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Post by Z!FF on Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:16 pm

Why did it had to be so hard? They all died to easily, what made this one so special? It should not have been this complicated. The target was given as well as it's location. All she had to do was to reach it and kill him. Simple enough. She had enhanced vision and targeting systems, her biometrics were off the charts, she had access to a private network, could use a 3D map of her surroundings, had a weapon capable of piercing anything, of turning everything into glowing crimson goo... But despite it all, the target had escaped her, not only once but twice. How? How! This was unacceptable!

Mujee was given other targets, the last proving himself such a challenge it was no longer viable,  but the mechanical terror was not done. She would not allow herself to be beaten by anything and even less by a vulgar, fleshy human. She refused the other jobs and focused only on him. She was alive only to kill him. HIM! She hunted him. She haunted him, in his sleep. She had nothing but his death in whatever was left of her mind. She. Would. Kill. Him.

The chase had taken onger than she was willing to admit, but finally, here he was. Standing before her, his back turned as he walked down the streets. She could see them, his guards. None of which were posing any threat. None of them even were guarding him. He was hers, finally! The gun was aligned. The lock was on. The energy charged... But something happened. A defense drone appeared from nowhere and kicked her to the side. She shot, a luminescent red beam, light the sky and everyone below ran for their lives. The target was going to escape again! No. Not this time! Not! This! Time!

Rolling onto her side without any physical damage, the hunter got back up slowly, determination bleeding from her eyes as she gazed upon the large white humanoid frame before her. In the same second, she returned the favor, a solid kick into its side, throwing it off the roof, but it caught her leg and both took the drop. As she fell, Mujee scanned the street below for his head... Gone. Again.

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