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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:34 pm

And the rain goes down, and the rain goes down. And the bullets fly by, and the bullets fly by, as the bodies hit the ground, as the bodies hit the ground. Everyone, together! Come one and all, people of all ages and religions to witness the crimson steel cut through time itself as it rains down human parts. .. Yeah, that would be a nice promotional advertisement.

Shinji Ki'morra was a samurai like no other. She was the descendant of a millennia long list of Samurais, all trained in the stealth and assassination. Though, as technology progressed, the technics evolved, but the traditions remained the same. Live by the blade, fight for honor, never show fear. In 2342, living by the blade was... A hard concept to wrap its head around. After all, people could create their own weapon, have them as part of their own bodies, even. Teleportation replaced most means of transportation, colonies had began on other planets, plasma munitions were very real and deadly plus flying cars were finally a real thing.

A blade... Was as dull as a rice cracker. Although, with some ideas and a lot of devotion, a dull blade could turn into a weapon of mass destruction! No.. Not quite. It was still but a blade, nothing more then the extension of its user's body and soul, though in this case, core.

Since her fourth birthday the woman had been under harsh samurai training by her elders and parents. By her seventh, she had been gifted her firsts enhancements and had never stopped improving her body ever since. Esthetics, better vision, faster reflexes, higher strength and even.. Lately.. The possibility to slow down time. Yes, Shinji was able to manipulate the complex string of time and slow its flow at her advantage. It was no small feat and required quite the effort and training, but it allowed her great powers on the field.

Ki'morra's blade itself had a few tricks up its sleeves. Ja'rra'ne, also known as Death's Right Hand, had been .. Not forged, but rather.. Invented, by the young woman herself after creating a brand new element she had yet to name. Lighter then aluminum it was stronger then diamonds. It had been a challenge to turn it into such a fine weapon, but the results were worth it. The vibrant red blade cut with ease through flesh and bones as well as cybernetics.

It was one of those nights, were she had to end an enemy, but he had reinforcements. What should have been a quick slice turned out to be a rather long battle, but once the last body flew through the air and landed on the big neon sign, it was still, just a job well done.


not particularly proud of this one but whatever. I though the beginning was awesome .. The rest, not so much. 

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