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Aza: Arms Race (maybe lore?) Empty Aza: Arms Race (maybe lore?)

Post by Z!FF on Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:06 am

In its relatively short life span, the company known as Active Upgrade could count many small time inventions as their own original concepts. Of course, they were beat known for their highly praised, highly debated Anidroids, but amongst all of their inventions, one would be created only after the company's official retirement, the world's first plasma rifle. Though it was the first of it's kind, it would never be known as such and instead was known as the first weapon created by synthetics.

As the description suggests, the rifle also known as XAR, was conceptualized, built, tested and used only by machines, Anidroids to be precise. Fearing the worst for themselves as the company who built and sold them had been found guilty for crimes against humanity, the mechanical felines went through a silent revolt, keeping to themselves as they plotted many plans for survival of their small number. One of the more direct and obvious approach was to create a weapon, warning the humans of the synthetics' will to live. As humanity was always for the obvious choices and never so good with subtlety, the group of felines put their plan forward sooner than later. It took the community of synthetic cats only three weeks to conceive and build the first weapon, in the very same labs that created them not all too long ago. An other week later and enough XAR were built to equip most of the Anidroids and make a public apparition, just in time to fight back the first wave of protestors against the machines.

Stating these Anidroids had no right to roam the Earth as they were only created from dead humans, an unfounded theory, many humans grouped up to storm the old AU tower and destroy the pacific feline pets. It was to their upmost surprise when they were greeted with a handful of fully weaponed forces. One of them, which would later be known as "the face of her people" stood up from the robotic crowd. She was armed like every others but her rifle was magnetically locked on her back, rather than in her hands. She slowly walked down the many stairs of the high building's entrance and spoke with a friendly, digitalized voice.

"Welcome to our home, humans. My name is Aza. It appears our prediction was correct. If you wish to reconsider your plan, now is the time for we are prepared for war, though we wish to resolve the situation peacefully."

Baffled, the humans began conversing with their creations and soon, the medias were brought in. News broke out all around the world and the government quickly stepped in, signing a peace treaty with their mechanical neighbor.

The machines were  few but relentless. Their numbers could grow exponentially and their grasp on the technology the humans depended on was obvious. It was for the better of both sides to remain at peace. Despite it all however, the XAR only came to human hands once, in a nation-wide show comparing it to other more conventional weapons. Fully automatic, the XAR had the capacity and the attributes to be labeled an assault rifle, but it's extreme accuracy, even over long distances, and compact size allowed it to match both marksman rifles and sub-machine guns.

The fact the XAR was only meant to be a prototype, and the first of its kind on top of everything, and not a fully fledged weapon took the humans by surprise. This single, plasma firing, low velocity, high damage weapon alone could rival most of the human's armory and yet it was only a prototype? This called for a readjustment of the treaty in the first three months of its signature, forbidding both sides to research and develop more weapons... but how long would it last? How long could mankind keep their words? The answer may disappoint and the results even more.

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