Vorcium: Chapter 5: And Justice For All (Second Third)

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Vorcium: Chapter 5: And Justice For All (Second Third) Empty Vorcium: Chapter 5: And Justice For All (Second Third)

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Silas pulled out a bladed device from a cactus, with a water bottle attached to the other end of the device. He took off the bottle, and handed it to a Bounty Hunter who stood next to him. “I think that’s all we’re getting out of this one. We ran it dry.” Silas said to the Bounty Hunter. “Alright.” The Hunter said in a synthetic voice, before walking away to where the other Bounty Hunters sat. Silas put his hand up over his eyes to block out the sun beaming down upon him. He looked around the dunes around them, before his eye caught one of the dunes almost shifting in size. His breathing got heavy as he slowly backed away towards the other Hunters, and he readied his weapon. The dune moved slightly, and twisted around until the dune began growing towards them. Before the group of Hunters bursted from out of the sand a massive worm-like creature, with a body color similar to the sand around it, but a somewhat noticeably darker shade. Its mouth contained countless rows of black, jagged teeth, almost like horns, and it was almost impossible to tell where the teeth stopped and where its similarly clawed legs began. It looked at the Hunters, who all readied their weapons. Silas shouted back at them. “Hold your fire!” He looked up at the creature. It simply looked at the group, without making any sudden movements. Silas noticed that connected to four of its teeth were leather straps that all lead up to the top of its head. Silas reached out his and, and the creature lowered its head to rub it against Silas’ hand. “Someone must’ve tamed this one.” Silas said. “What the hell is it?” One of the Hunters asked. “It’s a Eunice Dinetraedis, more commonly known as a Terror Worm.” Silas said. The Hunters all cautiously put their weapons away. “It looks like someone tamed this one… Though they must be long gone.” Silas said. The worm slowly lowered itself down, and rested for a moment. Silas grabbed onto a few of its horns, and lifted himself up and onto the saddle. He grabbed two ropes attached to the worm, and lifted them up a little. “Do you even know how to ride that thing, Sheriff?” One of the Hunters asked. “Not really… but it can’t be much more different than riding a horse!” Silas said.

Two Marines inspected a map, a spoke to one another as they looked around the horizon of the desert around them. Carter sharpened one of his knives a few meters away, watching Jarret pace around next to him. “What are you thinking about?” Carter asked. “The plan. I’m still not sure how we’re supposed to infiltrate Radio City.” Jarret said. “There’s gotta be a way.” Carter said. “We have barebones intel on the place. If there’s a way, we better find it when we arrive, or there is no infiltrating it successfully.” Jarret said. “Relax. Improv is our strong suit.” Carter said, before inspecting the blade he finished sharpening. “I’d rather not rely on it, though. I think we ran our luck dry with the last mission we did years ago.” Jarret said. Carter chuckled. “I remember that… ‘you sure you’ve got clearance for this section?’.” Carter said, the latter half of his sentence in a mocking tone. “Oh, shut up.” Jarret said angrily. The two Marines looked back at Jarret. “Sir! We’ve got… something… in the distance! You’d best come check it out!” One of the Marines said. Carter got up and walked with Jarret up to the men, one of them gave Jarret a pair of binoculars. He looked through them to see several men gathered around a massive creature bursting up from the sand, similar in shape to a worm. “Should we investigate?” The Marine asked. “... Seeing as the Knights can’t… I don’t suppose why not. Worst case scenario they shoot on sight, I think we can take them anyway.” Jarret said. “Alright.” The Marine said. The four began jogging towards the scene. After a roughly ten-minute long walked the men in the distance all prepared their weapons at the sight of Jarret and his men. “Hold there!” One of the men shouted, his voice amplified with an internal speaker. Jarret and his men halted. The same man that ordered them to stop looked up at another, riding atop the large worm-like creature, likely their leader. “They’ve got Water colors. Do we shoot?” The Hunter asked to Silas. “There’s a difference between rivals and hostiles. Let them approach. But be cautious.” Silas said. The Hunter looked over at Jarret and his men. “You may approach, slowly!” The Hunter yelled. Jarret and his men walked up to Silas, stopping at a fair distance to speak. “What are you doing here? Not exactly a far way from home… but you picked a place unlike it.” Silas said. “We’re off to Radio City. We have no interest in stopping your duties.” Jarret said. “Is that so? What’s your business there?” Silas asked. “We’re tackling the Demon leadership, covert operations instead of a full-on assault.” Carter said. “Leadership? Ain’t that over in Rikers?” Silas asked. Carter started to speak, though was interrupted by Jarret, who shook his head. “Spill the damned beans, you already got me onto a lead.” Silas said. Jarret hesitated for a moment. “The Demons have relocated their primary base of operations to Radio City. Rikers is abandoned now.” Jarret said. “Shoot, I was heading to Rikers to get my revenge too. Do you know where you’re going? It’s easy to get lost in this desert. And trust me, you don’t want to be here at night.” Silas said. Jarret shook his head. “Fine. Lead the way. But keep in mind that we helped you, too.” Jarret said. “Sure...” Silas responded before he tugged on the ropes to his new pet, and made it turn around. “Alright boys, follow me, we should reach Radio City in a couple days!” Silas shouted.

