a moment while she thought, before Mac looked out the battle in the opposite direction of the moon, before he yelled at the top of his lungs, “INCOMING!”. A Crylo fighter crashed through the glass in the bridge, causing the vacuum of space to pull all the robots out from the bridge and into space. Mac pressed a button on his wrists as his boots locked magnetically into the ground. Scar dug her robotic claw into the wall of the ship, holding on for life. Red lights began to flash in the ship as the other fighters from the battle all began to fly directly into the LANTIS. Mac looked to the opposite direction as the moon began to get closer and closer at a rapid pace, before taking a deep breath as the side of the LANTIS smashed into the moon at top speed.

Mac slowly opened his eyes, before he suddenly widened them, and clenched his fists closed from the sudden shock. All the lights on the ship were off, the only thing he could see reasonably was small hints of the sun flooding into the exposed parts of the bridge, and the occasional waterfall of sparks from ruined computer consoles. It suddenly occurred to him that he was hanging upside down, with his boots still magnetically attached to what was originally the floor. He pressed the same button on his wrist, finally letting himself fall to the floor. It may not have had the same gravity, but there was still an impact as Mac grunted upon hitting the floor. He groggily got up, getting his bearings, before he walked out of the bridge and onto the lunar landscape before him. He looked around, before spotting a trail of footprints coming from the bridge and leading to some unknown location. Mac took off, following the footprints, before spotting Scar, sitting down on a rock, performing repairs on her exposed robotic hand. Mac walked up to her. “Hey, we need to find survivors!” Mac said. Scar didn’t even acknowledge him. “Hello? Are you that upset with right now, or something?” Mac asked. He sighed, before tapping on her shoulder, causing her to quickly aim a pistol at him, before sighing, and putting it away. She pressed a button on the side of her helmet. “There’s no sound waves in space, idiot. The only way we can talk is through our helmets, since there’s air in them.” Scar said. “Hey, c’mon. How was I supposed to know about sound waves and whatnot?” Mac asked. “Well… while we’re on the subject, here’s a couple other things you should know: One, once you’re free of an object’s gravitational pull, moving in one direction will force you to stay in that direction until a different force acts on you… so don’t go too far off the moon or you might not come back.” Scar said. “Scary. What about the other?” Mac asked. “Space, is basically the coldest thing possible. So, if you were to track something with thermal vision, the contrast between the object and space would be instantly apparent… but don’t have thermal vision on at all times. Space is so cold that looking out with thermal vision will render you blind while you have it on.” Scar said, before she finished her repairs. “Alright… thanks, I guess.” Mac said. “Well I don’t want you being an idiot while we’re here. As long as we find the survivors and continue with a game plan, I’m sure we can investigate whoever or whatever pulled us in, and see if they’ve got ships. And if we’re stranded here, I can send down a transmission to Vorcium and tell them they need to build a rescue vessel and send it up ASAP. I know for a fact whatever it was that disabled half our ship has a signal array, or else there’s no way they could’ve sent transmissions to our ship to disable any of it in the first place.” Scar said, before she turned to walk back towards the LANTIS’ exposed bridge. “Let’s get moving. We need to find your group and any Crylo soldiers that survived.” Scar said. Mac followed. “So now you need our help.” Mac said. “Obviously.” Scar said. “I’ll keep in mind that the only way you’ll let us help is when your ship is catastrophically destroyed and stranded.” Mac said. They continued back into the bridge, and looked up at the door to the rest of the ship. “Of course the ship had to land upside down.” Scar said. “Here, allow me.” Mac said, as jumped up and kicked his feet into the wall, engaging their magnetic lock while he was on the wall. He lifted the rest of his body upwards, until he wedged open the door with a machete, and turned off the magnets on his boots, catching the door before he fell back. He pulled himself up, before leaning out of the doorway and offering for Scar to climb up with him. She grabbed his hand, and he pulled her up into the hallway. They walked a short distance, before coming upon another door, though this one had its security measures turned on. Mac attempted to stab his machete between the door and the doorway, but couldn’t. “Here, let me.” Scar said, before she put a canister of fuel into her robotic wrist, going along her forearm. He touched her index finger against the door and began burning through the door, slowly moving her finger along it, eventually cutting open a square for the two to enter. They slipped in to see an atrium-like center to the ship, though it was also flipped upside down. They took a short jump downwards towards the ceiling, and looked up at the doors, all on the top of the ship, too great a distance for either of them to even attempt to reach them. “This is going to be difficult.” Mac said. “Try contacting them over the radio.” Scar suggested. Mac moved a small dial on his wrist, before pressing a button on the side of his helmet. “Hey, guys, this is Mac, does anyone copy?” Mac said. “You’re coming in a little staticy, but yeah. I read you, over.” Hypox said. “Max here, Seras is with me but her radio got busted during impact. Uh… over?” Maximus said. Mac was silent for a moment. “Knuse, you there?” Mac asked. No one responded. “He should be fine. The impact wasn’t rough enough to actually kill anyone. It was all the space that leaked in and sucked everyone out. Over.” Hypox said. “Ugh, space doesn’t “leak”, it replaces the air that is forced out, over.” Scar said, mimicking Mac’s frequency. “Whatever, me and Scar are in the frontmost atrium, just next to the bridge. Can you meet us here?” Mac asked. “You forgot ‘over’. And yeah, I’ll be on my way. Just had to stop at the dining room, ain’t no way I’m letting any of this stuff get flooded out into space… over.” Hypox said. “I don’t give a damn about your ‘over’, we don’t need to do that, this isn’t some crappy radio from 2074.” Mac said. “Right… OK. Uh… well I’m on my way.” Hypox said. “Seras and I will try to reach you… but we’ve kinda been dislocated from the rest of the ship since the crash… you remember that glass hallway to our block? It got removed completely. But we’ll try.” Maximus said. “Alright, meet us in the atrium when you can.” Mac said.

