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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:45 pm

The sun was rising over the horizon, near the Capital of the Great State, marking the first day of work for a young woman as part of an elite team. A squad trained to work on the field, in the heat of the worst of battles. Five members which their skills, once combined, were the last hope to end conflicts and small wars. Their skills were above any police, military and even special task forces.

Their existence was unknown to the general public. Their names were untold, forgotten. They, themselves, even forgot their names, replaced by a different one for each jobs they were on. Axion Squad was a legend, a myth. Anybody could ask, there never was a sure answer. Not even the government held an answer to their existence. They only ever showed up when no one else could do a job. Appearing from the shadows, when everyone needed saviors and disappearing later once everything was over.

Working privately, above government registrations granted the squad to be label as mercenaries, but their tactics, arsenal and knowledge was truly worth, if not above, any mercenary agencies. The jobs were always done with outstanding professionalism and even if no one ever officially hired them, money was spent their way for the completion of their task.

Everyone got that?
Said a tall man in a black, tight and thick armor.

Covered head to toes, their wasn't much to make an idea of his physique. Judging by his stature, he was rather muscular, his voice was firm, strict and proud. The coverall hiding his skin was proudly showing the squad's logo on his large chest, like every other members' regulated uniform.

Behind him was a black wall, holding an holographic projector which imaged a certain sector of the Capital in great detail. Location of the enemies, squad members and objective were shown in real time from various angles. Of course this was but a mere simulation, but the calculations were done and the highest chance of success was accorded only if they were to follow the plan and simulation to the second.

Other then the colored, floating holoed city, the small room was empty, leaving more space for the Axion members to be at ease during the briefing. To all, the plan was good, hard yet simple and the mission would be a success. The lights turned on and the hologram vanished and as the first member was walking out, the newest member raised her hand.

Her hair was long, purple and smooth. Her uniform suited her every curve perfectly and the fake tattoo under her eyes gave a mysterious feel. She was the digit of the Squad. The puppeteer behind the curtain, pulling the strings from a safe zone, making sure everything would set nicely in place for the players to roll on with ease... though this time, it was different.

What is it Karlia? Asked the same man, the leader of the Axion.

Davinson, i'm thankful i was recruited for the Squad, but i still don't understand why i'm here. I never been on the field before, i don't even know how to use a gun and i never even had a basic training in my..

Karlia, i gave you this job because i know i can count on you. You were the best Digit for the task force and by far, your experience will not let you down.

But Sir, Digits never go on the field, they..

Despite her young age, Karlia, or so was she named for the time of this mission, graduated as a Digit with record grades. Her career went fast as her talents exceeded every demands. From traffic, to police work, to supervisor of the Capital PD, to navy consultant, to task force and finally Axion Squad in less then seven years. Her talent was a gift and held no equals. No wonder she became member of the squad in such a short amount of time.

But Digits, also known as Digital Angels for the number of lives they save while manipulating various electronic, bio-electronic, holo and electric systems were not formed for combat. Using satellites, security systems, wireless frequencies from cellphones, cars, drones etc, drones themselves... Digits can hack into enemy weaponry, vehicles, communications and more to alter it.

From stopping a rolling car to locking a plasma riffle, to jamming an EPS (Exact Positioning System), Digits controlled the fields as long as they can have eyes on their targets. Multi-System Digitally Deployed Agents, MSDDA, or Digits were still quite new in terms of fighting forces but have proven themselves mandatory to fight against big hacking groups, which could also alter military equipments and turn good missions into blood baths.

We need your eyes, Angel. Your place is on the field, with us. You have a position, stick to it. If you find yourself under fire, you know what to do. This is the Axion Squad, you don't get to sit in an office and watch from security cameras scattered here and there. Besides, if you haven't already noticed, all the tools you could need in an office were implanted in your uniform. The fabrics were literally built around them. Now shake yourself up and leave the room, we a simulation that begins in three, get ready, be prepared. We need you, Karlia.

The young agent turned on the power of her uniform and happily discovered the holograms displaying themselves at the tip of her fingers and before her eyes.

Y-yes Sir. She replied, turning on her heels and aiming for the door. Not the time to screw up!

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