“Damn, those sedatives must’ve done a number on him.” Scar said, looking at Mac, sleeping on a cot. “They’re very strong. Men of his physical and that young of age are the most resistant to narcotics of this kind.” Grant said. Mac’s vision faded in and out, before he felt his muscles tense. He grabbed Grant by the collar and ripped him down towards his face. Grant put his hands up, looking somewhat afraid, though not completely. “Mac, it’s fine, you’re alright.” Grant said. Mac released Grant, who straightened out his collar. “That’s a small side effect to waking up. A sudden rush of awareness and fear.” Grant said. Mac took two of his fingers and pressed them against his new eye. It was a strange feeling, being able to touch your eye without need to react or feel pain from it. Mac got up. “Alright… So where’s the new armor?” Mac asked. “Scar will direct you. I must get into position for the… training course I have for you.” Grant said. “Training course?” Mac asked. “It’s to ensure you can get the basics of your new armor. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever used.” Grant said, before leaving. Mac looked over at Scar. “It is pretty awesome, actually.” Scar said. She walked out of the room, and Mac followed closely. “It’s not like your normal power armor, the really bulky stuff with hydraulics and whatnot. This is closer to a suit. It’s very thin, and has almost no platting at all. Padding is more like it.” Scar said. They entered a room, where Hypox was taking one shot after the next, while Zero sat in the corner, watching a computer closely as it automatically scrolled text. The Cosmonaut and Yuri sat together at a table. “So, these Nazis tried to attack the motherland, and then what?” Yuri asked. “Our Soviet steel crushed them. They stood no chance. And the funny thing is, all of our defenses were in the southwest, our Eastern side was completely open, and the Nazis’ friends, the Japanese, could’ve strucken us there, but they didn’t, they ended up fighting a sleeping giant of a nation that didn’t have plans to intervene. From that day, I don’t think another country ever made that same mistake.” The Cosmonaut said. “Incredible. So what are the Soviets doing today?” Yuri asked. “Oh… well… uh… nothing. The people rebelled against the leadership, and everyone effectively destroyed the Soviet Union.” The Cosmonaut started. “A shame.” Yuri said. “Not that that was an inherently bad thing, of course. It was destined to happen. The leadership abused their powers, people starved, people were sent to death unjustly. I may have grown up with communist blood in my veins, but that blood is long since gone. Russia still lives, however. That is the important part.” The Cosmonaut said. Yuri smiled, before lifting up a drink. “Хвала России!” Yuri shouted, before taking a drink. “So what happened to Germany after its defeat?” Yuri asked. “Not much. They paid a lot to the Allies. Italy gave up too. Not Japan, though. They kept fighting America, who ended up responding by dropping the first nuclear warheads on their country. It changed war for everyone for a very long time. Germany didn’t do much after that, though… Well, in the 2030s they joined the Red Guard, against the Great Alliance. Which was basically World War III. That’s not what they called it though, everyone wanted to save World War III for when they destroyed each other with nuclear weapons. This was called the Final Conflict. Basically, the Red Guard lost, the Great Alliance asked them to pay up, and the Red Guard joined the Great Alliance and the Great Alliance ended up becoming Solar Command, SolComm as you probably know it now. They’re sure a lot of fun. You don’t want to know how many times I had to show up to fight in wars before they finally figured out they could stop killing one another. Most of the time I ended up fighting for Russia, America or China since they were the three giants that had to finally unite the world. Well, Vietnam was an exception to that.” The Cosmonaut said. Yuri looked over to see Mac and Scar patiently waiting, listening to their conversation. “Well, that’s my cue, pleasure speaking with you, comrade.” Yuri said, before taking one last sip of his drink and walking up to Mac and Scar. “I can tell you met your brother from another mother.” Scar said. “Hey, I thought that was me!” Mac said. “Says the one who calls me Uncle. Otherwise, yeah, he’s good fun. Never met another Russian aside from my sister and step-father. And I don’t count the latter.” Yuri said. “I’ve never actually heard your story.” Scar said. “Not much to it. Ma left before I knew her, left me and my sister to be beaten and barated by my step-dad. Eventually I burned him alive. That’s about it.” Yuri said. “Interesting. Sociopathy?” Scar asked. “You’d be correct.” Yuri said. “He left out the part where he was sent to a mental institute.” Mac said. “Oh really? Well what’s your tragic backstory, mудак?” Yuri asked. Mac hung his head slightly. “That’d ground we’re not treading.” Mac said. “Oh, sure, but bring up the mental institution. There’s surely no one around that might find that bad about me!” Yuri said, sarcastically. “I think we’ve wasted enough time here, let’s get to the course.” Scar said. “What course?” Yuri asked. “There’s a course Grant wants to run you through, so you get a feel for the armor.” Scar said. “Hm. Alright.” Yuri said. Scar took the lead, walking down a wide hallway, and stopping at the end. “There’s two courses. One for each. They’re exactly the same anyway.” Scar said, as two doors opened before them. Yuri took the left door, while Mac went for the right. They entered a small room, and the doors shut behind them. Panels opened on the walls, revealing slim suits of armor mounted for both of them. It had a solid black color, but with red lines that flowed from the neck out towards the rest of the body. Mac took the armor and inspected it, before looking around. He suited up into the armor, which fit his body almost perfectly. Mac looked down at a helmet that matched the armor, hearing buzzing from inside of it. He slipped it on, and heard Grant over the radio. “Ugh, finally, I’ve been yelling at you to put the helmet on already. Anyway, this is the Toxtus Power Suit Mark 0, it’s still a bit of a prototype. Is should be the most powerful armor in the galaxy right now. Let that help you understand how much I’m giving to you guys. For starters, it act kind of like an… anchor. Any armor plating can go on top of it. Put a rusty car hood on your back if you want, put on your old armor’s plating, use anything, the Toxtus Suit can figure out how to hook it on. The armor can do some other stuff, as well, your reflexes, strength, endurance and agility are all slightly enhanced with the armor, it assists with movement and taking hits, as well as dealing them. And it grants some other bonuses that are stored in your helmet specifically, so, heh, don’t lose it. Like… you’ll notice there’s no other door out of this room. So, facing the wall opposite of the side you entered, run into it and… think happy thoughts.” Toxtus said. “Run into it, do you think I’m stupid?” Mac asked. “No, really, trust me.” Grant said. Mac shook his head, before getting a running start and jumping into the wall, before phasing through it. As he entered through the other side of the wall into a new room, he fell onto the floor and took his helmet up, gagging. “Oh god… that must’ve been the most disgusting feeling in my life… I’ve got goosebumps on my eyelids!” Mac yelled, while lying on the floor still. “You’ll get used to it. What you experienced was the separation and recollection of your molecules while they also passed through more molecules.” Grant said. “Fuck you!” Mac said. “I’m not really up to jumping through this wall now, now that I’m hearing all this over the comms.” Yuri said. “Jump through the goddamn wall.” Grant said. “Alright.” Yuri said, before he repeated the same process, and similarly fell to the ground. “Oh god! Have you ever felt this yourself?! That was awful, I am never using this again!” Yuri said. “Hey, look, I’m sorry. That was the only real way to design it. You’re just not used to it yet.” Grant said. Mac slipped his helmet back on, and shook off the pain. “What’s next?” Mac asked, as he looked down a long hallway with different tests before him. “An agility test. It’s going to be a little complicated, but you should pass just fine.” Grant said. Mac began running at full speed, before jumping onto a thin railing suspended over a shallow pit with only one point of return, back. He balanced himself while jogging across it, then jumped down onto a small platform, jumping from it onto another one, and another, at an accelerated pace. As he was mid-jump to the end of the second test, he heard Yuri over the comms, “Done.”. Mac barely caught himself on the ledge of the next platform, and pulled himself up. “Done?! How’d you finish before me?” Mac asked. “Uh… I dunno.” Yuri said. “I’m calling bullshit on the ‘I’m too old for this’ stuff.” Mac said. “Fine.” Yuri said. “The next test is for strength. Before you lie sets of bullet-proof glass, capital ship-levels of resistant. You need to smash through it to get to the next test.” Grant said. “That’s all?” Yuri said. He punched a sheet of glass, shattering it instantly. He continued taking steps and smashing through one sheet of glass after the next, before finding himself at the end of the testing hall, which looked like a sort of shooting range. “Last test for you both, you will find revolvers on the tables before you both. Pick them up, and five targets will reveal themselves. Shoot them as fast as you can.” Grant said. Mac picked up the revolver, and opened its cylinder to see six shots loaded. He readied the weapon, keeping his eyes peeled for the targets. One immediately jumped out from the left wall, and Mac shot it in a moment’s notice, its pieces shattering about the place. Another jumped out on the right, and Mac shot the stand holding it, dropping the piece to the floor where it bursted into pieces. Two more targets jumped out from the ground, and Mac shot them both with bullseyes. The last target jumped out, and Mac shot at it, before realizing it was blocked by more bullet-proof glass. He thought for a moment, before aiming his revolver at the wall, firing his last shot so it ricocheted off the wall and back through the target, bisecting it. “Excellent work. Your testing is finished, meet me in the hangar, and we’ll start phase one of our mission.” Grant said, as a door opened to Mac’s right.

