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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:40 pm

Oh man..morning already? All i can hear is this damn alarm clock trying to shake me awake. Its sadly working. Where is it.. where is it. D'aaah.. silence. There we go. Ugh..something's pressing on my chest. Man what is it? I don't want to open my eyes yet.. I'll just flip on my back. The..there we go. Man i hate mornings.. The alarme clock again? Shit.. must've been the snooze button.

''Shut up you useless...''
My voice! What the hell happened to my voice? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Why do i have such a big chest? My hair! Nails?! Holy shit what the fuck! Okay okay.. Calm down Tsusuke. Calm down. Close your eyes, breath slowly, and everything will be back to normal. There we go, there we go. There. we. go. Goddamit it didn't work.

Last time i checked i was man though.. wait.. my nails are red. So does my hair. Seems familiar... Come on, think you useless brain..Where have i seen this before? Aargh i can't think its too early in the morning.. Shit! morning! The only reason i'm up in the morning is for school! i'm gonna be late!

Better get something to eat and run to scho...Crap what if i bumb into my parents? The hell am i gonna say? Okay fine, screw eating, i'll eat at school. Okay okay.. hum.. clothes. Cargo pants, check. Hoodie. check. A man i forgot to pick my laundry in the other room yesterday. Well i don't have a choice, let's go commando. I'm so damn loose in my own pants.. this blows. and this hoodie.. i feel like i just lost so much weight and none of my clothes fit..

I need my shoes. Shit i bet my shoes won't fit either.. and i can't risk being seen... screw it. Window time. There we go.. lets just... squeeze through... aargh.. damn it's so much harder with those two melons..

Aha! Victory is mine! Okay now.. school... wait.. school. I can't go to school like this. But if i don't go to school they'll call home.. Okay. new plan. Get to school, pretend to be a friend of mine, call sick, go home, figure this nightmare out. Okay. Good plan. I like it. Simple.

Man.. the asphalt is so damn hot.. it's burning my feet. Gotta get to school. Don't think about it. Just get to scho..

''Hey hey hot stuff! Oh please god tell me its not who i think it is. Hey, you there in the hoodie, come 'on, don't be shy. I just want to talk.'' Yep. Definitely him.

''Oh...h.hi there Korosu.. how''' Oh god no! Why did i say his name? Man i'm boned.

''Hey there. I'm surprised you already know my name. Well.. not so surprised, i am a legendary sexy man after all. What's your name and huh... what you doing here without shoes?''

''My name is Tsu... huh.. Yashi..mi..tsu... Yashimitsu.. yeah. Thats me..''

''Nice to meet you. You apparently already know me so... Anyway, need a ride?''

'', i'm okay. T..thanks''

''So.. what are you doing here without shoes?''

'' know.. walking.. just.. Oh thank god his phone is ringing.''

''Well huh.. i have to go. Here.. have my number. Call me if you... wanna do something.''

I already have your phone number you jackass. Well good he's gone and that's over. Oh whats that on my arm? A bracelet? Right! I was playing that game last night.. Had to use the bracelet has motion control thing.. Why won't it come off. Come on. Get. Get.. get the hell off my arm! Wait! I remember, those nails, this hair.. that's the character i made in the game! Whaaaaa?! That's insane! How can it be?

Oh.. the bracelet. It didn't had a 1 on it yesterday.. wonder what that's for.

Ow. I'm such an idiot i can't even focus on where i'm going. Good job brain! ''Sorry i bumped into you like this..''

''Oh don't worry ma'am its... That bracelet. You're a Nemesis! We can't fight here. Too crowded. Lets go.''

''Wait.. fight? Me? Nonononono. No way. Hey stop pulling me! Ow! It hurts, come on, stop! Why would i fight? I don't want to fi..''
He's got a bracelet like mine. His says 6 though. What's going on? Why did he stopped?

''Damn. We have to go. If we stay here, we're both dead.''

''DEAD! I don't want to die! Go go go! Anywhere but here!''


Oh man, we been running for what.. five minutes? My feet hurt, i nearly lost my pants twice and my hair is in my face. This day suck.

''Okay. The other player is gone. For now. Time to say good bye little girl.''

Oh my shi.. he just pulled a sword out of nowhere! Jump! Roll! Escape! Hey i'm good at this... ''Wait! Stop! I don't want to fight you!''

Oh good he stopped fighting. ''Don't you want to go back?''

''Back to what?''

''To who you were? Ooooh Hahahaha! I just realized.. haha you're a noob!''

Who the hell you're calling a noob? A noob at what! This isn't a game...

''A..a noob?''

''You're a level one... okay.. mmh. even if i kill you now i won't level up.. might as well explain to you what's going on and... i'll kill you when you get a higher level.''

''Well that's ... nice.. of .. you..''
How did i get into this mess? I hate my life.

''Okay. Here's the deal. You must've played a game a few days back at most called Nemesis, its a fighting game with.. well.. you played the tutorial.''

