This Week With Dewm remake maybe idk

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This Week With Dewm remake maybe idk

Post by DEWM NINJA on Sat Sep 22, 2018 2:54 am

I'm probably gonna come back here for the This Week With Dewm thing, I'll probably keep it off of a schedule since I do really bad with those so I'll probably rename it to "Today With Dewm" or something, idk. Anyway, have an actual entry:

FIRST THINGS FIRST if you want the authentic D E W M experience you gotta join my Discord. I'm most active there and if you have the mental capacity greater than a rock then you'd know where I am there is self-enlightenment, so do yourself a favor and join my server. If you don't, you're unironically missing out, I coded my own fucking bot for that place nigga. Apply pressure on the left mouse button here to follow the path.

I moved to Tennessee a couple months ago, I have a job and a house. My balls itch.

When it comes to RP I'm only active in one place rn, my focus has ultimately gone to music production, writing, etc, as well as occasionally writing something. I've planned a couple new books and what better a place to tease them than here, where I first teased Vorcium. One is called "Nomad" and the other "Gauntlet", they're half working titles for now but wouldn't be surprised if those are the final names. Nomad takes place in the future, due to the problem of time dilation in realistic scenarios of FTL travel, humanity has become a nomadic species again, using a massive fleet of military and civilian ships as their species' hub. Our protagonist is a young man with a hunger for adventure and a desire to escape the pseudo-dystopian conditions of a united Human government trying to keep everyone tied to the fleet, and during his reckless adventures uncovers a dark secret about Humanity's transformation into their nomadic lifestyle. Gauntlet is a little less developed but is set on a backwater planet trying to fight for its freedom from a galaxy-wide united council of other factions, starting a civil war. A team of three mercenaries is hired as specialists by the council to engage in special operation missions, namely one to secure a curious gauntlet device capable of wiping out whole armies with the flick of a wrist, but find themselves torn between their objective and morality when this gauntlet has a seemingly very dark secondary purpose. Then of course Forbidden Planet is around the corner after a couple bonus chapters to Vorcium and side stories, and Star Wars: New Empire.

I paid five dollars to make this image so I'm gonna shill for it.

This is pretty sexy:

I was making a game but complications with "co-workers" made 87 hours of development time go down the drain. Here's a taste:

I'll probably post my bass doings at some point, made some nice riffs but there's no mp3/audio upload here so I'd have to export it to MP4 then upload it to YouTube which I'm not doing right now, absolutely not.

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Re: This Week With Dewm remake maybe idk

Post by Z!FF on Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:55 pm

Good shit good stuff glad to know you're back

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