The Cosmonaut slowed down his ship as they began approaching the Terminus Penitentiary. He turned on auto-pilot as the ship slowly cruised towards the station, and turned around in his chair to look at Mac and Yuri getting a feel for their new weapons, as well as Zero who was working on a computer. “I’ve infiltrated their network and sent out a broadcast to the station that our ship has been scanned and cleared. When we’re closer, you must disengage auto-pilot and dock in hangar B-3.” Zero said. “Alright, going over the plan again, Zero will infiltrate the facility disguised, and direct you two to where you must go to stop the execution of your comrades, and bring them back here to be transported back to Toxtus.” The Cosmonaut said. “And I keep asking about how Zero is supposed to be disguised. Care to answer this time?” Mac asked. The Cosmonaut grunted. “I told you, he will show you. Be patient.” The Cosmonaut said, as he turned around in his chair and pressed a few buttons, before landing in a hangar. “Clear the ramp area, we’ll have passengers.” Zero said. Yuri, Mac and the Cosmonaut all walked away to a different part of the ship, as the exit ramp opened behind Zero. Two men in riot armor walked up, while another two waited outside. “Welcome aboard, gentlemen! Here to inspect the ship?” Zero asked. “Obviously. Where’s the captain?” One of the guards asked. “Changing out of his flight suit. Shall I direct you to him?” Zero asked. “Sure.” The guard said. “Very well.” Zero responded, before pulling out two silenced plasma pistols and shot both of the guards in the head. He quickly holstered the weapons and began dragging the bodies away towards the direction the other three went. He entered a room and dragged the bodies into it, while Mac, Yuri and the Cosmonaut all watched. “Hide these bodies, I will be in touch.” Zero said, as his eyes projected a blue light that traced around one of the guard’s bodies, before parts of Zero’s joints began projecting a hologram around him, identical to the guard. “This shouldn’t be too hard.” Zero said, his voice shifting to the guard’s while he spoke. Zero turned around and walked off the ramp, where he turned and nodded at the two guards outside. “Where’s the other guy?” One of the guards asked. “He’s staying on-board. Minor contraband that he’s watching to make sure it doesn't get moved on-station. Otherwise they’re good.” Zero responded. “Hm. Alright...” The guard said. Zero walked away, with the other two guards following. As they reached a fork in the road, Zero turned to looked at the other two guards. “I’m needed at the comms room, meet you guys in the cafeteria.” Zero said, before walking away from the two, and continuing onwards. He walked into the comms room, with several people all working. A guard stopped Zero, before looking at him dead in the eyes. “Identification.” The guard said. Zero blinked, before the security cameras began smoking faintly. Zero kicked the guard back, taking out his pistols, and fired upon everyone in the room, and shut the door behind him, sealing it. Zero quickly made his way to a computer, before turning on a microphone. “Can you hear me? I’ve taken control of a command room. I should be able to guide you adequately from here.” Zero said.
Mac pressed a button on his wrist. “Reading you fine. Where do we go from here?” Mac asked from outside the ship, standing next to Yuri and the Cosmonaut. “Your HUD comes with a new interface. All I need to do is send some data your way and… done. A breadcrumb trail should be appearing shortly. I’ll try and disable any automated defenses along the way as well. Turrets, security robots, so on. I’ll inform you if anything comes up.” Zero said. “Alright. We’re heading out.” Yuri said. Mac and Yuri began walking onwards, though Yuri turned back to look at the Cosmonaut, who remained where he was. “You coming?” Yuri asked. “No. I’m going to watch the ship, make sure no one tries to shut it down, steal it, put a boot on it or nothing. This is a prison, after all. Any of those things are somewhat likely to happen.” The Cosmonaut said. “Right. Good luck then, comrade.” Yuri said, before continuing onwards with Mac. The two took a short stroll onwards. Mac took note of several turret emplacements on the ceiling, each of them deactivated. They stopped short of a locked door, and Mac looked around, impatiently. “There’s a door here that’s sealed.” Yuri whispered. “I’m working on it. I’m dealing with some… complications.” Zero said. “Like what?” Mac asked. “Guards banging on the door. It’s sealed, and the clearance level is set too high for anyone, but they’ll probably try to blast through it. Focus on your objective for now, I’ll be fine.” Zero said. A few seconds after, the door unlocked, and opened for the two. Mac and Yuri walked onwards, before finding themselves in a long hallway of jail cells, each filled to their maximum capacity. Two guards walked in opposite directions up and down the hall, one of them spotting Mac and Yuri immediately. “Hey, who are you?!” The guard shouted, before pulling out a baton. The other guard turned to see the commotion, and followed suite. “We’re looking for a prison. Have you seen one?” Mac asked. Yuri pulled out a normal pistol and fired it until the magazine emptied, killing one guard. Mac pulled out his rifle and fired the weapon from the hip, each projectile automatically directing oneself into the guard’s chest. “Huh… Well, it works.” Mac said. Yuri shrugged, before turning to look at a prisoner who was pressed against an energy shield in curiosity. He looked around the entire hall, each prisoner was looking at the scene from behind their shields. Yuri directed his focus back to the first one. “You. Why are you imprisoned here?” Yuri asked. “It’s a setup, none of us are supposed to be here, we hail from this one planet, Vorcium, for some reason my group, the Order of Knights, was found guil-” The prisoner was cut off. “That’s all I need to hear. How do we get you all out of here?” Yuri asked. “Why do you care? Actually, nevermind, I don’t care, just get us out of here!” The prisoner said. Yuri took off his helmet, and looked at the guard. “We’re all brothers in arms, that’s why.” Yuri said. “Holy shit! I thought you were executed!” The prisoner said, as a wide smile formed on his face. “You can’t take the fight out of the knights.” Mac said, as he took off his helmet as well. “So, how do we get you out?” Yuri asked, putting his helmet back on. “I’m not sure myself. I think each cell is activated and deactivated by one control board or something. I haven’t seen it though, it just kinda… turns on and off when they need it to.” The prisoner said. “Leave that to me.” Zero said, over the comms. Each shield deactivated, and the prisoners all came flooding out, cheering. “Knights! Our soldiers, hear our command! It’s me, Yuri, and Mac beside me. We will deliver justice back to our planet! We have a plan! But we need your help! After all, what’s the point of a general without an army?” Yuri shouted. “Just stick behind us! Four of you should collect the weapons from these two guards here, use them carefully, and stick behind the parade, we’ll lead you out of here!” Mac shouted. Four knights collected weapons from the guards, two with batons, two with pistols, they then disappeared into the crowd. “Alright, follow our lead!” Mac shouted, and the two High Generals walked on.
Zero pressed a few buttons on a computer, before rushing over to another and pressing a single button on it. “Mac, Yuri, I’m directing all guard forces over to where I am now, that should clear out the halls for you. Get back to where the ship is. The hangar hallway we docked in, Hall B, is filled with transport ships to deliver prisoners. I’m remote activating each one, and setting their courses to Toxtus, make sure all the men make it onto those ships, and they’re prepped. I’m directing a command back to the Cosmonaut’s ship which you can activate to remote control those ships to take off and follow their coordinates. As for me, I’m trapped, and I’ve got the entire facility’s guard base trying to break it. I’ll try to lie my way out, but this might be my final ride. Good luck. I want a statue back on Vorcium, please.” Zero said. “You speak nonsense, Zero. I’m coming to help you.” The Cosmonaut said. “Negative. It’s too much for too little. They’re going to get to me faster than you’ll get here. Don’t screw this mission up for a discarded robot.” Zero said. “Too bad.” The Cosmonaut said. “Dammit.” Zero said to himself. He looked back at the door, which was being sliced open with a laser device, which was almost all the way through. Zero looked back at the door, with his holoprojectors on. A squad of guards blasted through the door, and looked around. Zero put his hands up. “Don’t shoot, it’s me! Someone came through here and… murdered the entire comm room staff!” Zero shouted. “Where’d they go?” A guard asked. “Through that door. I played dead, and sealed it behind me.” Zero said. “Why didn’t you open it for us?” The guard said. “It could’ve been them, I didn’t want to jump the gun and open it anyway.” Zero said. “Alright, we’re going to go through here with a minor EMP field to disable any active camo they might be using.” A guard said. “No, wait!” Zero said. A guard had already pressed a switch on a handheld device, and Zero immediately got dizzy, slumbering around trying to hold onto something. His holoprojectors disabled, and he looked over at the guards. “Surprise.” Zero said. One guard looked at the other using the EMP device. “Up the voltage.” The guard said. The other nodded, and twisted a dial on the device, causing Zero to scream in pain. “He’s putting up a bit of a fight.” The guard said. Sparks began flying out of his head, before he erupted in electricity, electrocuting the guards and killing them.
The Cosmonaut rushed into the room, to find Zero lying on the ground, lifeless. “Ты идиот.” The Cosmonaut said, before picking up Zero’s body. Another squad of guards ran in, and readied their weapons, though the Cosmonaut tossed a grenade into the crowd, which exploded upon impact with the ground. The Cosmonaut pushed forward, being cautious as he walked back to the ship, quickly. He entered the hangar, to see Mac and Yuri standing. “We’re all loaded up, is he going to be fine?” Mac asked. “He should be… he’s a robot. They can always be rebuilt.” The Cosmonaut said. “Alright, let’s get going.” Mac said, before boarding the ship with Yuri, and the Cosmonaut behind them. He laid Zero in a chair nearby, while he got into the pilot’s seat, with Mac sitting in the co-pilot’s. Yuri stood between them, watching out the window as the ship started up. “Activate the command, Mac.” The Cosmonaut said. Mac pressed a couple buttons on a screen in front of him, and the Cosmonaut flew the ship forwards and out of the hangar, with several more ships following behind.

