The Wastes (Fanfic/mish mash)

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The Wastes (Fanfic/mish mash) Empty The Wastes (Fanfic/mish mash)

Post by Z!FF on Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:48 pm

It is said times had changed. They have and for the worse. There was a time, some generations ago when prayers and hope weren't needed for water and food. A different era when people we many and happy. They had easy lives and could eat and drink all they wanted, even so much that they could choose what they wanted. They added colors and flavors to everything and it all tasted so wonderful, but they were all so bored of it.

In those times passed, people were too many, living in large towns so big they usually ended right where another would start. The towns were gigantic to the point where many people didn't go anywhere. These towns had everything, even trees, flowers and lakes. They had places for food, for clothes and for so much more. The houses in these forgotten towns would touch the sky and hundreds of people could live in them. They were so many yet they always knew how to find themselves and others because they had technologies to guide them.

They could see around the world without leaving their room. More than that, they could get food, clothes and so much more without even talking to anybody. There was so much of everything and so many people that they were doing so much without any reasons… like changing bodies! They could get and change hands, feet and eyes, they could change their voices, their hair… everything was so much, it was almost too much! But not everything was great.

Back then, the air wasn't pure and nice though, but today, anyone would trade their place to cope with this filthy air. They probably should have done something about it, but, the stories say they never did and it's the reason why we live in this… wasteland. Nothing to see for miles and miles on end. Everything can be said in one word: Sand. Sand everywhere with for only exceptions being towns. Nothing like the towns of old, no, small towns, each living with their own rules and systems. Each so isolated traveling from one to another is considered an exploit.

Travelers are rare sights. Many tried to travel but were either lost in the scorching deserts or died in the next town. Despite this, a lot still look up to become travelers for the great stories they bring and the unforgettable goods they carry. Necessities for some villages. Food, supplies, clothes… anything they find in the waste is desired. Each traveler is told to be rememberable, iconic, glorious… but some of them are more unique than others. Some of them are older, much much older than the others. Such is the case for Sana; the non human.

Sana is so old, she doesn't even remember her age. The others say she could be old enough to be from the other time, when people were happy and had too much of everything. Sana isn't human, or at least she doesn't look like she is. She doesn't talk about it… not that she's known to talk a lot in the first place, so it's hard to know what's her story. Even so, each time she passes in a village, she only talks to travellers and the people trading with her. The only informations everyone had about her is what other travelers could tell.

In pure luck, a traveller asked her where she was heading and the woman told him she was aiming for Janau, one of the biggest towns in the wastes. Upon hearing this, the man rushed his journey to get to the town while she stayed a few days in Froon village for some trading deals. Apparently both travelers had been following each others for some time, one wanting to uncover the other's story… but unfortunately he died from poisoning, keeping most of her secrets to himself.

Sana is supposed to arrive today, according to his words. It'd be good news if that were the case… let's just hope she brings water this time.

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