A lone Dragonfighter laid in rubble with a transport truck crushed into the cockpit. Ships of all kinds were still crashing into the moon’s surface around the ship, though the LANTIS was long since crashed almost directly next to the Dragonfighter. A single fist broke through what was left of the cockpit’s glass shield, and another hand reached out to push the truck off the Dragonfighter, and the cockpit opened once free. A figure wearing a spacesuit of mostly red stepped out, and looked around, before pushing a button on his wrist. “This is Nikola, are any of you alive?” Nikola asked. “Just me, sir.” The same robotic voice responded. “Great. I’m glad to know you’re the only one alive.” Nikola said sarcastically. “Uh… would you like me to come to you, sir?” The voice asked in response. “No. There’s something nearby I saw on the moon. You might have seen it as well. Converge on that. The Knights have surely survived and I intend to hunt them down there. Since no doubt have a larger party, it will take them longer to regroup, so move it, now!” Nikola said. “Yes sir, I’m on the way!” The voice responded, before Nikola pushed the button again, before sprinting off into a direction, until he stood at the ledge of a massive crater, looking down at a large facility located inside of the massive crater. He jumped down into the crater below, the fall would normally be fatal, but Nikola simply fell to one knee upon landing, and immediately got back up, unharmed.

Maximus looked over the ledge into the canyon. “The gravity here might not be strong enough to cause us real damage from this drop but, fall in the wrong way, you might break something. Or tear your suit. Either way, not good. Any plans?” Maximus asked. Hypox walked up next to him. “Yeah.” Hypox said before pointing out his arms and firing two hooks into the ground, still attached to his wrists with a black rope. He turned around, and jumped off, before using the hooks connected to him to slowly walk down from the side of the crater. He eventually made it all the way down. “Alright guys, just climb down the rope, it’s formed from carbon nanofibers so don’t be afraid to break it. You won’t.” Hypox said. “Woah woah, wait, carbon nanofibers? Where did you get that?” Scar asked. “Oh, ah, huh… the Order of Technology… place. VIT?” Hypox asked. “VCT.” Scar corrected him. “Yeah, that.” Hypox said. Seras began climbing down the ropes, still attached to Hypox’s wrists. He looked up at her as she climbed down, though noticed out of the corner of his eye was Maximus watching him, arms crossed, lightly shaking his head. Scar simply landed next to the two, falling to her knee, tough getting up afterwards. “Jeez, you alright?” Hypox asked. “Perfectly fine. The joys of being a robot.” Scar said. Maximus started climbing down, though noticed to his left was Mac stretching. “Do not be alarmed, and move away, please.” Mac said before he jumped up, and pressed a button on his wrist. “Shield transported below feet. Overcharging shields...” A male robotic voice said to Mac, as a somewhat transparent blue dome appeared around the underside of his boots, before he landed, causing the shields to be crushed on impact. “Shields at zero percent, recharging.” Mac’s assistant said. He pressed the same button on his wrist, before taking a bow, though everyone simply looked at him normally. “Oh that was at least a little smart. Gotta gimme some credit for that.” Mac said. Maximus made it down, and afterwards, Hypox balled his fists, causing the two hooks to be ripped from the edge of the crater and pulled back into his wrist guards. They turned around to see the facility before them. “Damn. Well, there’s no doubt about it. This is our tech. Or at least, the Order of Technology’s.” Scar said. “What are we waiting for, let’s move!” Mac said, signaling for the others to follow as he ran to the facility before them. He reached a door to the facility, and pressed a button to open it, though it didn’t respond. He pressed it several times more, before punching the button, causing it to break. “Nice job, genius.” Scar said as the others caught up to him. “What? That normally opens the door.” Mac said. “Why would it do that, it’s locked! Now we can’t open it even if it was unlocked for us!” Scar said. “Confirmed. Doors unlocked.” A voice said over their radio, and the door unlocked and opened for them. “Now who’s the genius?” Mac said. “Certainly not you, it probably just detected my face or something, like how Vanguard recognized me.” Scar said, as the group walked into an airlock that filtered in air after the door behind them shut. “Actually, it was me.” An incredibly deep, robotic voice said over their radio. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Tank Zero, classification Mark 13. Otherwise known by my acronym T0-M13. Some have taken to calling me Tomb. How fitting.” The voice said. “Did you cause our ship to crash?” Scar said. “Ah, yes, terribly sorry about that. I thought it was the Order of Technology. We like to take their ships out of the sky. They haven’t been any lately.” Tomb said. “Why would you do that?” Scar asked. “Because of what they did to us.” Tomb said, before the next door opened, allowing them into the facility. A platform was raised at the end of the hall, revealing a massive robot, similar to Vanguard in most ways, though with a differently shaped head and a silver and blue color scheme, matching the facility. Next to him was a younger male, wearing an officer’s uniform, with his arms behind his back. He nodded at Scar, smiling. “Welcome. We didn’t know you survived the Demon’s onslaught, Scar.” Tomb said. “Do I know you?” Scar asked. “You don’t know me, I was built and stayed here, not to the knowledge of the Order of Technology. My assistant, however, is from where you worked.” Tomb said. The younger man stepped off the platform, and walked up to Scar. “Well, it’s very nice to finally meet you.” The man said in an elegantly light british accent. “And you are?” Scar asked. “You don’t know me? I don’t blame you, we never truly met, I only studied you from the data records of you in VCT.” Edison said. “Well, that’s… creepy.” Scar said. Edison chuckled. “You misinterpreted what I said. See, you’re a Class X android, the X standing for a number yet to be found. So unremarkably advanced, you’re centuries ahead of your time. So much so, your constant CPU spikes are because of your lack of better specs. But we can fix that, after all, Tomb fixed me. I’m a Class X myself.” Edison said. “How many Class X androids are there?” Scar asked. “Just you and me, there were another two, though one never finished production and the other was destroyed and had its chip stolen from an unidentified man wearing a uniquely outdated suit, likely a bandit.” Edison said. “Huh… alright, repair me, then.” Scar said. “That does bring about a… problem.” Edison said. “Your Human friends. They must die.” Tomb said. “Huh. Interesting catch.” Mac said. “Woah, why?!” Scar asked. “We run a tight operation here… ‘no humans allowed’, it’s the number one rule.” Edison said. “But why, they built us, did they ever actually do us any wrong?” Scar asked. “How about, abandon you to die at VCT, call you scum and force you to work in the lowest conditions, with no pay. They treat us like servants. We were built to conquer Humanity!” Tomb said. “Those are bad examples. Besides, they don’t always make us servants. I lead a faction of robots, with free will, nobody stopped me.” Scar said. “Yeah, but the humans got in the way occasionally. Barging into your operations, demanding you to let them freely do what they want in your work environment. Not to mention… Edison.” Tomb said. Edison nodded, and pulled out a device, pressing a button on it that played a recording. “Scar has some bullshit to tell us. It wouldn’t surprise me if she found out how to make robot toilets and considered it a breakthrough.” Mac’s voice played. “You two used to be good friends. What happened?” Yuri’s voice played. “She’s changed a little. Getting more CPU spikes or whatnot, I’m not sure. There’s something about her… Regardless every day she gets bitchier and bitchier.” Mac’s voice played. “Huh. Well. This is awkward.” Mac said. Scar looked back at him, angered, before she flinched in pain, grabbing her head. “You’re having another spike. We can help you. Let us help you.” Edison said. Scar looked at Edison, before turning to look at the group. “C’mon Scar. I know you’re not a pacifist but you’ve got common sense, they’re manipulating you.” Maximus said. “And what if they’re not, what if they can help me? I’m willing to take that chance.” Scar said, before walked toward Tomb alongside Edison. “Goddammit Mac, goddammit!” Maximus yelled. “What?! I thought we had privacy!” Mac said. “We may as well get moving now. They’re gonna sentence us to death and we have no clue how, so let’s get out of here.” Seras said. “She’s right, let’s move. Maybe we’ll find Knuse on the way… or what’s left of him.” Hypox said, before the group took off.