Mac walked down a hall with Scar. “I’m not quite sure why we don’t already use the ships we got from the prison. It seems like a waste of time and effort for this next mission.” Mac said. “It’s because they’re transport ships. They can’t take much damage and they are far from mobile enough to dodge any defenses. The Demons could take those ships out of the sky in a moment’s notice.” Scar said. “What’s different about these new ships, then, aren’t they also transports?” Mac asked. “Not exactly, they’re more like dropships dropships. Heavily armored, designed for immediate deployment. This should be like the difference between some civilian helicopter and a KTTS to you.” Scar said. “Hm… Still, I’m not too confident about this.” Mac said. The halls they walked down were far more active than before, with troops mobilizing to be equipped and ready ASAP. They wore basic armor, it was unlike anything they had ever used, but it was the best available shipment at the time. Mac and Scar walked into the same room with the table and holoprojector they were in before, where Grant, Yuri and the Cosmonaut sat. “It’s about time you got here. Come, sit. We have much to discuss.” Grant said. Mac sat down, with Scar sitting next to him. “Alright. As mentioned, this next mission is to an ocean planet called Sestapus I, where the company TechnoMax produces ships we need to steal. Since Zero has sustained heavy damage and is going under repairs, Scar will replace his role as the mission manager.” Grant said. “Rightfully so.” Scar said. “Wait, that made me realize, why aren’t you mobilizing armies of the Crylo Republic’s?” Mac asked. “We’re trying to maintain a minimal presence on Vorcium. We’re technologically advanced, but that’s it. You’ve fought our security before, we can rival militias, but certainly not the Demons, especially with their friends above, annihilating one city after the next. It’s best we just stay low.” Scar said. Mac grumbled. “Continuing on, the objective is to deploy Mac and Yuri from the safe distance of the storm. It’ll be quite a fall, but as long as you have your shields at maximum power and on during the fall, the wind should not carry you away, and you should fall straight down. Once you reach the shipyards, get inside the facility, activate the backup reactor, and have Scar remotely tap into the commands of the shipyards. From there, she can access ship commands and have them take off and route back to here. Then, we’ll be prepared for an assault on Radio City.” Grant said. “Keyword: then. Let’s focus on getting to Sestapus and doing this mission, shouldn’t take long.” Mac said. “Hm… alright. Is there anything else to be said?” Grant asked. The room was silent. “Alright. Then let’s get to work.” Grant said. Everyone got out of their chairs, with the Cosmonaut, Mac, Yuri and Scar all moving to the Cosmonaut’s ship.

