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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:47 pm

Perfection is a lie. Its something... that doesn't exist. Its nothing. An ideology, at best, its a dream. Its something this universe will never achieve. A good example is.. well, you. More specifically, your armor, or how you like to call it, your "suit".

One of the greatest technological advancement of its time, of the century even. The power to turn any normal person into a super soldier. You're capable of running for miles without losing your breath, you're more agile then you ever were, you're capable of manipulating holos from a distance, a very long distance. Clearly this armor is the top, the best. For a digit such as you, its the perfect gear, isn't it?

This is where you are wrong. While you do obtain almost inhuman abilities to control technology at your leisure, you're still a woman. You have needs, fear, dreams... You're limited by what your brain can actually take in, and let me tell you, the human brain is not as marvellous as some think it is.

Now take a look at me, at my armor. You see, both were built by the same team. Yes my friend, i am the evolution, i am what you never will be. This armor, still created for the Axion Squad, is improved in everyway. Even some ways that weren't even considered when yours was made. Mmh, can you believe this? The super soldier you are supposed to be, outmatched from every angle. Well, i suppose you do can believe this, after all, you are laying on the floor in a puddle of blood.

Don't look at me this way dear, its the course of life. Evolution takes its place and gets rid of the weakest, and useless, elements. Oh i pity you, so lost, so confused. You wish to know the difference between you and i? I'll tell you, if it pleases you.

You wear your armor like any other clothes. Its your... uniform, of sort. Yes, the Axion are quite advanced technologically and that meant you were the top of the line of technological wonders... well, you and your squad. Me.. i don't wear the armor. I am one with it. You see, my armor offers better protections and higher offensive power, thanks to this mechanised tail of mine and those... lets call them wings, for your understanding.

All these fancy new things needed to work. Not only that but they needed to work, instantly, like reflexes. Under normal circumstances this trick could not be achieved but, scientists found out, installing a chip in the brain was a good start. Later they discovered, by luck really, that fusing the bones of the human body with mechanised extra features actually given those same features to be part of the anatomy. Quite logical really.

The chip tricks the brain into thinking those new parts have always been there. It teaches the jelly in your head how to use those new members effortlessly. A second chip takes over the first one, making sure everything is true and runs smoothly, then, nanites are infused in your blood stream, to accelerate information from the brain to the entire body.

The conversion is quite more complex then this, but since you're near death, i decided to save you the whole process. In any case, unlike you, i am, indeed, perfect. My brain was replaced by an evolutive technology. My armor, is quite literally my body, my reflexes, my speed, my strength are unmatched. My emotions are dulled out.

Don't look so surprised, i didn't say i'm emotionless. In fact, i'm even sad right now, sad to see my useless predecessor leaving this world this way... oh well, what must be done, will be done. Good bye, agent Karlia!

Trying to achieve perfection, humanity doomed itself. As technology grew more present into each and every person's life, it soon enough began to be implanted at birth. Soon after, the act of birth disappeared. Why take a chance to have an imperfect child while you could build your own from the parts catalog. Make them grow as fast as you like, upgrading their software and hardware at your leisure. Elders? Who needs relics of the old age? Scrap them for a new generation!

Half a century later, humans were no more then a page of history, as machines took over the planet.

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