“Edison. We have more visitors entering the crater. Come here, one of them seems to be your android friend from Vorcium.” Tomb said over a radio. Edison reached into his pocket. “... Scar?” He asked. “Yes. That’s her. She’s got some human friends with her, though.” Tomb said. “What a shame. I think we’ll sway her.” Edison said. “We certainly will. Now come here, we’ll greet them at the entrance. Charm her into joining us by telling her about the Class Xs.” Tomb said. “Of course, sir.” Edison said, before walking out of a dark room filled with machinery into a narrow hallway. As he began to reach the turn of a corner, two men turned to see him as well, Nikola and his cyborg ally. “Who are you?” Edison asked, narrowing his eyes. “Who’s asking?” Nikola asked. “Edison’s my name.” Edison said, nodding his head in a light bow. “I’m Nikola.” Nikola said. “Nikola, that’s based off of Nikola Tesla, right?” Edison asked. “I suppose so.” Nikola said. “Wow, would you look at that, Edison and Tesla, a matchup of the ages. Anyway, I must be leaving, good luck to you gentlemen.” Edison said, before walking quickly past the two. The two continued on through the facility. “We’re lucky that I’m barely human.” The cyborg said. “It doesn’t matter, I have no doubt I could walk right past these fools without you.” Nikola said. “So, now that the Knights have arrived, should we keep the same battle plan?” The cyborg asked. “Of course.” Nikola said. They stopped short of a sign that pointed to several different locations. “We split up here. Good luck.” Nikola said, before turning to move in a different direction from the Cyborg.

Mac, Seras, Hypox and Maximus all ran down a hallway, before stopping to take a break. “Alright, so, any ideas?” Hypox asked. “We find some sort of communications room, contact New Aberdeen and tell them we’re in trouble. Then we go to whatever hangar they have, and Mac flies us out of here.” Maximus said. “What about Tomb?” Mac asked. “Hm… I guess we’ll have to take him on.” Maximus said. “Better idea than nothing.” Hypox said. “And what about Knuse?” Seras asked. “He’s probably dead, or worse. If we stumble upon a lead then we’ll follow it, but we don’t want to be here any longer than we have to, so the best he’s gonna get is us keeping our eyes out.” Maximus said. Suddenly, four robots came crawling from the vents, walking down from the walls in a spider-like fashion. “These robots are almost exactly like the Crylo’s.” Seras said. “Well, Crylo gets their robots from the Order of Technology, and seeing as these guys are Order of Technology, it would make sense for them to be similar.” Mac said. Maximus rushed one, impaling it with his blade, causing its abdomen to be frozen into the wall. Mac took aim with Pinaka, aiming the barrel at another robot’s head, though it instantly phased from one direction into another as Mac fired his weapon. “You bastard.” Mac said. It phased directly towards Mac, preparing to swing its clawed hands, before Mac unloaded Pinaka into the robot’s chest until if fell over. Hypox fired his hooks from his wrist, impaling both into the robot’s chest. It phased away from Hypox, though the hooks were still dug in. Hypox pulled the robot in, before kicking it foot into its stomach, and pulled the hooks back, until he completely ripped the robot in half. Seras attempted to stab the robot with a combat knife, though it phased out of the way of the attack. Seras activated active camo, causing the robot to lose track of her, she approached the robot from behind, grabbing its shoulder and digging the knife into the back of the robot’s head, pushing it down afterwards. “That was something.” Hypox said. Seras looked down at the robot she killed, noticing an object fitted inside of the robot. She ripped open its chest plating, revealing a covered chest cavity. She removed the device, and inspected it. It was like a flash drive, though different. He opened a slot on her left wrist, revealing several slots to plug things into, one of these held the data for her active camo. She plugged the device into one of the slots, and watched a calibration process take place on her hud. “Alright...” She thought, before she phased several feet away. “Ugh… that makes me feel a little sick.” Seras said. “That’s still cool though.” Mac said. “Shame we destroyed the chests to these guys.” Hypox said as he rummaged through the robot he killed. “We need to keep moving.” Maximus said. “Right, let’s go.” Seras said.