The Cosmonaut’s ship breached the atmosphere of Sestapus, and flew downwards until it was resting just below the clouds. “This is about as low as I can take you before the ship will begin losing control to the storm, she’s a nasty bugger, too, so don’t disable those shields until you’re inside the hangars.” The Cosmonaut said to Mac and Yuri, who had both just finished suiting up. “That reminds me. I was looking at the schematics to your armor. These should help your shields, they boost the energy capacity so your shields shouldn’t break during mid-fall.” Scar said, as she handed two disc-like objects to Mac and Yuri. Yuri looked at it, before putting it on the center of his chest, and the armor immediately connected to the disc. Mac further inspected his. “By the way, it’s experimental stuff, so be careful with it. Good luck.” Scar said. Mac slipped his on, before the Cosmonaut opened the ramp to the ship for the two. Yuri engaged his shields, then Mac, and the two jumped out. As they got lower, their vision became increasingly clouded by the storm. Yuri’s HUD flickered several times. “Mac, is everything fine on your end?” Yuri asked. He tried to look over at Mac, but the storm clouded his vision too much. “Yeah, why?” Mac asked. “My-” Yuri’s voice on the comms halted immediately. “Yuri, Yuri can you hear me?!” Mac shouted.
Yuri began breathing heavily as he went flying through the storm uncontrollably. His HUD was off completely, and all he got to hear was the absurdly loud wind blowing him into some unknown direction, the only thing he could really detect, he slightly felt the wind outside his suit, but barely, and all he saw was dark gray clouding his vision. He felt a sudden crash as he impacted with the water below. He was no longer being pushed, meaning he must have escaped the storm’s grasp, though that wasn’t exactly a good thing. Water began slowly filling into his helmet as there was no power to filter his suit. He noticed the device on his chest sparking slightly, and immediately ripped it off, tossing it out. His suit began to slowly regain power, and he turned on thermal vision to see better. He tried to activate his comms, though all he received was static. He sighed, before turning around completely to see his vision fill with red and orange. He deactivated his thermal vision to see a massive alien fish open its mouth, where water flooded into its mouth, and with the water, Yuri. The creature shut its mouth, causing everything for Yuri to see to become black.
Mac crashed into a metal surface, seemingly on-target. The crash caused his shields to take massive damage, before they faded away. “Yuri?!” He shouted on the comms. He looked around, though saw nothing. He activated magnetic locks on his boots to resist the wind, though even still, he was being pushed very slowly. “Scar? Cosmo? Can you read me?” Mac asked. He got static. He cursed under his breath, before turning to find a small hatch. It was too much of a risk to disable the magnets on his boots, so he allowed the storm to push him ever so slowly towards the hatch. As he began nearing it, he saw a lock on the side of the hatch. He took out his gun, and fired it, though it had no effect on the metal. He put the gun away, before bending down as he reached in to grab the hatch. He gripped it tightly, then pulled up with all his strength, before ripping the lock off and opening the hatch. The hatch was forced open by the wind, and received enough force to be ripped off completely. Mac dropped in, and water immediately began filling into the hatch. Mac turned on a headlamp, and looked around to find himself in a small entry room. He eventually found a desk, and pressed a button on it, though there was no power for it to do anything. He looked at a large metal door that likely led to the rest of the facility. He pried the door open just enough for him to get in, before pulling it back closed. He shook his hands around to get the water off of them, before investigating the new area as before. He found himself in a wide hallway, that went too far for his headlamp to light up. He continued walking until the path split for three different ways, two large doors symmetrically placed to his right and left, or to continue walking down the hall. He walked up a small staircase to look into the left doorway, to find a fairly large cargo ship, though it was still under construction. He walked further into the hangar, before finding a small motorized cart, likely used to transport more than a person’s share of stuff across the facility. Mac sat down in the driver’s seat, and started it up. He drove it towards the edge of the stairs, before taking a deep breath. He pushed down on the pedal, and the cart began crashing down the stairs, though it was over in seconds, and Mac was completely unharmed. He continued to drive it down the hall, until he reached the end where a differently shaped doorway stood. Mac got up from the cart and walked through the doorway, it was a small room, but several small hatches dotted the floor. Mac looked down into one, finding a short ladder ride down. Under normal circumstances, Mac would just jump down, though the hatch was far too small. He squeezed in and slowly began climbing down the ladder, until reaching the bottom. It was like he was in a service tunnel, though it was tiny. He had to duck a little just to move. He followed the path, until finding several paths that went in an array of different directions. He groaned, before taking one path.
Yuri quickly pressed a button on the side of his helmet, activating two headlamps. He was certainly inside some sort of creature’s mouth. Yuri grabbed a revolver hanging from the back of his belt, and fired it into the creature’s tongue. It made a roar that knocked Yuri down, though it still kept its mouth tightly shut. Yuri sighed, before looking down its throat, seeing its uvula hanging slightly farther back. Yuri cracked his knuckles, before swinging his fist into the uvula, ripping it from the roof of the creature’s mouth entirely and causing it to go further down into its throat. Immediately, the creature opened its mouth and let out a choked roar, before a wave of vomit followed it up. Yuri was pushed out of the creature’s mouth, covered in a brownish-green acidic paste, though the water from the ocean did a fair job at washing it off. Yuri swam upwards to the surface, to look around. There wasn’t much around, just more ocean and a dark grey sky that filled the horizon. He toggled on a heat vision mode, and looked around, before spotting a massive block of mostly the same green, though it gave off a thick hint of red in a cylindrical shape. Yuri began swimming over to it.
Mac pressed a few buttons on a computer inside a small room, before a reactor powered on behind a sheet of glass in front of Mac. He turned around, looking at the service tunnel he came from. He turned back to the panel as several different buttons and statistics came online for different things all located around a map of the facility, but only one part of the screen caught his eye, “Communications Relay”. Mac activated it, and attempted to connect to it, though an error message appeared on the screen, “Relay dish not extended, wind detection too high”. Mac closed it, and looked out of a window on the roof to see the storm still blasting at full power. He sighed, before sitting down on the floor, for a minute, thinking. He looked out through another window, seeing the ocean, though it was difficult to see anything past a few feet with the storm. Mac looked at a panel next to the window, pressing a button with a light bulb icon. Two powerful lights outside the window powered on, shining the area up. He squinted as he saw a small figure slowly making their way towards Mac. He cautiously unholstered his rifle, before making the figure out to be Yuri. Shocked, he quickly put his rifle back and looked at the panel to see if there was any way to open the window. He saw an icon that showed a pane receding from an opening, likely indicating an option to open the window. Without hesitation, he pressed it, though instead of that window opening, the window above opened, and the storm began firing the rain down into the room. Mac quickly pressed the button again to close it. He waited as Yuri finally managed to reach the window and see Mac on the other side. Mac waved at Yuri, who nodded, showing some slight signs of annoyance. Mac pointed up, and Yuri reluctantly responded by swimming upwards, before disappearing from Mac’s view. Mac looked up at the window on the ceiling, watching as Yuri reappeared on the other side. Yuri stood on the window, looking down at Mac, who pressed the button to open it. Yuri fell through, and Mac closed the window. “Ugh! What’s your problem?!” Yuri shouted. Mac chuckled very  slightly. “Well I got you in, what were you doing out in the ocean?” Mac asked. “I was blown off course. My entire suit was shut down from that damn shield.” Yuri said. Mac turned around to kneel down, looking through the tunnel he came from. He turned back to look at Yuri, “You’re lucky I found this reactor when I did.”. He walked away from the tunnel and walked up to a door instead, opening it. Yuri walked up behind Mac, “I take it you had to find a detour to get here.”, “You’d be right... Excuse me when I say this, but,” Mac started. “We need to get back outside, on the roof.” Yuri sighed, “Care to explain why?” Mac and Yuri walked out into a hallway, and walked down a chosen path. “The place won’t extend the Communications Relay, meaning we’re going to have to force it out.” Mac explained. “Don’t you think that’d be risking its destruction?” Yuri asked. “We have no other way of contacting Scar. We have to risk it.” Mac said. They walked into a hangar with a large ship, complete with a multitude of cannons mounted around it. Mac whistled, “I take it this is the thing Scar wants. The KTTS was a dropship, and she said this would be a dropship as well, but goddamn, this thing looks more like a flying tank.” “Let’s keep our focus on the current objective.” Yuri responded, as he continued to walk. Mac followed, though stopped Yuri as they left the hangar into a familiarly wide hallway. “Don’t worry, I know the way out of here.” Mac said, as he took the lead. They walked down to the end of the hallway, and Mac used a nearby panel to open the now-powered door. Water flooded out from the room beyond until it spread itself too thin. Rain continued pouring in from the opened hatch above in the next room. “I had to open that, OK?” Mac said. He stepped behind the desk and looked at several buttons, eventually pressing one of them, which caused a ladder to slide out from the ceiling, behind the hatch. Mac began climbing first, though stopped just before exiting, looking down at Yuri. “Engage the magnetic locks on your boots when we step out here!” Mac shouted over the wind. “Why?!” Yuri shouted back. “The wind is too strong, you’ll just get blown back into the ocean again!” Mac shouted, before climbing out of the hatch and back to the surface of the facility. Yuri followed, and they both activated their magnetic locks. The storm continued to push them very slightly. “Alright, follow me, each step you take, deactivate and reactivate the locks!” Mac said, as he walked incredibly slowly, following a pattern to allow his legs to take him farther. He eventually reached another hatch, though it was unlike the other hatch in several ways. Mac bent down to pry it open, but the power magnetising it shut must have been too strong for him to open it. Yuri walked up behind Mac. “Let’s open it together!” Yuri shouted. “Right!” Mac responded. They both began trying to open it, using their full force to pry it open. Eventually, the hatch was ripped open, and the wind kept it open. Inside was the retracted relay. “How do we get this up?!” Yuri asked. “I think I have an idea!” Mac shouted. He slowly climbed down into the narrow space between the wall and the relay, and reached his hand up. “Grab my hand!” Mac shouted, as he activated the magnetic locks on his boots. Yury reached down, barely managing to grasp his hand. Mac and Yuri both pulled up in unison, and the force from it all managed to get the platform to raise the relay up. As Mac was finally on the same level as Yuri, the two began to slide backwards from the wind. “Let the wind take us back to the hatch, and we’ll make sure this thing is online and ready to go!” Mac shouted. Yuri nodded, and they slowly slid over to the first hatch. As the neared it, Mac disabled his locks and jumped in, Yuri followed by disabling his locks and climbing down the ladder. They both walked out of the entryway, and Mac closed the doors behind them.
The two walked back into the reactor room, and Mac pressed a few buttons on the computer, eventually typing his way back to the map, and activating the button for the relay. Mac took a deep breath. “Alright, I’m syncing to it now.” He pressed a couple buttons on the side of his helmet, and after a few seconds, pressed another button on his helmet. “Scar? This is Mac, can you read me?” Mac asked. “Yeah, it’s a little fuzzy but I’m listening. What’s your status?” Scar asked. “I think we’re all set. Can you tap into the facility through the comms?” Mac asked. “Sure can, I’m already in actually. Good work. I’ll try to get most of the ships out of their hangars without getting them destroyed by the storm, but this is remote access, I can’t say we’ll get anything more than the bare minimum. Get inside one of the ships and let me carry you out, then we’ll meet back at Toxtus.” Scar said. “I’m not too confident about getting into any of this ships, but if it’s the only way-” Mac started. “Your safest bet is on the ship in hangar D-12. The survival statistics are the best out of them all.” Scar said. “Roger.” Mac said. Mac turned to look at Yuri, who nodded. The two left the room, making their way back to the original hangar hallway, and walking all the way down to the first pair of doorways. Mac looked at the hangar where he got the cart, which was labeled D-11. He looked at the door on the opposite side, labeled D-12. Mac and Yuri walked into the hangar, where the ship was already prepared for launch, and had its ramp opened for them. The two walked into the ship, and made their way into the cockpit, where they sat down. “Damn, this chair are pretty comfortable.” Mac said after sitting down. The ship lifted up out of the hangar, and began shaking from the wind, though managed to rise past the clouds and next to the Cosmonaut’s ship, alongside a half dozen other ships just like it.

