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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:05 pm

Would you believe me if I said you could become a machine tomorrow morning if you so desired? The question isn’t whether it’s possible or not but rather why would you upload your brain into a sense less machine? Well, for starter, personal performances. Your speed and strength could benefit of a new synthetic body. You wouldn’t need sleep either, nor would you resent fatigue which would improve your operating time. Speaking of optimizing your time, you would never get sick again, nor would you get hurt and need time to recover.

If one day you would, for some reason, dislike your body, you could always change for a new one without any issue. Just tap yourself into another frame and bam, done. Tattoos would no longer exist, but you could show digital prints through your ‘skin’ and even moving ones. Your hair would never be a hassle and your eyes could change to the color and form of your likings. Short blue hair with white eyes for a day, long blonde with shining blue eyes the next. You would also be connected to your friends on all your favorite social medias wherever you go, since you would have internet as part of your being. In other words, you could become everything you ever wanted.

‘’But I’d lose myself. I’d lose who I am over my many faces. I’d lose touch of my friends, as we’d all change so much so quickly, so easily. I’d lose my emotions and before you tell me I would still have them, I rather stop you. It wouldn’t be my emotions, it would be templates of emotions. Fakes. I wouldn’t be happy, I would feel the sentiment of happiness. I wouldn’t be sad, I would feel what it would be if I was sad. I would know the meaning of so many things it would ruin many mysteries. Yes it would be easier to gather information on questions I may have, but I wouldn’t have questions anymore. Can you imagine a life where you know everything there is? How is this made? Why is this there, how do you do that? Never again would you ask yourself those and many more questions. Personally I believe life would be dull. So bland. I would lose the warmth of my body. Hugs would be useless, emotionless. They would be so cold it’s almost frightening.’’

‘’Life can already be very long for those who happen to be unlucky, extending their life for more misery wouldn’t much of a gift now would it? How much would cost such a body? Sure I wouldn’t get sick, but what about hacks? Glitches? I wouldn’t need time to recover but how much would it cost me? I wouldn’t need sleep but would my need, which was carved into my DNA follow me into the synthetic life? Could someone tap into me, into my personality, my dreams, my memories? Would I even have dreams? No, you see, I think, humanity isn’t ready. Never will be.’’

You may think so, but others say differently and in the end, in the grand scheme of life, what you think doesn’t matter. Life will continue without you and as you get old and perish, the rest will continue.

‘’If this is the price to pay to live a happy life, then so be it. I may get old, I may get sick, but that is what is life about and I will enjoy its cons as much as I will enjoy its pros. Can you say the same?’’

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