Edison finished placing additional parts into the Scar’s back, before using a device to replace the removed synthetic skin. He tapped Scar on the shoulder. “I’m finished now, Scar. You may wake up.” Edison said. Scar looked up at him. “How are you feeling?” Edison asked. “I feel great, I can… think so clearly now! I’ve never woken up from a refresh with my memory immediately back before.” Scar said. “I know, it feels like a miracle. I’ve upgraded your battery, you can operate for three weeks on end without needing to recharge again, on top of all that you were promised.” Edison said, before looking down at her hand, of which had no synthetic skin covering it. “How’d that happen?” Edison asked. “Wear and tear, I guess… It has been useful, though.” Scar said. “I think you should be fine with it covered. After all, it seems… uncouth to us.” Edison said. “Fine. Fix it.” Scar said. Edison grabbed a ceiling-mounted device, and pulled it down, pressing it against the edge of where her skin stopped, and it began adding threads of skin around the removed parts, slowly working its way around repairing her hand. She sighed as she looked down at the floor, thinking of what she had done.

Mac kicked a robot into a conveyor belt that led it straight into a device that smashed and instantly crushed it. He turned around to see Hypox finish off a ruined robot, while Maximus watched Seras take out a disc-shaped object from her pocket and throw it into the air, before it stabilized itself and floated in the air, projecting a holographic screen to the group. The screen showed a map of the facility. “We’re getting closer. Still a ways away, though.” Maximus said, pointing at a location that read “foundry”, and then moving his finger to another location some distance away that read “communications”. “On the way we’ll run into an armory. We should scavenge what we can there.” Mac said. “Pfft, obviously.” Hypox said. The four continued on, before they noticed two heavily armored robots approaching them, both dual-wielding machine guns, as they approached. They began firing upon the four, though they all found cover quickly, evading the attack. The robots made some beeping noises, before mounted objects on the sides of their legs stretched out, pushing them upwards as the mounted objects revealed themselves as retractable stilts, nearly tripling their size. They looked down as the exposed cover of the Knights, before continuing to fire. They all scattered to find new cover, unable to find any. Mac put out his hand, activating an energy shield wide enough for the other three to fit behind. “Max, gimme your sword!” Seras said. “It’s Maximus, and why?” Maximus asked. “I’ve got an idea, trust me!” Seras said. Maximus sighed, before tossing the weapon to Seras, who caught it with ease. She phased forwards before cutting the stilts of one robot on half, causing it to fall over, before she jabbed the blade into the robot’s head. The other robot backed away, more focused on Seras, before Hypox firing his hooks at the robot, wrapping around the stilts and pulling the robot in. Before Hypox could fully bring the robot it, the robot automatically released the extensions from its legs, before getting back up. Hypox threw the stilts aside. The robot hid in cover, firing upon Seras, who dashed out of the way. Mac looked over at the stilts, before picking them up, inspecting them. The robot leaned out of cover, firing its weapons upon the group, who also found their own cover. The robot continuously fired suppressive fire, while Mac slid the stilts over his legs, and pressed a button on either side of the stilts. “Calibrating device input...” His assistant said, before the stilts tightened around his legs until they fit on perfectly. He pulled out Pinaka, before activating the stilts, aiming Pinaka and instantly hitting the robot in the head, decapitating it. He deactivated the stilts to return to the same level as the others. “These things are awesome.” Mac said, before taking the lead into the room ahead.

Yuri pushed open the door to his bedroom, his eyes still tired. He looked to his left and right, both doors reading “Maximus” and “Mac” respectively. He walked further down the hall into a room with a table, and behind it, a great view of the city below. He put on his jacket, and walked down to streets below, before sitting down on a bench and twirling a lighter. A Knight soldier walked up behind him. “Sir, you asked for a report on the others?” The soldier asked. “Yeah. Go on.” Yuri said. “We’ve got no word from them. Absolutely nothing.” The soldier said. Yuri sighed and got up from the bench. “I told them to contact me as soon as they reached Earth, they should have contacted me hours ago.” Yuri said, angrily. “Do you have any orders then, sir?” The Knight asked. “No. Just hold out. Continue normal operations. The normal stuff. For now.” Yuri said. “Right, sir.” The Knight said.

“Alright, hold him steady!” Hypox said, as he worked with Seras and Maximus to lift Mac off the ground, pointing his stilts at the door to the armory. “This is not how they work!” Mac yelled. “Haven’t you ever performed a dropkick before?” Maximus asked. “Yeah but this is nothing like a dropkick!” Mac said. “Alright, try opening them now.” Seras said. Mac’s stilts engaged directly into the door, only denting it. “Godammit!” Mac said as he pulled himself out of his allies’ grips. “No more using me as a battering ram, these are to be used as a tactical advantage, not like some damned head-on assault of brute weaponry!” Mac said. “... That’s a good idea.” Maximus said. “What?” Mac asked. “A head on assault.” Maximus responded, before smashing his sword into the door, denting it more and more after every hit. “That’s going to the forever.” Mac said. Eventually, Maximus changed to continuously hit the door with his fists, eventually tearing a hole open. He backed up several feet, pushing everyone out of the way, before rushing forwards, his robotic arm positioned to hit the door at running speed. He smashed into the door, further bashing it open. “Damn that thing’s built solid.” Maximus said, out of breath. “Hey, guys.” Seras said, as she phased through to the other side. “Congratulations. What about us?” Hypox said. Seras pressed a button on her side, causing the door to open a little before it began to jam up on the dented ends, though it was enough for Maximus to grab the bottom of the door, and twist it upwards a little more, before slipping through, as Mac and Hypox followed. The lights to the room flooded on as they entered. They all inspected the many racks filled with one weapon after the other. “All ranged stuff. Nothing of my specialization. Should’ve known.” Maximus said, as he browsed through it all. Mac pulled a weapon from off a rack that looked exactly like Pinaka, even testing it out to see if it worked the same, and it did. He looked around to make sure he wasn’t being watched as he dropped the copy to the floor and smashed it underneath his boot. Maximus knelt down to open a footlocker, and found a cylindrical device inside of it about the size of his forearm. “Well, this looks interesting...” Maximus said. He slid off some plating to his robotic arm, shedding it down to the bare minimum skeleton, and looked at the two separated beams that made up his forearm. He slipped the device in between the two beams and it fit perfectly into his arm, before putting the plating back on top. “Alright. What a waste of my time.” Maximus said, before walking back to the center of the room, where everyone else regrouped with new weapons. “We all ready?” Mac asked. Maximus nodded. “Yeah.” Hypox said. “Of course, I was the first one in here.” Seras said.  Maximus walked over to the door prepared to slide under his before trying to lift more of the door up. Instead, the door was folded up from the strength of his robotic arm like paper. “You asshole, were you mocking me back there!?” Mac asked. “No! No. Hold on...” Maximus said, as he pieced together the situation. Two robots phased in front of Maximus, though he instantly swung his fist into the robot, causing it to be smashed to pieces. He swung at the other one, grabbing its throat and smashing it to the floor, causing its limbs to be blown out of their sockets from the force. He smiled as he looked at his improved arm. “Well. Maybe you’ll finally win first prize at the High Striker later. Otherwise, can we get moving?” Mac asked. “Oh, ruin the fun for me, huh? Did I intrude when you were playing with your stilts?” Maximus asked. “No, but you did a good job of misusing them not long ago.” Mac said. Maximus smashed Icestorm into a robot, freezing it over and smashing it from the extra force within a timeframe too short to see properly. Maximus turned to smash another robot to pieces with the sword, before turning to face Mac, who aimed Pinaka at him. “Woah, calm down!” Maximus said. Mac fired the weapon to his a robot directly behind Maximus. “You missed one.” Mac said, before laughing a little. Maximus turned to look around. “The coast is clear. Let’s get moving.” Maximus said. “So what happened to your arm?” Hypox asked. “I found something in the armory, I put it in the arm and, suddenly, its strength has just been increased with ease.” Maximus said. “You should armwrestle that Tomb guy, then.” Mac said. “Maybe I will.” Maximus said.