Mac and Yuri both walked off the exit ramp of the dropship. Where Scar waited outside for them. “You guys took a while.” Scar said. “No thanks to your new tech.” Yuri said. Scar crossed her arms and put a look of confusion on her face. “What’s that mean?” Mac walked up to her and held out the shield enhancer he had. “His didn’t work, it took all the juice out of his suit.” Scar shook her head. “Keep yours… strange, do you still have it?” Scar asked. Yuri turned to face her. “I chucked it.” Yuri continued onwards. “I could’ve taken a closer look at it...” Scar said silently to herself. The three walked towards the debriefing room, where Grant sat, browsing different holographic images. Next to him was Hypox, who paid no mind to anyone or anything around him, instead, he sat silently with weary eyes, occasionally taking a sip from a glass cup filled with some alcohol. Grant looked over at the three, and terminated the hologram. “Welcome back, I take it the mission was successful?” Grant asked. “There were some speed bumps, but we’re fine.” Yuri said. “Excellent, you cannot understand how impressed I am with your progress!” Grant said. “What’s our next move?” Yuri asked. “There’s no need for that, time is on our side now, you should get some rest.” Grant said. “You don’t get us, do you? We’re doing step three, now. I don’t give a shit about sleep.” Mac said. “Ditto.” Yuri said. Grant shook his head. “Fine, first, Yuri, you need to contact your associate in the Demons to inform him that we’re making an attack, then, we load the soldiers, who really made themselves at home might I add, into the dropships, where they will be sent to Radio City to take it back. You will lead them.” Grant said. “I’m assuming you have equipment for them to use?” Yuri asked. Grant pressed a button on the table, and a holographic image appeared, showing a suit of armor. “The best I could get was Vermillion Insurgency standard issue armor, each with a rifle and a pistol.” Grant said. “What’s the Vermillion Insurgency?” Yuri asked. “The Vermillion Insurgency was a band of rebels that fought for their independence from SolComm, they won, for the most part. They were created by the joining of two factions who each had interest in independence. They freely accept members into their ranks with only an initiation, I told them I was going to send a few squads and needed armor for the soldiers during their training, unfortunately the last group we want to align ourselves with is an enemy of SolComm, so ditch the armor when possible.” Grant said. “Alright.” Mac said. The Cosmonaut approached the three from behind, “Good luck. Something tells me you’re going to need it.” Yuri turned to look at him, “You’re not coming with?” “I don’t directly fight anyone of our species unless absolutely necessary. So no. But you have my luck. And don’t forget you’re really pushing me already.” The Cosmonaut said.

