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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:24 pm

Things changed lately. Well, they didn't change a whole lot, kids still go to school, everyone has to get to their jobs, society is still corrupted by politics.. no, it really didn't change that much. One thing thing though, we aren't afraid anymore. I guess you could call that a "One man's mistake, Every other's benefits" kind of situation.

On March 13th, something appeared in the sky, it was 1 pm were i live, but it happened over half the globe. It looked like some kind of.. dust cloud coming from space and, while it was beautiful at first, it quickly turned out to be less inviting. People got sick, within hours after the debuts of that sort of "cosmic cloud" thing.. it seems no one could resist that thing, everyone was really, really sick. It looked like a classic movie scene, where every living thing falls to the ground after some odd smoke appears, but, really, there was more then that.

I first noticed the thing in the sky around one in the afternoon, which i gazed upon for a long time. I thought there was a comet of some sort passing close by the Earth and we were lucky to see it and when the gold-ish flakes reached the ground, it was even more beautiful. It dropped softly, slowly, much like soft white snow. It smelled a bit like burnt wood and look really nice. Around .. oh, i'd say, 1:45, i started getting dizzy. I figured it was because of the smell, so i went inside a store, for a change of air. That's when i noticed i wasn't alone and pretty much everyone, inside and out, had a cough.

I don't remember much after that. I guess you could find "convenient" i don't remember the details, but, it's true, i don't remember. I woke up in the hospital though, with a lot of people. After a quick checkup, the doctor told pretty much everyone they were fine and if we all collapsed, including the medicals, it must have been because of the lack of air, since it got thinner when the gold snow fell down.

People carried on, brushing the streets clean and getting rid of that thing, while the rest of the globe was dealing for it for the first time (cause earth spins, y'know?). Things went bad about two weeks later, when people got sick again for no apparent reasons. Me, personally, it was my face. It felt like my skin was melting and my brain about to explode out of my skull. My hands hurt pretty bad too, but i knew the medical centers were packed so, despite everything, i stayed home.

My situation went from bad to worst and all i could do was lie in bed, in pain, and wait. One night, i couldn't sleep and i was just so tired.. i think i managed to sleep through the pain at one point but i'm not sure if i was dreaming or if i was awake. My eyes were hurting me so bad for so long and, all of a sudden, it stopped. My face felt numb and my hands were burning, but overall, aside from a really bad feeling, i felt okay.

I think i only realized it the next day, after sleeping through the whole day and night, that i changed. At first i didn't feel any different, but when i got out of bed and noticed there was a lot of.. goo-ish stuff over and under my blankets, freaked out. I looked everywhere. I tried so hard, but i never found where that goo came from, so, eventually i just gave up and went in the bathroom. There, it changed.

Holy shit it changed. My skin was all purple, my face pretty much disappeared and made way for the scariest set of teeth i could never have imagined and my eyes.. two never ending pits of blue.. it felt like i could see my own soul through my eyes, it was so disorienting. Of course, at that point i checked myself out completely and i was, now that i think of it, it makes sense, "gifted" with finger-claws or whatever those are..

It took me the whole day before i figured something out. Through the day, i just.. collapsed internally. "What would happen of me? What should i do? I should hide. Oh my god i'm a monster! ..." yadee yadee yada. At night, don't know why, i decided to get out and roam around, find help or something. I put some clothes on and just when i was about to leave, i noticed the fabric turned gooey. Seems my body sort of assimilated my clothes in some way.. i couldn't control how it was reacting but i was glad i at least had something to hide my face into if needed, and oh boy was i planing to hide it.

I guess, i gave up on that when i opened the door. Suddenly i was relieved. Shocked, sad, angry and relieved. It turned out i wasn't alone. Everyone turned into some kind of monsters and there was faaar more horrifying then me. Twelve eyes faces, seven legs, two tails, horns, scales, bone-like bodies.. there was of everything, i was just.. part of it. I wasn't even.. i was just.. "normal".

So.. i could carry on with this, but really, nothing changed. We changed, but everything is still the same. It's been a year now and no one can figure out why or how but they keep searching. Honestly, i don't care anymore. I'm fine like this. I can literally eat anything i want, i don't think aging is much of an issue and, compared to a lot of people, i think i'm still kinda cute. The only thing i don't like, is whenever it's hot outside, well.. let's just say it's best i don't sweat.

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