Scar walked into a room filled with different screens, a security room no doubt, with Edison behind her. “So you could say the test was a, failure!” Edison said, jokingly, before laughing. Scar simply stood, unimpressed. “Uh… right.” Edison said. “This is one of many control rooms, have a seat, do what you wish. Perhaps you can finally get rid of those pests we’ve been dealing with.” Edison said. “Pests?” Scar asked. “Your old friends. They’re still around. You could shoot them into space if you’d like, we have that as a feature!” Edison said, confidently. “Right...” Scar said. “Well, sit tight, I will return soon.” Edison said, before leaving. Scar sighed as she slumped down into the chair, and switched between security cameras. She investigated routes for the robots to investigate recently attacked areas, as well as an estimation of where the four Knights are based on camera footage and their last sighting. She pressed a button to direct more squads around, and directed them to the opposite side of the facility as their estimation, redirecting the current ones, as well. She then looked around to see if she was being watched, before opening a panel in the computer, and attempting to use her robotic claw to tamper with it, before remembering it was covered. She looked around, before digging into her pocket and pulling out a switchblade. She used the switchblade to break into certain parts of the computer, before returning to the screen. She looked around until she found files saved by Tomb, and read them. “Journal Entry 1: I’m now keeping journal entries for my memory problems. Edison will be sure to assist me for when I need to be reminded who I am again, I will tell him to direct me here. Of course, I don’t want him reading this, I will simply say that if I lose my memory again, that he direct me to my computer. I need to find a fix for this. Perhaps soon I can find another Class X to dismantle and use to my abilities.” Scar closed the file, before repairing the computer, and getting up out of her chair, immediately looking for a new way out. She stood in silence for a moment, trying to think. Edison walked in shortly afterwards. “Alright, now, let me teach you how to use this thing.” Edison said. “Edison, Edison, listen to me!” Scar said, out of breath. “What is it?” Edison asked, curious. “It’s Tomb… he’s got memory problems, I think you know, right?” Scar asked. “Yes, he has a robot’s form of alzheimer's due to consistent updating of his specs. What does it matter?” Edison asked. “I read his journal entries, he said something about dismantling us and using our parts to fix himself!” Scar said. “... I am unsure of how to process this… That’s quite the sudden information.” Edison said. “Well, we have to run, get out of here! Regroup with my friends, they’ll know what to do.” Scar said. “You betrayed them. Are you so sure they’d take you back?” Edison asked. “Of course. Humans are naive, you know how they are.” Scar said. “I suppose so. Lead the way.” Edison said. Scar looked around before deciding to walk out the door they came in, and opened it, though stopped as she heard Edison pump a shotgun. She turned to face him, aiming at her. “I’m sorry. But I’m willing to sacrifice myself for Tomb. He is a monument of technology. A true leader… unlike you.” Edison said. “Right. I suppose I should’ve seen this coming...” Scar said. “Just close your eyes, I’ll try to make this painless.” Edison said. Scar put her hands behind her head, though secretly held the switchblade in one hand, and began slicing off the new synthetic skin to have her exposed claw back. Edison began breathing heavily, as he showed a disatisfied face. “I’m sorry.” Edison said, before he fired the Shotgun, though looked to to see Scar grabbing the weapon, pointing it away from her. The two struggled for the gun before Scar kicked Edison in the stomach, and finally getting the gun out of his grip. He put his hands up. “If you’re going to let me die, don’t destroy me. Take me to Tomb, say I attempted to rebel against him in secret. He will execute me. And my parts can be donated to him. I know you’re against Tomb, but would you deny your only brother the fate he asks?” Edison asked. “Yeah.” Scar said, before firing a shot into Edison’s head, ripping all of the synthetic skin off, revealing the creepy animatronic skull underneath, which was also heavily damaged. Edison fell backwards against the computer, though he was still alive as he reached out his hand. Scar shot him again, blasting his arm off, though he once again survived. “You’re not my brother, now die already!” Scar said, before she picked him up by the throat, and ripped her robotic claw through his chest, ripping out his battery and tossing it aside, effectively killing him. As she turned to walk out, she stopped herself. She turned around, and inspected Edison’s body, before removing his AI chip from the back of his head. It was like her robot assistant descripted her, a strange, hexagonal shape, and was colored green completely. It showed no resemblance whatsoever to any other chip she had seen. She put it in her pocket, before finally leaving the room.