''Yeah a hard as hell tutorial...''

''That's the point. It has to be hard so not everyone can complete it. once it's completed, well.. the real game begins.. with.. real people. So.. point is.. now you're a fighter. You kill or be killed. Or you can just be a loser, stay on the side and wait for someone to beat the game but... you'll be killed long before that happens.''

''How do you beat the game?''

''Simple. Kill the final boss.''

''Which is?''

''Do i look like i know? I'm level 6.. not godmod.''

''Thanks for the info genius..''
Oh neat, his sword disappeared.

''Anyway.. thing is, you're stuck in this form until yo beat the game. Only players who completed the tutorial knows about this whole mess.''

''And nobody call the police or something?''

''Ah.. yeah.. they tried and they died before they did anything useful. You'll die too if you tell any non-player about it. Cause.. i dunno.. something to do with the bracelets. Speaking of those.. they show your level, so you might want to hide it. And you'll need better clothes.. Come on.. follow me.''

''Follow me'' he says.. then he pulls my arm.. and it kinda hurts to be honest.. Man i'm such a softy.. ''So.. how long you been.. huh.. playing?''

''A few weeks... when it came out. Did you just beat the tutorial? You must suck a this. I'm glad i ran into you, you'll help me level up real easy.''

''Hey.. cut the crap. I started playing last night. I didn't had time to play before because of school and work.. ah shit i forgot everything about school!''

''Girl... you don't have much of a brain don't you? First Monday of the summer vacation-yo.''

''Ah yeah.. forgot about that. Damn i got up for nothing this morning..''


Its been what... an hour? Oh here's a clock. 12:31. Eh..Where are we anyway. Its a nice house.. feels.. fancy...and girlie...

''Here. Have this dress and huh... this ribbon. I'm sure you'd look cute if you'd do something with your hair too.''

''Well gimme a break! I've only been a girl for a few hours...''

''Wha? Hahahaha. Oh man. Oooh man. You're one dumb guy. You didn't read the tutorial or what? It said ''put your gender'' not PICK your gender.''

''Ah that makes sense.''
OH. MY. GOD! I can't read for crap. ''Who's clothes are those anyway?''

''My sister.''

''What if..''

''Just... shut up..change and go.''

''I'm not changing here with you!''

''Get over it. I seen naked girls more times then you probably ever did.''
That guy is such an ass.

''Where's the bathroom?''


''So i can change. Duh!''


Well talk about hospitality. Had to change in such a damn hurry.. wrapped my hair like i could while he explained how to use the weapons.. and kicks my ass out right after! Such a meanie. Wow.. i never said that before.. What's going on with me all of a sudden?

Anyway... in the game i chose Gun blazer. I had those dual pistols. Not much health but very agile. Lots of stamina and no magic what so ever. There's Tanks and there's the other dumb class. Tanks use two handed weapons. Mace, swords, what ever. Huuuge health bar, lots of stamina and near no agility. no magic either. Priests. Less health then Tanks, more then me, not so agile, no stamina what so ever and they have magic. Okay well that sum's up.

How do i make my guns show up? Oh crap someone's coming. Hope its not a player..


I'll be third person for the rest of this, i was first person just to explain and give more feel about it.


''Can i do something for you?''
Asks a young woman coming up to Yashimitsu.

''Oh.. huh.. no..thank you ma'am.'' answered the red hair in a black dress.

''Then what are you doing at my door?''

''Oh.. hum.. i was talking with your brother and...''

''My brother? I don't have a brother, and i live by myself. Is that my dress?''
exclaimed the woman just now noticing the clothes.

''O.oh.. you.. have a dress like this? What a coincidence!'' Nearly choked the theft.

As the house owner was about to check Yashi's getup, she noticed a shadow passing by the window from inside her home. The woman quickly let go of the other one and ran inside, leaving the player alone and the perfect chance to run away before getting into more trouble.

A few blocks away, after running for several minutes, Yashimitsu decided to sit and think everything through.

''I never knew this whole thing existed... and the game even came out three weeks ago, so, a lot of people must've died since then. Nobody has ever talked about anything odd. There should be a lot of people missing,and a lot of people looking for them, but everything seems to be going just as smooth as it always been. Its like... it's like nobody knows.. What happens to the dead players? There should be lots of bodies everywhere... i'm sure it'd be something the media would talk about... something's fishy.''

Yashi sighted and without anything else to do, started walking back to her home. At this hour her parents would be gone to work and she could relax a bit. What was she going to do at night? She needed a place to sleep...

The player walked in front of a café, not noticing all the boys checking her out. One person in particular was looking at her for a whole different reason.

"Hello there child, do you need help, you seem lost."

Says an older man, looking down at the young woman. Yashi turned over, unsure how to react. He..she didn't enjoyed being called a child, although he was clearly older then her. The man, dressed in a black suit, completed by a white bow and red shirt, smiled to her and even gave the red hair his hand. He had a point though, she was lost. Not lost on her location but clueless on what to do and how to do it.

