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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:42 pm

Future War Cult. As the name suggest, is a group of people forming a secretive and mysterious cult. The cult's main purpose relies on a war, which is believed its members saw. The war of wars. The war that will end all. It is unsure as to what actually happens during the said war, who or what are the investigators or if it even could exist. The FWC member keep to themselves what they know of the future.

It comes to no surprise, who ever joins them is talented, gifted for some, in the way of combat. Warriors of all kind gathering and preparing for the worst. Just by its existence, the Cult has given chills to even the toughest living and non-living beings.

FWC has been marked as "land pirates" more then ones, due to their strict codes and opposition against any if not all outside authorities. As of yet, the members and leader of the Cult has yet to have done anything illegal, but their suspicious activities lead to many questions regarding their ethic, sanity and reason.

Of all things, Future War Cult has helped many, in many ways. Ending small scale wars, preventing others, providing weapons ahead of popular technology and even transportation devices.

The Cult was officially recognized as an organization a few hundreds of years ago, and has tripled in size ever since. Although the amount of number increased so drastically, they remain very few. Less then 350 official members on a single planet. As small as their number may be, they are a force not to be taken lightly.

Unofficial members of the Cult can often be seen in the depths of space and on various planets, dealing with various types of situation ranging from general grocery shopping to peace traite, passing by small various materials mining sites.

Among all their members and all their activities, we, the readers, have the opportunity to follow one of them. An old member of the Cult who has been around for longer then some of us has even lived. She is the unusual, official yet away from the planet, "lazy fighter" Arao-III.

Like most of the members, not much is known by the woman. She is about 120 to 130 years old, has died twice, thus explaining the III in her name and is an Exo. An overly improved mechanical being with personality, thoughts and fears. For all we know she, among with other Exos, may well be a "living thing". An android with a heart.

Arao has been seen numerous times in popular locations, suited with long-range weapons. Nobody has seen her fire the weapons, or knows why she carries them, as she keeps herself very secretive to any Cult outsiders.

On a side note, the Cult member is a well known jokester. It may come as a surprise, but most who happen to speak with the Exo later explained her as a "forcing a joke after an other." She once explained "You need to have bad jokes to enjoy the good ones. Luckily, i know plenty of both."

More to come about this fantastic sensation, multiplanetary-known, Future War Cult. Stay tuned!

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