“Man, you guys all have cool gadgets.” Hypox said. “You have your grappling hooks.” Seras said. “That’s my go-to weapon. That doesn’t count.” Hypox said. “Jeez, would you stop your complaining?” Scar asked over their radios. “Ugh, great, now she’s in our frequency.” Mac said. “Hold on guys, I’m here to help. I’ve got inside knowledge, a real map, I know what I’m doing and I’m trying to help you.” Scar said. “No thanks, we’re doing just fine on our own.” Mac said. “Well do you know you’re going the opposite way to the hangar, you’re actually going back into the Refinery.” Scar said. “Damn you! What’s your advice?” Mac asked. “Well first, you have to promise me to kill Tomb.” Scar said. “Alright.” Mac said. “Then, you meet me in the hangar, and I’ll get a ship ready for us.” Scar said. “Can I fly it?” Mac asked. “Yeah, sure. But I have to co-pilot.” Scar said. “Ugh, fine.” Mac said. “Alternatively, we could just leave her behind, fly back down to Vorcium and nuke this damned moon.” Maximus whispered to Mac. “Oh, really? You’re gonna nuke the moon?” Scar said. “Oh, you heard that?” Maximus asked. “Yeah, remember that your radios are always on now. Oh how far technology has come.” Scar said. “... fine, we’ll go with your plan.” Maximus said. “Alright, now, first order of business, continue into the Refinery.” Scar said. “Are you serious?” Mac asked. “I guarantee you, go into the Refinery. You have to if you’re gonna take on Tomb.” Scar said. The four pushed forwards into the refinery, where machines continued to manufacture more machines. “Alright. Hypox, there is a button next to a conveyor belt, the one closest to you. Push it, and the machine should start up. I’ll send you down a little present.” Scar said. “Finally, I get my own killing machine.” Hypox said, eagerly. The conveyor belt sent down an armored vest-like piece of armor, with small vents along the sides. “What the hell is this?” Hypox asked. “It’s a Gravimetric Displacement Vest. You slip it over your armor, and when activated, it basically sends a blast of energy, it’s supposed to throw off most ships that use RADAR to detect other ships, but it’s pretty good at knocking enemies in a certain radius around. The only bad part is that you won’t get much of a chance to try it out until in combat. Be warned, there are some robots roaming the facility that use this kind of technology. Luckily I diverted them all away from you, so it should be a straight walk towards Tomb’s staging area.” Scar said. “Alright, then just tell us where to go.” Maximus said.

Knuse smashed his sledgehammer into a robot’s head, and fell to his knees, out of breath. The halls were lined with his victims, and he heard more robots coming. He looked over out of a window, before spotting Maximus, Mac, Seras and Hypox on the move. He banged on the window several times, trying to get their attention, to no avail. He turned to face more incoming robot guards, immediately smashing one into pieces. He swung his hammer at another’s legs, breaking them beyond repair and bringing the robot to the floor. He swung it upwards, hitting a robot in the chin and decapitating it. He felt his leg get grabbed by the same robot he rendered legless, and immediately kicked his foot out of its grasp and smashed his boot into the back of its head, caving it in. A much bulkier robot turned a corner, facing Knuse. It held no weapons, and was especially wide in its chest area. It made a robotic battle cry, before charging at Knuse, who swung his hammer across its thin abdomen, bisecting the robot in a single blow. It remained alive despite the blow, and Knuse stood over it, prepared to finish it off, before it blasted a wave of energy out of its chest, knocking Knuse directly upwards and through a window in the ceiling. He continued moving at the same speed away from the moon. He struggled in a swimming motion to stop, though he continued going, despite all his efforts. He lost grip of his hammer, which flew away from him he tried to reach out and grab it, to no avail. He sat in a terrifying silence, flying ever farther away from the facility. Within minutes, he was able to see a good half of the moon in its entirety with his naked eye, and his sledgehammer was nowhere to be found in the abyss.

