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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:20 pm

Oh.. mmh.. what are you doing? Why are you reading this? There's nothing, just keep scrolling. Shoo, leave. It's just a pretty picture, nothing else to see. I'll count to five and you better be gone!

You didn't wait for me to count... Why are yo-... Fine. I get it. Here, have yourself a lovely story about hopes and dreams, even though i know you looked at the picture. You're probably thinking "how can this picture be related to puppies and sweeties?" Well.. you're the one who wanted to read, so keep doing that.

Our story begins on a bright and shiny day. The sun was high out in the pastel blue sky without any clouds on sight. The weather was great, a warm wind was blowing onto the people relaxing on the beach. A very lovely day for a young woman in her twenties. She was laying on the warm sand, dressed in a rather skimpy swimsuit, sun bathing under a white parasol. She was just one of the many others relaxing on this estival holiday.

Time flew by and soon, the day sun began pointing towards the evening, telling most people to leave their paradise and return home. So did our protagonist, getting up from her one day magical retreat well rested and full of joy. She packed her small cooler, folded the parasol, gathered her flip flops and slowly left. She turned away a few times, shy to leave the melody of the ocean behind.

In the parking lot, surrounded by fresh tire prints on the soft ground from the previous vacancies, Melody slowly filled the back seat of her car with her stuff, listening to the now distant waves cracking on the beach. Oh it was just, so relaxing, so soothing, but it was time to go home, make dinner and enjoy a relaxing evening while being a couch potato.

The curvy young lady sighted, happy of her day and sat on the driver seat of the blue car, turned the key and exited the lot. She joined with a long stretch of road, partially covered in sand blowing from the nearby, obvious beach. Melody drove for about an hour before she reached her home town when she stopped at a red light. While there, the woman messed her long brown hair a bit while checking herself in the rear view mirror. Sadly, this was the last thing she'd ever do, as moments later, a truck driver failed to notice the car and light ahead of him, busy texting with his wife. The impact shrank the car to nearly half its size, compressing the woman between her seat and the dashboard, killing her instantaneously.

Well, this took a turn didn't it? But wait, there's more.

Though the woman died, her soul still lived for a very short time. During this time, beings invisible to the living appeared, both an angel and a demon. The two of them peacefully judged the woman until a decision was taken, she would go to heaven with the angel, at the demon's regrets. Unhappy with the results, the red skin devil wasted no time killing the angel, stealing the soul from his agonizing hands before heading back to hell.

Once in the depts of eternal suffering, the woman's soul awoke, greeted by the tall beast with a friendly handshake. He presented himself as Ducio, one of the soul takers working for the devil himself. Confused and scared the woman asked the reasons of her presence in such a place, she who while not being perfect, always did what she could to be a good person. The friendly smiling beast explained he was the first on sight and no angels seemed to be coming for her, so he took the woman's eternity and brought it home.

Melody refused to believe such a story but Ducio explained she was not welcomed in paradise, though because her sins were relatively inexistent, she would only suffer for a brief moment before being rewarded for her short good life. Rewarded? asked the curious, uncertain young woman for the devil to reply with a smile.

Can you guess where this is going? I'm sure you can, building up tension and mysteries is a hard thing to do, but the i am doing my best.

Oh.. you would like to know what happens next? Are you certain? Fine.. have it your way, reader.

Melody dropped to her knees, crying out in pain as most the bones in her body broke in pieces and tried to pierce out of her skin. Such treatment would have been a sure death if the woman wasn't already dead. Most of her bones twisted in unholy fashion and some grew out of her skin, leaving possessed woman drenched in gore. A large tail quickly grew from her back while four horns just as thick formed on her head. Melody's own skin burned out, making way for a thicker, redder unnatural flesh. In the end, all that was left of the once curvy, happy human was her long brown hair.

Soon the pain dissipated and the woman was able to get up. She looked at her new forms and glared at the demon, still standing there, his arms crossed and proud of his work. I've outdone myself once again. Said the beast while looking at his newest creation.

The end.

What, that's not good enough? You want more of this? Gosh, are you ever satisfied? Oh so this ending is not good enough.. oh i see how it is. Well, what if i told you, from that point on i never... Er i mean the woman..

The woman, afraid of her new self, demanded the reason behind it, forgetting she was surrounded by never ending pain, skulls, demons and other unholy works. Ducio chuckled and reassured the woman with a simple statement.

You've simply become one of Hell's angels. You'll get used to it.

From that day on, Melody officially died and Arcana was born. Daughter of Ducio the soul taker, Arcana's new life began as a simple torturer, but was promising to greatness. 

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