The Insect From an Otherworld

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The Insect From an Otherworld Empty The Insect From an Otherworld

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:53 pm

It wasn’t the first time the nightclubs of Gotham were agitated. In fact, they were most of the time, but it was for a different reason this time. Newcomers were flooding in. Aside from the common and well known villains of the dark cold city such as Catwoman, Killerfrost and the Joker, many more were passing through the door, escaping from the heroes and fights for a brief night of relief. Most were showing off their powers, others were discussing ideas and reasons of their choice in villainy and the others were blankly fighting over anything. Chaos ruled the night and the clubs suffered in massive destruction. Though what was lost in furniture was gained in money, as every single being entering was forced by its peers to pay for the broken goods.

As the night passed away, thing never quiet down and, in a particular nightclub of Gotham known as the Tap Room, a very strange being was becoming the center of attention by some of the newbie evil doers. A skinny and relatively tall female figure was effortlessly holding herself against the wall, facing quite a number of people. The small crowd seemed amazed by the greenish orange figure. Sure, over the past few days some villains, which were ordinary humans earlier in their lives, had been transformed, quite a lot in some instances. This particular one, seemed to have been born as such which, while not impossible, seemed improbable. The woman arbiter an insect-like body. A semi shining chitinous hide recovered her entire body. It seemed very hard, thought flexible at some specific areas. Her ‘skin’ was also covered in marks of every size and designs, marks which were thicker than her normal self. Pearly yellow eyes were looking at the many faces devouring her with their attention as she twitched the four black insectoid wings on her back instinctively. Instead of feet, two big claw-like toes were firmly planted into the wooden wall while she tried to keep some distances from the crowd. Her only clothes were a black hood covering her hairless head orbed with yellow glyphs and a bizarre one piece top. The top had no front center piece, leaving a full view of the insect’s cleavage, but it also had no shoulders and seemed tightly pressed against her body. Oddly enough, the bug-like woman wear no pants, though it was easy to see why as she had nothing to show where both her legs joint. No crotch, nothing but thick skin.

Many flies and other various flying insects were buzzing around the tallest ‘bug’, though they seemed in harmony with her. She had no scent, surprising many viewers, for some reason and, when she did spoke, her open mouth showed quite obvious, sharp pointy teeth, suggesting she was carnivorous.

Leave me some space, no? Said the female in an odd voice, resembling a sort of musical tone… a vibration. The many villains surrounding the woman, shocked, backed up and gave her space. Some even apologized while others simply carried on to other more important matters, but a small crowd remained.

Excuse us.. we just.. never seen someone quite like you. Did the exobites turned you like this? Asked a man in a funny colorful skintight suit.

Exo…what? Replied the woman, her head tilting on the side like a tic while she sat down on a stool.

Hey let’s start this by the start. What’s your name? I’m Dancing Fever. added the funny looking guy while tilting his hat for her.

D’morah. She simply replied, strangely looking at the man’s demeanor. Not … ‘’turned’’.Always been D’morah. added the insect.

D’morah huh.. excuse me asking, but what are you? Where’re you from?
Asked a woman in the back, all dressed in black, her face covered.

The wings quickly flapping against each others on the bug-lady’s back showed a bit of annoyance from her part. Maybe it was surprise too, who could really tell?

Earthlings know nothing. D’vorah said it. D’vorah was right. I am a Kytinn, no? I came from Outworld time ago, but I found trapped in… round cocoon. Clearly D’morah was struggling with English, making her story even more believable. She didn’t seem too fond on the explanations and many of the followers she had gathered against her will seemed to understand and left her alone. Some remained but kept their mouths shut, observing her in silence. Eventually someone else approached her on a different topic and even sat next to the Kytinn.

Who’s Devorah? Asked a sort-of cyborg man.

D’vorah! D’vorah! insisted D’morah in frenzy, forcing the man to raise his hands in excuses. D’vorah is … teacher. Teach life to D’morah.

‘’A parent’’ most thought to themselves while listening to the strange thing. Maybe for now it was best to leave her alone. After all, she seemed a little lost and wasn’t so kind to being crowded. Not to mention she looked more than capable to rip someone to pieces if she had to. Her fingers ended with sharp short claws, her forearms, near the elbows, were complimented with large ‘spikes’ as well as her legs, just below the knees. For a ‘natural’ body, it was certainly frightening, but also.. oddly appealing.

Eventually, the barman took a guess and served her some nachos, which she greatly refused with a grin on her face. Though an impressive amount of insects sprouted from seemingly nowhere and landed on the plate, devouring it in mere minutes. The man wearing the black t-shirt figured he could try to serve her something different until she’d eat, unaware that the swarm of insects were hers. Quick thinking, the man remembered her teeth and decided to let her have some buffalo wings, which she seemed more interested in, though not all that much. Giving up, the bartender asked her if she wished to eat and she noded positively to his answer, though her demands were gibberish to the human. After some explanations, it was to be understood she’d eat just about anything if it was raw. Vegetables, insects (though not hers), meat.. quite possibly humans as well. Terrifying.

As she was finally served the first plate she could and was eagerly eat, a loud buzzing could be heard from the Kytinn, though her wings were immobile for the most part. With questions filling the man’s face, as well as every others who were still around the woman, D’morah did what no others could even think possible. Moans of disgust, jaw dropping and even some vomit all came together as the Kytinn’s stomach splitted in half vertically, showing its insides easily. Bugs and insect of different kinds were crawling all around a large lava in the back. The Kytinn’s skin was actually very thick and the only thing visible other then insects was her heart, in the middle top. Of course the organ wasn’t actually visible, but its pumping noise and the movement of the creatures laying on it suggested the heart’s location and size. From such a view, the buzzing seemed to come from the insects feasting on D’morah’s meal. It was impossible to see how it got down there, not that anybody actually wished to find out and, just as she was closing herself up, a few bugs crawled out before disappearing somewhere else on her body.

At that point, everyone left her alone. Everyone but two persons. The barman, which had nowhere else to go despite his disgust, and a second man, approaching her.

// Yup. Mixing Mortal Kombat and DCUO. Because why not? This is my villain in the game in case it wasn’t clear.

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