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Aza, the synthetic feline Empty Aza, the synthetic feline

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Cy-dev, AA Prototype 09 - Cheetah
(Cybernetic Development), (Animalistic Android)


AA Pr. 09 is the latest and most advanced of the AA serie. Best use of materials for a more adequate lightweight body then previous AAs. It holds many new uses and features as well as improvements of the previous generations.

The goal was to create an hybrid between and animal and a human, capable of changing its form as needed as well as capable of thinking on its own. It is capable of choosing from a feral form and a more humanoid one in two easy steps. It can talk or not, on demand. It can connect itself to any technological device known to man by creating its own wireless connections. Once linked to a docking station, connection to a screen can be unable by its user's, this will let the user see and hear what the droid will collect. To dock the machine by wire connection, use of the prehensile tail is in order. The droid will automatically open the last section of the tail and make the right connector for the use.

The droid is able to create enough energy to run by itself for an extended period of time. Renewable energy is used to keep it charged outdoor. It can be connected and recharged manually or automatically once plugged in any types of DC or AC outlet.

Composition and Lookout:

The exoskeleton is made of a composite of steel, kevlar and aluminum. Steel powder is used to recreate the humanoid face, every small joints and the inner tip of the tail. The droid is able to use the powder to imitate a generalist female face, including skin-like texture and softness but can also harden the metal for other uses, such as the tail's connectors or a feline maw. Its internal functioning and materials are classified. Glowing lights can be observed at its core, eyes and members junctions, where steel powder is unusable.

Transformation sequence:

To change from humanoid to predator mode, the machine will step back, arching its back and sealing the steel powder inside its skull. As it makes two steps forward, it ''dislocate'' its hips, talus and spine enabling a more feline posture and walk. To change back, It will need to jump back on its feet, and step backward to do the reversed process.

Limited Custom Edition (included):

Non-retractable claws.
Cheetah paint and finish.
The device stores a small amount of steel powder inside both hands, it can be used to create any kinds of objects, such as melee weapons, extended claws or more. Be aware, direct touch/connection required to create objects. If connection lost, object will turn back into powder.
Touch detectors on Cheetah painted areas.

Notes and Improvements:

Enhanced earring, Enhanced smell, Enhanced vision, Night vision, Heat vision.
In feral mode: increased agility, speed, reflexes.
In humanoid mode: Increased strength
Maximum run speed ( predator mode ) : 165 Km/h
Maximum run speed ( humanoid ) : 60 Km/h


This machine weight approximately a thousand ( 1000 ) pounds, caution needed when used indoors.

Machine may overheat and stop working if breathing holes (located behind the head) are blocked for an extended period of time. Recovery time may vary according to the level of heat.

Machine may slow down if used under fifty ( 50 ) degrees celcius.
If internal damage occurs, end its software and contact dealer. If critical internal damage occurs contact makers, do not approach. Caution needed.

Do not inhale powder or drink any of the droid's fluids. Keep away from children.


So i wanted an android character for ever... And LKWD made one on PSH, and i fell in for it, although there was a few things bugging me, so i made my own, from theirs. Its a fanart.

Original concept © LKWD ( PSH )
AA - Pr. serie © the guy who's in love with it, me.
Art © me.

Aza, the synthetic feline Pantha10

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