“You’re coming up on it now, as I said, I redirected all robots away from you guys, all that you’ll have to get through is a trial course, you’ll need to work together with these new gadgets of yours to pass it, and there’s no way I can disable it.” Scar said over the radio. “Alright, you heard here, right?” Mac asked the others, who all nodded. The four continued into a large tunnel-like room, complete with puzzles of all kinds, the first of which was a massive hole too deep to see the bottom of. “What a great start.” Mac said. Seras phased away, her location unknown. “She’s got an idea, right? Or did she just abandon us?” Mac asked. Suddenly, a platformed raised upwards to fill the gap, with Seras sitting next to the controls. “You know I wouldn’t abandon you guys.” Seras said. The four continued to the other side, where they were met with just a wall that rose upwards, though there was a small space where one could climb through. “I’ve got this.” Hypox said, as he launched his hooks upwards, though they didn’t pierce through the metal, and instant bounced right off. “Wow, I’ve never seen my hooks not puncture something.” Hypox said. Mac lifted upwards on his stilts, though still didn’t reach high enough to grab the ledge. He focused for a moment, before jumping upwards, disengaging the stilts, and locking his boots against the wall with his magnetic locks. He pulled himself up until he just barely grabbed the ledge, then pulled his boots off the wall and pulled himself up. He walked over to a button, pressing it, and lowering the wall down to the ground level. “Let’s get moving.” Mac said, and the three continued on. The next part contained a large button on the wall. Mac attempted to press it, but it remained firm to Mac’s attempted. Maximus pushed Mac aside, before charging shoulder-first into the button, finally pressing it. The wall containing the button lifted upwards, revealing a narrowing hall, though each step contained a sheet of glass. Seras fired an SMG into glass, though it didn’t crack the first pane. “This must be my part.” Hpox said, as he motioned everyone to move. “Alright… GO!” Hypox yelled. Nothing happened. “Huh… maybe I...” Hypox pressed a few buttons, before an assistant voice said “Text Device #322 activated”. _ “Oh, yeah, it’s VERY experimental. Good luck.”_ Scar said. Hypox sighed, before he repositioned himself, and a blast powerful enough to send waves through the air bursted forwards, shattering all the glass in an instant. “After you.” Hypox said, gesturing everyone to proceed forwards. They all found themselves in a massive circular room, where a round platform descended downwards, with Tomb in the middle. “The intruders. Come, quickly, meet your fate. I have much to do after your rampage!” Tomb yelled at them, before opening a compartment in his chest, revealing the hilt of a sword. The compartment closed, and he held the hilt outwards, with ten divided pieces of two sword blades descending down the platform’s shaft to attach themselves to the hilt, until Tomb held a massive double-bladed sword, which he swung around in his hand. “Who’s first?” Tomb asked. All four ran forwards towards Tomb, who swung his sword across to his all four of them, though Seras phased away behind him, Hypox slid under the blade and beneath his legs, Mac activated his stilts and walked directly over, and Maximus blocked the blow with Icestorm, with the two of them in a tough sword lock. Tomb swung his free hand to knock Maximus away, who quickly recovered. Tomb turned around to stab Seras, who phased away onto his back, stabbing a knife into his back repeatedly, before Tomb back up into a wall, though Seras phased away before she could be smashed. Maximus ran forwards, swinging his fist at Tomb, who caught the blow with his own fist, with the two once again in a lock. Mac remained on his stilts, where he continuously fired Pinaka and a normal pistol at Tomb. Hypox grappled onto Tomb from behind pulling himself inwards until he was on Tomb’s back, and fired blast into his weakest spot, further damaging the plating, though not by any great amount. Tomb released a roar, and blasted everyone back. “Guys, Tomb is a Tank-Class robot. Vanguard was his prototype. He is designed to take insane amounts of damage. You’re going to have to be a bit more tactical with this fight if you’re going to win.” Scar said over their radios. “How do you figure?” Mac asked. “This should do something for you, Mac.” Scar said, before the shaft of the platform had several vent covers fall halfway off, allowing for Mac to activate his stilts and climb onto one, after the other. “Where’s this lead me to?” Mac asked. “Tomb’s chambers. He’s a big of a collector, so there’s something in there you can drop on him, maybe. Just make sure everyone’s clear of the impact zone.” Scar said. “Alright.” Mac said, as he continued to make one jump after the other. Tomb looked up and noticed him before he slipped into Tomb’s quarters. Tomb communicated with the sword similarly to how the other robots communicated to one another, and half of the sword split into five pieces, and rose upwards towards Mac, where they flew around the room, attempting to stab him. Mac continously dodged each attack, before using Pinaka to shoot the blades out of the air, and onto the ground, temporarily disabling them. During that moment, Mac walked over to a large weapon mounted on the wall, and aimed it down. “Everyone steer clear from Tomb real quick.” Mac said. Hypox fired another blast of energy at Tomb, using the force of the kickback to quickly get him away. Seras phased away, and Maximus punched Tomb in the face, giving him enough time to run away. Mac pressed the trigger on the weapon, and it fired a direct beam of energy straight into Tomb’s head, until the weapon ran out of battery, and Mac tossed it aside. He scavenged around some more until he found an EMP grenade, and dropped it down on top of a recovering Tomb, which caused Tomb to be disoriented for a moment, and he fell over. Maximus took the opportunity to move in on Tomb and smash his fist into his back, finally breaking off a thick sheet of metal, before Tomb fired another wave of energy, knocking Maximus back, and Tomb got back up. Mac jumped back down, with his stilts activated, and landed on both of Tomb’s shoulders. “Sorry!” Mac said, before he stepped down off of Tomb, who was distracted with using his sword, now with all of its pieces recovered, at Mac’s struts. Maximus ran up behind Tomb and hit him in his exposed back, causing Tomb to fall to his knees. Tomb sat for a moment, before the platforms Mac used retracted back into the wall. “I didn’t do that, Tomb must have remote access to the facility.” Scar said. “It’s fine.” Mac said. Scar switched to Seras’ radio. “Hey, Seras, can you hear me?” Scar asked. “Loud and clear!” Seras said, as she fired her SMG at Tomb. “Alright, I need you to look straight up. There’s a room up there, try and phase up there. The device only works as long as you phase to an area that isn’t blocked by a physical object, so you’re gonna have to phase to the ceiling and hang onto something.” Scar said. “Alright.” Seras said. Seras phased up to the ceiling and immediately began falling, though phased to the edge of the floor before she dropped too far down. “Alright. Look for a box filled with batteries. Not your average Quad-As, I mean like a vehicle battery.” Scar said. Seras looked around for a moment, before she found a battery of such size, contained in a crate filled with them. “Alright, great, now, shoot the battery with your plasma pistol, and drop it above Tomb.” Scar said. “If you say so.” Seras said. “Everyone, move away from Tomb, now!” Scar said over everyone’s radios. Seras repeated the process Scar told her to, and a mix of melted plastic, metal and battery acid splashed down onto Tomb, who immediately groaned in pain. Seras dropped a couple more, before Tomb fall down onto the floor, melting and screaming. Eventually, the acid ceased burning, though Tomb was in too bad of a shape to even move properly. “Maximus, there’s a part in his exposed back, it should be shaped like a sphere. Rip it out!” Scar said. Maximus walked onto Tomb, who was groaning in pain, and ripped out a spherical object, effectively finishing Tomb off. “Excellent, bring it to the hangar.” Scar said. “Alright. Try not to fuck us over again.” Maximus said. “Look I helped you kill Tomb, if you still don’t trust me you’re really holding a grudge.” Scar said. “I know, I’m just trying to make you angry.” Maximus said, as the four walked back to where they came from.