''I.. I'm eh.. Mmh. I'm okay. I'm just..''

"No need to speak, i can clearly by your reaction you need help. Let me help you"
Added the man, his eyes hidden behind thick tinted squared glasses, while forcing her to take his hand.

"Yes yes. Now, if you want to find your way, you have to go here." He added in his almost sexy tone.

Yashimitsu would have fight back, but the newly changed woman simply couldn't. Something was telling her to keep it shut and follow the man, which didn't had a bracelet, at least, not that she could see. The man turned right in an alley, passed it then turned left, quickly before turning right again, leading Yashi somewhere she never been before. At this rate, the woman was really going to end up lost, which is why she promptly pulled her hand out of his and stopped moving.

Yashi's legs closed up as she looked down. Her eyes were covered by her hair as the man walked closer to her.

"Don't worry, we're here."

Yashimitsu stayed silent. She grabbed her left arm with her right hand, grinning.

"Come on, you know you want it." Added the man, hapilly.

The red hair's grin grew bigger and as she was about to shout, she looked up and noticed the man holding a rose in his hand, many more on each side of the alley's bricked walls, growing from pots among the wall itself. Yashimitsu blushed in stupidity and shyness while taking the man's gift.

''T.thank you..'' She simply said, her voice shaking a little bit.

"Oh my pleasure, dear. Now keep going straight and you'll be back on the main road!" The man toned it down, nearly whispering. "And don't go back. Someone's been following you." He said before walking back from where they came leaving the young woman scared to drop the flower.

Regardless of her heels, she ran away as fast as she could, until she reached a widely open street, filled with life. Out of breath, she plucked her back against the wall and let herself fall down to sit on the ground. As she was trying to calm down, Yashi thought to herself.: "The heck is wrong with you? You should have fought. It's not like me to run away from that! I can take care of myself! Damn it, whats going on with me!"

Merchants and customers, couples, kids and pets were flowing through the street, many not noticing the woman sitting down there, exhausted. 

Yashimitsu's stomach growled just as she finally got her breath back to normal. The player let her hand on her stomach and grinned, without any money, she had to get back to her house, which was hours away on foot, just to get a bite to eat. Her belly still demanding attention forced her to get up and start walking, slowly.

She didn't know exactly where she was, but knew it'd eventually ring her a bell soon or later and needed to keep walking. With any luck she was getting closer to her home without knowing it. The red hair noticed an unusual sign she seen before, giving her the way to go for the hours ahead.


The sun was setting down, far away behind the mountains surrounding the city. The air became slightly colder, giving Yashi chills from time to time. Lucky for her she reached her parents house, noticing the car wasn't in the driveway, meaning they weren't home, an even better news. The young woman walked inside after unlocking the door, reached the kitchen and cooked toasts. While eating her meal, she looked at her bracelet on her wrist, proudly showing a big, glowing blue, number 1.

Soon after she was done eating, the black dressed girl checked in the driveway again, still no cars to be found and went to her room. She locked the door and opened the window, if she had to, it'd be her runaway exit. Before reaching that point, Yashi had a few things to do, to check.

First, she taped a piece of paper over her level, displayed on the bracelet. Second, she grabbed some money and put it in a backpack, with a t-shirt, pair of shorts, socks and gloves. Once everything was folded and put nicely in the pack, the red hair plucked her ear against the door, checking if her parents weren't home. The silence in the house told her she was still alone, giving her a chance to run down in the kitchen, grab some snack bags and fill them with cookies, fruits and snack bars before grabbing a few soda cans. Yashi ran back to her room, carefully placing everything in her pack.

Last thing on the list, she sat down, turned her console on and placed the goggles over her eyes. Once the usual console's logo appeared, the view before her eyes turned black and a strange blue text appeared.

''Welcome back player, as you may have already noticed, the game evolved from last time you played. Please take a moment to read the instructions.''

Yashimitsu wasted no time and rushed through everything, barely reading about the inventory, until she caught the tutorial on how to draw her weapons.

''...Hold your hands as you would hold the weapon... ...focus your attention at... ...will make the weapon appear.''

The woman kept skipping and skipping text, flying through the three page document. At the very end was a logo pending. An envelope followed by a 1. The gamer quickly opened it, an other message to show up.

''Mission One: Survive 7 days: 1/7
Objective number one: Draw your weapon [_]
Objective number two: Participate in a duel [_]
Objective number three: Win a duel [_]

Completed Mission: Complete Tutorial [x]
Completed objective: Meet players [x]
Completed objective: Read Instructions [x]

Information transfered on mobile for better accessibility. Best of luck.''

A bang could be heard at the main door, followed by footsteps in the house. Yashi jumped back, reached for her phone backpack and quickly jumped out the window, leaving her console on to run away as fast as she could, not wanting her parents involved in the mess she was into.

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