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The Insect ( P2 ) Empty The Insect ( P2 )

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:55 pm

An insect-like woman was eating in a bar, left alone by others who were finding quite disgusting after seeing the woman's internal colony of creepy crawlies. She was eating some steak bare handed while her sharp and pointy teeth bite it into pieces with ease, leaving most of the smaller chunks to be devoured by the colony inside her. As she was, a man approached her.

He was dressed in a bright yellow skin tight suit and orange boots and gloves. His face was hidden behind a mask, leaving only his mouth visible. Though he was certainly tall and muscular, he seemed rather weak but confident. Maybe it had something to do with his flashy look-at-me fashion but he sure looked confident enough in whatever power he possessed to not be afraid of a man-eating full-size venomous insect lady. He calmly approached D'morah, sitting on the stool right to her side, his shoulder barely avoiding the bug's large wings.

Quite the appetite you got, not to mention everything else.. He said of a strong, proud and loud voice through his large smile. D'morah turned over and looked at the newcomer with a tilted head as her wings buzzed on her back before she continued with her meal, her claw-like fingers tearing the cooker meat in pieces barely small enough to fit her drooling mouth.

... Right. You're not a talker. It's alright. I'm not one either. We should get along real good then. So huh.. D'morah right? I hear you're not from here and i see you got some.. pretty interesting powers. I just happen to be looking for powerful villains. Y'see, i'm making a league to fight

The more the man was talking, the less the Kytinn was listening, not that she was paying much attention at first. As he kept on with his rambling, the insectoid ordered for seconds and waited patiently for the next plate to be sent her way.

D'morah does not need help. Just here for... the pause in her sentence was excessively long. Was she searching for her words or building drama? Just as she was about to continue on, an explosion occurred on the dance floor quickly followed by screams of fear and an evil laugh.

Her plate served, the insect took it in her hand and split it in two. She shoved one part in her mouth, most of which didn't fit and the second was disgustingly thrown right into her chest for the crawling insect to feast upon. As she was feeding her residents and herself, the inhuman jumped off her seat and flew towards the masses running away. A fight had broken up between two guys and some of the more recognisable villains were standing close by, watching with excitement while some of the newbie evil doers were trying to break the fighters apart.

It was impossible to tell the reason why she did so. Was it to get some fame or was she just not interested in fights despite her obviously malicious figure? Maybe it was for a completely different reason but, coming from the bar, D'morah landed closed to the duo fighting each others and crouched down, pushing everyone else aside. She picked both of them up with ease, holding them by the neck with her cold hard hands while some insect sprouted from her limbs and rushed towards the two.

Seconds later, both men were spasming on the floor, trying to get rid of their clothes while the bugs were biting and stinging them. Of course, they could of had a worst fate and died right there and then, judging by how ferocious were those little bastards against the meat in D'morah's mouth. Speaking of which, the Kytinn stood there, watching the two with great interest. It seemed like she was taking notes to herself, like she never saw anyone displeased of insects before.

Oh the night certainly was promising.

\\ Its whatever. I can't sleep so... I decided to type a little something. 

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