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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:14 pm

The day was just like any other days of the year. The weather wasn't nice enough to show the sun but instead brought rain over he citizen's of a typical city. Everything was just like it always been. People were busy, always, with their jobs, their duties, their hobbies. Sure there was some minor crimes happening here and there, just like in any big cities. One would steal food, an other wouldn't stop at a red light, others... Well you get the idea. Nothing out of the ordinary. If it wasn't of one, single event, this day would have been an ordinary day like all the others.

At around ten twenty in the morning small clear, bright balls could be seen traveling at fast speed in a street. Clear blue orbs lighting up the sky, basket ball sized. They came from any directions and all traveled to a specific location. There, it didn't took long before they started hitting each others almost too quickly for an eye to see and formed a vague human shape in a matter of seconds. Once the shape sharpened, it formed an obvious woman silhouette before the transparency faded away, colors kicking in. The woman was surrounded by a dark blue smoke before disappearing as wind blew it away.

She stood there, holding a massive staff in her hands, about 6 or 7 feet long, ending in a hammer-like shape. Both her hands were covered by a thick yet smooth and seemingly light armor, just like the rest of her body. Armor which was bright orange, and seemed made of metal, those the sheer size of it made the material improbable to be used. Her hair was long and black, her face showing little to no emotions while everyone were kept their distances from her. If someone was to look very closely, maybe they could see the small grin on her face, as she looked around. The woman's staff shorten as a bright blue light escaped from its hammer-like end. She then placed its smaller version to her waist, which now seemed to be glued to her, somehow.

Everyone was stunned, traffic had came to a stop. Some were running away, others walking towards her in curiosity. Far in distance, a siren could be heard, slowly closing in. The woman pulled her hair behind her back and began walking. Her impressive boots sounded surprisingly light, or was she this strong? She didn't even reach the side of the road before an other event came, disturbing the day once again, this time though, a man with yet an other impressive set. The two strangers glanced at each others before the battles of the ages began.

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