Nikola sat down at a desk, watching a screen displaying Victor. “My father says the President has acknowledged your request for negotiations, but they must be conducted on Earth, as I believe you already know.” Victor said. “I know, we’ll be taking off soon. Will you be there?” Nikola asked. “The Dauntless Scepter is to be in orbit of Vorcium as its temporary overseer while this mess is sorted out. So, no.” Victor said. “What a shame. Perhaps we’ll get another chance to meet in the future.” Nikola said. “Perhaps… Captain Ananias out.” Victor said, before the feed was terminated. Nikola got up from his seat, and turned to look at Astaroth, who stood next to Adamska. “You’re being put in charge of Radio City while I’m gone. Don’t mess anything up, and you’re in store for a promotion.” Astaroth raised an eyebrow. “I thought a Hellwalker Councilman was the highest rank, aside from yours.” Astaroth said. “We’re expanding you idiot, that means more ranks to help for more control. I’m also going to pry from that president our independence. We’re going to need it. If all else fails, we’ll prepare an absolute take-over of SolComm.” Nikola said, before turning his head to Adamska. “You! You’re also coming with me. You’ll manage the troops we’re taking with us.” Nikola said. Adamska nodded. “Let’s get moving, already!” Nikola said, as he walked out with Adamska and several Demon soldiers following.

“... Captain Ananis out.” Victor said, before turning off the feed.  He turned to look at two SolComm soldiers in darker armor, with red lining around it. They both wore pale, menacing faces as they looked down at Victor, who got up from a chair. He made his way down a hallway and onto a massive bridge. He walked down a path to the viewing deck, where a tall figure wearing a black cape bearing the SolComm logo stood, looking at Earth, which was almost silhouetted by the Sun farther in the distance. “Bow.” The figure said, not bothering to turn back even slightly. Victor made a slight bow, and cleared his throat. There was a short silence between the two. “What is with the Order of Demons?” Victor asked. “They’re the supposed ‘bad guys’, but I’m sure you made that out already, right?” The figure said. “... You mean they’re another cult or rebellion tied to the strings you command?” Victor said. “Elaborate.” The figure said. “They’re another source for you to absorb, to use for the take-over of SolComm, am I right? Is that why you told me to assist them?!” Victor shouted. The figure turned around in one swift motion and backhanded Victor, sending him sliding back. The man was very aged, and bore untraditional attire, almost unseeable through an ocean of pins that adorned his chest, one of them reading “Grand Admiral Ananias”. His legs were completely cybernetic, and his right forearm and beyond was similarly cybernetic. “Watch your tone, boy.” The figure said. Victor wiped blood from his nose and stood back up. “Innumerable pardons, father.” Victor said. Victor’s father turned back around. “You will speak this truth to no one. Know that what I do is not what’s wrong with me, but because I am a man who can take action. Can you say that for yourself?” Victor’s father said. Victor remained silent, deciding not to take part in this verbal game he knew his father was playing. “The answer is ‘no’. You’re dismissed.” Victor’s father said. Victor bowed his head, and walked off. He eventually walked into the bridge of the Dauntless Scepter which left from the hangar of an even more colossal ship, SCS Envying Leviathan.

Silas rode the Terror Worm over a green hill, followed by a team of Bounty Hunters and Marines. As the hill was ridden over, Radio City came into view over the horizon. “I see it! We’re here!” Silas shouted back. “And it only took two fucking days.” Groaned a Marine. “Brighten up, soldier, you finally get to kill some Demon!” Carter shouted. A Bounty Hunter lifted a pair of binoculars to look at the city. “It seems like their defenses have receded deep into the city. They probably got so cocky they don’t even expect to be attacked.” The Bounty Hunter said. “Sounds like a trap.” Jarret responded. “I agree with Jarret. Seems mighty fishy to me.” Silas said. “So what are we going to do instead? Sit here and hope a miracle happens?” One of the Bounty Hunters asked. Several dropships soared over them, flying over to Radio City, proceeding to fire upon it and drop troops in. “Yup.” Silas said. “Charge!” Jarret shouted, as the group began rushing to the city.