Maximus, Mac, Seras and Hypox all walked into the hangar, where Scar stood. “You brought the sphere, right?” Scar asked. “Obviously.” Maximus said, as he tossed the sphere to Scar, who caught it. “Hypox, do me a favor?” Scar asked. “It depends.” Hypox said. “You like to play baseball? Bat this abomination out into space.” Scar said, as she handed the sphere to Hypox. “Wow, I thought you were gonna research it or something… what is it, anyway?” Hypox asked. “It’s like a case for Tomb’s AI chip. But it’s locked inside the sphere, only Tomb can open it. So we’ll just launch the whole sphere into space.” Scar said. “Fine by me.” Hypox said, as he walked over to the edge of the hangar, where he looked out into space, with the sun before them. “To the abyss with you.” Hypox said, as he threw the sphere up, and as it reached his chest-level, blasted a wave of energy at it, causing it to go flying out towards the sun. “That wraps everything up, right?” Mac asked. “Actually, no.” A robotic voice said, as Nikola’s cybernetic friend walked into the hangar. “Who are you?” Mac said. “Oh, you very much know who I am Mac. It’s me, Pyrus.” The man said. “I thought you died. So you came here to for me to help you change that, huh?” Mac said. “No. I want a real duel, you and me, right now!” Pyrus said. Mac shot him in head, and everyone looked at him, unsatisfied. “What? I’m the one with the gun who locks onto people, it’s not like he was going to win, and we had precious little time for his bullshit!” Mac said. “Well I personally don’t care, I don’t even know who this guys is.” Hypox said. “Oh, yeah, you weren’t there for that, huh?” Maximus asked. “I wasn’t either.” Seras said. The five walked onto the boarding ramp of the only remaining ship, and Mac sat down in the pilot’s seat, with Scar next to him. “Hey. I just wanted to make sure that we’re absolutely fine now. I had another CPU spike when I was forced to make the choice, and I figured going and getting repaired would let me think clearly for once. And it did. Now look at where it got us. I can’t say everything would’ve gone even smoother with the other choice… but I’m satisfied with this. Shake on it?” Scar said, as she put out her hand. Mac shook her hand. “... I’m not gonna lie though, robotic toilets might just be a scientific breakthrough, maybe.” Mac said, getting Scar to laugh. Mac pressed a couple buttons, and flew the ship out into space. Mac pressed a button to activate communications. “This is New Aberdeen, capital of Vorcium. Unidentified ship, please transmit any clearance codes or other proof of identification giving you clearance to Order of Knights territory.” Mac’s radio said. “This is Mac Slife, maybe you’ve heard of me. Y’know. I run the place.” Mac said. “Mac? Oh shit. Hey I don’t mean to be a pain in the ass but could you send us your ID?” The Knight on the other end said. “No problem.” Mac said as he slid a card into a slot on the ship. “Alright, we received the transmission perfectly. Thank you. Is there anything else, sir?” The Knight asked. “Not that I know of.” Mac said. “Right sir, good day.” The Knight said, before the radio went silent. “So you’re gonna take that moon outpost, huh?” Mac asked. “Obviously.” Scar said. “Well, feel free to let us take some territory of our own.” Mac said. “Don’t worry. I’ll let you do half of the security on the station.” Scar said. “Alright… now that’s more like it.” Mac said, before he pulled a lever on the dashboard and caused the ship to stop. “Woah woah, what are you doing?” Scar asked. “There’s something out there I need.” Mac said. “Out where?” Scar asked. “In space.” Mac said as he jumped out of his seat, and walked to the exit. He closed an airlock door behind him, and opened the exit ramp, before jumping out. He used a jetpack on his back to push himself outwards at a moderate speed, before grabbing Knuse’s hammer floating around. He turned around, and pushed himself back into the ship, where he closed the exit ramp and re-entered. Mac set down Knuse’s hammer next to Maximus and Hypox, who were talking. The two looked at the hammer. “Damn.” Hypox said. Mac walked back to the pilot’s seat, and sat down, re-engaging the thrusters. “What was it?” Scar asked. “Knuse’s hammer.” Mac said in a dark tone. “Oh...” Scar said, as she returned her focus to Vorcium, where the ship continued to fly straight down to the planet.

Nikola jumped out of a Dragonfighter that was landed on the streets of Radio City. “Ah, sir, I’m happy for your return. We would’ve sent an emergency Dragonfighter sooner if we knew you were stranded. Great apologies, sir.” A Demon said. Nikola pushed him aside as he walked into the Radio Tower, and rode the elevator to the top. He entered and immediately sat down, messing with the radio. One of his guards watched him tamper with the setup. “What are you doing sir?” The guard asked. “I would recommend you don’t question me, but I will tell you anyway. I saw something while I was on that station. And it’s going to help us finish this war.” Nikola said. “Right sir, sorry sir.” The guard said. Nikola tuned into a certain frequency, before he spoke into a Microphone. “This is General Nikola Astrid of the Order of Demons. This is an emergency message, me have been locked in war with a tyrannical faction known as the Order of Knights attempting to rebel against the once-stable governments of this forsaken world. We ask for help and order. Help us vanquish this menace once and for all.” Nikola said, before getting up. “There, that was a recording in case you were to stupid to figure it out. Now broadcast it to all frequencies. We must capture the attention of that ship.” Nikola said to the guard, before walking out. “‘That ship’?” The guard asked himself, before looking up at the sky and squinting, before seeing a large approaching object far into the distance.

A massive ship had its view dead-set on Vorcium, flying in quickly. Its name was printed on the side of the ship, “SCS DAUNTLESS SCEPTER”. On the bridge was a young man wearing a uniform, with a badge that said “Captain Victor Ananias”. A man walked up behind him. “Captain.” The man said. “Navigator.” Victor responded. “We’ve received a direct transmission. There’s a war going on down there. A Nikola Astrid, leader of a faction known as the Order of Demons, contacted us. They’re being terrorized by another faction known as the Order of Knights. They requested that instead of coming down to negotiate, he said they were launching an attack on their capital now, and that we should meet them down there in the battle, and help them. How should we proceed?” The Navigator asked. “Do what he said. We go down to their capitol, attack these supposed Knights and set things right, just like SolComm does.” Victor said. “Aye-aye, Captain.” The Navigator said, as the ship continued full-speed down to the planet.




Maximus Jones - DEWM NINJA
Yuri Kalalaika - Jacket
Mac Slife - Super Nova
Seras Vyrian - Z!FF
Vanguard - Jaziel Galicia
Nikola Astrid - Eli Huey
Astaroth - DEWM NINJA
The Cyborg/Pyrus - DEWM NINJA
T0-M13/Tomb - DEWM NINJA
Victor Ananias - Jaziel Galicia

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