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The Spy Who Spied Itself Empty The Spy Who Spied Itself

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:29 pm

Since the beginning of time there has been wars, human nature is as such and it cannot be helped. Since the first war raged the first war mongers wished to know what their enemy had planned, and so as years and centuries passed, many techniques had been tested to break into the opponent’s network of information. From searching for hawks and pigeons to decoding morse codes. From hacking private phone lines to decrypting servers and data, many techniques proved their success over time, but nothing ever was as satisfying as a man on the field. From passing for someone else to remaining in the shadows, field work always at a high risk and if one should be caught, certain death was ensure, if not worst. Such position was, as you might expect, rarely taken and always avoided when possible. One needed to know locations, names, dates, intel in some cases only to name a few examples required before field missions could even be considered. A tedious work meant only for those with nerves of steel, but as time passed, technologies evolved and as always, paramilitaries weren’t far behind if not ahead.

In 2173, wars were silent. Heavy, loud machines of death had made way to backpack size electric drones. The busy streets of the cities took over the crimson fields of eternal remembrance filled with corpses and ashes. Legions of soldiers were replaced by handfuls of agents, patrolling, hiding. Of course, those still on the fields were risking their lives for their country, just as always, but instead of torture and death a more humane way was practiced; reprogrammation. As technologies advanced so did the means of communication and the needs to use them. A constant flow of information was required from the agents to their superiors, whom plan their next move ‘on the go’. This meant replacing phones to more… fitting… means of communication. Something allowing free movements, something impossible to lose, something near impossible to find… the agents themselves. Suits were design and produced, allowing communication like never before for both end of the operation personals be it being the ones in the offices and those on the field. From contacting one individual after another and explaining a situation which already happened, a real time view of the soldier was broadcasted to headquarters. Live video and sound feed were the best thing since radio controlled battle tanks.

This new surge of technology, as successful as it was. Also lead to quite nasty repercussions. First and most important, soldiers properly fitted into their new gear were no longer able to remove them, forcing a military life on them for the rest of their lives. Second was the risk of being literally used by the enemy if one was to be caught alive. While, yes, the firsts ‘live reconnaissance units’ to be captured were simply killed, it didn’t take long before some were tested upon and, ultimately, it was discovered they could be brainwashed or rather reprogrammed for new purposes. Indeed, in order to send live feedback of their health and surroundings, neurologic implants were fitted into the user’s cranial cavities. Implants were also fitted onto the spine in several cases for various improvements over cranial-only uses. If a proclamation was done in order to synchronize the user to its HQ, it was also reprogrammable. Of course, the process was easier said than done but with enough captured subjects and time, everything was possible, which lead to the following case. A female Russian agent was captured by the Americans after a week-long chase throughout most of the over populated cities nearing the Decagon, structure replacing the Pentagon which fell during World War III.

Since her capture, the woman was brought to an underground facility where she was connected to a American private server, the entirety of her information to be extracted by force, though it was a painless procedure, making the US the proud owners of quite a lot of valuable knowledge as well as a blank shell, ready to be re-used as they saw fit and what best way to get even more erudition than by using her to spy back on their enemy? Of course, sending back to the envoyer wasn’t enough for the leading country, that had to add their special touch into the mix and with this in mind, not only was the poor agent rewired for their needs, but her specially designed armor was remodeled and renamed.

Soon she would depart her new home in search of anything valuable to her new superiors. Of course, the woman within the armor had no memories of her past Russian life and was actually more than happy to finally be out on the field for the first time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How does it feel Kass? Are you comfortable? How is the breathing? Asked General Mackeson through the speakers built the woman’s headgear while she stretched up.

All good here. Can’t wait to get rid of those wires Sir. She added as her hands touched the objects penetrating both her gear and her skull. In other circumstances, having something directly interacting with one’s brain would have been a traumatic experience, but the woman knew only the very tip of the needles were actually encrusted in her mater, without mentioning how solid the fixations were.

We all are. Just a few more basic tests and you’ll be good to go. How’s the visor? How’s your hearing?

All good Sir. She replied, twisting around, still stretching her every muscles, trying out the new plating of her old suit. It was very nice of them to offer a more styling appearance over her old grey plating. Black definitely suited her better, not to mention how more comfortable she was. Soon enough she’d leave the complex. Soon enough she’d pay the Russians a visit and would harvest all their secrets for her country. All for freedom!


Not going to lie, I have mixed feelings about this… and I tried SO hard to come up with something good for the picture.. I think I tried too hard and instead of making something good, I made something terrible.. I like the general idea but I’m not too happy about the writing itself, how things flow.. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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