Mac and Yuri jumped from a dropship, supported by a squad of knights in their new armor. The Demons’ defenses were clearly weaker than normal, as the knights immediately cut through them with ease. Only one knight had fallen while a whole dozen squads of Demons were gunned down. The dropships continued to hover over the city, firing on incoming Demons. Static erupted for a short moment over the comms, before Scar made her voice heard, “I’ve got remote pilot on these dropships, they’ll keep you protected. In the meantime, I’ll try to scramble any communications sent to the Dauntless Scepter. You guys know your objectives, get to it.” Yuri looked over at Mac, who nodded back at Yuri. The two made their way towards the radio tower in the middle of the city alongside their squad. A squad that stayed within the defense of the dropships watched the horizon, before spotting a strange group of individuals. “Hey, we’ve got something strange coming over here, Scar, can you see what that is?” One of the knights asked. “They’re not sporting any colors I recognize… unless… I have my doubts that they’re friendly, but they could be. Keep your wits about you.” Scar said.
Astaroth stood next to a window, watching the battle transpire below. “We must warn the Scepter and deploy the garrison!” A Hellwalker standing next to him said. “No.” Astaroth said. “What is your problem? First, you settle the defenses, then, you refuse to fight back?! I will call for support myself, you traitor!” The Hellwalker shouted. Astaroth pulled out his battleaxe, and swung it into the ground next to the Hellwalker. “Stand down. I have this all planned out.” Astaroth said. Another Hellwalker behind Astaroth chimed in, aiming an LMG at his back. “We’re taking control here.” Astaroth shook his head. “Wrong.” He swung his axe through the Hellwalker behind him, decapitating him. The other Hellwalker equipped two swords and swug at Astaroth, who used the hilt to his axe to stop both blows. With the axe in the blocking position, he pushed the other end of it into the Hellwalker’s groin, denting the armor around it and causing the Hellwalker to fall to his knees. Astaroth swung the axe vertically, splitting the Hellwalker’s chest and everything above into two pieces.
As the Terror Worm neared Radio City, Silas jumped off at the last second, allowing the worm to tunnel into the ground. An unfamiliar squad of knights approached. “Wait a minute, you guys are Sand and Water, right?” The Knight asked. “Hands up!” Carter said, as he aimed his weapon. “Same team! Same team!” The Knight yelled. “What do you mean?” Silas asked. “We’re Knights, a little out of uniform, sure. Mac and Yuri are here, too. We’re doing a counter attack. I suppose you’re all welcome to join in.” The Knight said. “We’re interested in killing whoever’s leading this operation. Especially if it’s Nikola.” Jarret said. “Well, Mac and Yuri took off to the radio tower. I suppose you could go there to help them.” The Knight said. Jarret, Carter and Silas all looked amongst each other. “Marines, Bounty Hunters, you stick in the city, support the Knights. Carter and I will go meet with Mac and Yuri.” Jarret said. “Hey, he ain’t got no right to command us!” One of the Bounty Hunters said. “I second their command, then. But I’m coming with y’all.” Silas said. “Fine, whatever.” Jarret said. The three took off.
Mac and Yuri’s elevator made a ringing noise as they reached the top, and the elevator doors opened to reveal Astaroth charging them with his Battleaxe. “Woah!” Mac shouted, as he grabbed the hilt of the axe just in time to stop the swing. “Who the hell are you?!” Astaroth shouted. “It’s Yuri, this is Mac.” Yuri said. Astaroth looked at the two for a second, before pulling his axe back and letting the blade fall to the floor, dragging it behind him. “They’re onto me. I still have a firm grasp of the troops here, but it’s hanging on a thread. Nikola and Adamska took off to Earth. I think they’re going to try and kill the president of this, ‘SolComm’ to gain control of it.” Astaroth said, breathing heavily. “Slow down, relax. If anything else comes up this elevator, we’ll take care of it.” Yuri said. Astaroth took a deep breath and regulated his breathing, somewhat. “Thank you.” At that moment, the elevator made a ring. Mac and Yuri prepared their weapons, but were shocked to find Jarret, Carter and Silas exit through the doors. “The sky, reach for it, all of ya!” Silas shouted. “Silas?” Mac asked. “He said hands up!” Carter shouted. Yuri took off his helmet, “It’s the High Generals, calm down, all of you!” he shouted. “I told you the whole red and black look of these suits does not make us look like the good guys.” Mac said. “And I said tell that to Grant.” Yuri responded. Carter pushed past the two to look at Astaroth. “Who’s this asshole? A prisoner?” He asked. “He’s a friend.” Yuri said. Carter’s eyes widened in shock. “A friend? This guy’s in Demon armor, there’s no doubt about it, what is going on here?!” “Carter, relax.” Jarret said. “Relax?! I tell you just how I’m going to relax, I’m gonna blow this motherfucker’s head off!” Carter said as he stuffed the barrel of his gun in Astaroth’s face. “Jarret you gotta knock some sense into that kid!” Silas said. “He’s a Demon, Jarret! Come on! You know these guys are manipulators! Think about how many people he killed, think about what the Demons have done to us! They threaten us, this has to be our response!” Carter shouted. The elevator made a ring as Mac and Yuri dashed out of the way miliseconds before two Hellwalkers began unloading MGs into the room. Mac tossed a flash grenade out, blinding the Hellwalkers, as Yuri took out a shotgun and blasted both of them in the chests. The two looked back to see Jarret and Silas lying on the floor, lifeless, and Carter rolling around in agony. “Goddammit.” Yuri said as he threw the shotgun to the other side of the room. Astaroth got up, brushing off his armor. “I’m fine. Your trigger-happy friend here took all my bullets for me.” Mac walked up to Carter, and looked at him. “He’ll live. He just needs a medic.” Mac said, as he picked Carter up. Yuri pressed a button on the side of his helmet to activate his comms, “Our troops should have Radio City in their grasp at this point, we just need to clear the remaining Demons.” “Don’t worry, I’ll have the dropships search the city. Your Knights can take a break now.” Scar responded. Mac pressed his comms button, too, “Jarret, Carter and Silas decided to show up and get themselves killed. Well, Carter’s alive, barely. We should have him sent back to Heracleion when we’re through patching him up. Something tells me he’ll be taking over Jarret’s role as leader. What a shitshow.” “We’ll worry about that later. For now, get Carter to a medic and get into one of these dropships. Our next target is the Dauntless Scepter.” Scar said. “Wait, before you go,” Astaroth started, “Your armor and weapons are here. In the armory. It’s on the second floor of this radio tower.” A smile grew across Mac’s fact. “It’s about time I got reunited.”

Mac and Yuri walked aboard the Cosmonaut’s ship, wearing their old sets of armor over their  just as it began taking off from Radio City. Scar walked up to the two, “Well, there’s the old guys I remember. I didn’t take the Demons for the kind of people to keep the equipment of their adversaries.” “They probably wanted it as proof that we were killed, or maybe to put it in a museum.” Mac said. “Regardless, considering our next objective isn’t far, and you guys aren’t ones for rest, we’re not heading back to Toxtus for the next debriefing.” Scar started. Mac put his hand out, signaling for her to stop. “No, take us back to Toxtus.” “Why? It would be a waste of time.” Scar said. Yuri but down a duffel bag between them. Scar picked it up and zipped it open, looking inside. Her eyes widened in disbelief. “Cosmo, take us back to Toxtus.”

Yuri and Mac walked off the ramp of the Cosnaut’s ship, while Scar stood on it, watching them. “Try to make it quick. We’re almost at the end of this war.” Scar said. The two continued walking, until they found Hypox drinking liquor straight from the bottle, sitting next to Seras, who was deconstructing a plasma revolver. “We’ve got something for you.” Mac said, while Yuri handed Hypox the bag. “What’sh this?” Hypox said, with a slight drunken slur. He zipped it open, and immediately sobered up upon seeing what was in the bag. “You guys know I don’t deserve this.” He said. “Just take it.” Yuri said. Hypox looked deeply into the bag for a few seconds, before shaking his head. “No. I refuse to take it. This belongs to her.” Hypox said as he slid the bag over to Seras. “Alright. Fine.” Yuri said. Seras opened the bag up, and immediately took out the first thing that she saw. In her hands she held Maximus’ helmet. “This is men’s armor. It wouldn’t fit me.” Seras said, despite being slightly choked up by it. “It’d fit him.” Mac suggested. “I don’t want my child to go through any of this, to be a fighter.” Seras said. “Then you’d be doing him and his family line a huge disservice.” Mac said. There was silence between them all, before Yuri tapped Mac’s shoulder. “Let’s get going.” The two turned and began to walk away.

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