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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:37 pm

Would.. you like to be my cat?

Oh? Me?


Isn't magic wonderful, fascinating, pragmatic? For hundreds and hundreds of years it has been a mysterious power mankind barely evoked using. While certain were quite capable and talented, most only saw banal tricks and plain illusions. The human civilisation had mostly other things to do then "watch a magic show".

It took us quite some time to realise they were actually using magic. What we used to refer as.. well, it doesn't matter anymore now does it? Over the centuries, people were labeled as witches, magicians, shamans and more. All were extra-ordinary in some way, using some unknown forces to perfect tricks, heal, create catastrophes etc.

It seems, as years passed and cities took over, magicians became less and less feared. Their tricks were all the same and if was quite easy to find the flaws in their shows. Those were but mere imitators though, as the real magic users remained behind the curtain, away from the eyes and ears. Then, one day, a magician appeared out of the blue with new, entertaining and dangerous tricks. Quickly followed by an other, and an other...

It seemed the magic industry was up and running again, this time, loved and acclaimed. Maybe that's why we found out about cats. Maybe, seeing how the general public wanted to see magic shows and magic users in actions, they too wanted to join in.

There are no ways to know with exactitude. No feline actually know the answer, perhaps they collectively lie to us. We may never know, but the facts are, cats, one day, decided to show us under a new form. What first looked like a global invasion quickly turned into a disturbing mondial love affaire. Felines of all domestic races turned into humans, most keeping some of their feline attributes and others kept most, attitudes included.

Families became more concerned about their pets then never before. Have they been feeding those other humans garbage food and pudding beef for so long or were those new forms newly acquired? When asked, the felines declined everything, but something smelled fishy. Of course, not every kitty turned into a smooth skinned human with fluffy ears, only a certain few, but their number was more then noticeable. Thus begun the cat race.

Everyone wanted a feline. One that could transform, to be a girlfriend, a mother, a brother, a friend... all seemed to forget, they were still pets, animals. Of course, some activists began protesting against the new global wave. Some pretended those were aliens disguised to fool us... but in the end they were silenced by the masses.

A lot of felines were persecuted, forced to transform while most weren't able to. It seemed random at first, which could and which couldn't. It still seems random today. To top it of, every feline capable of transforming into a human, looked in the pride of age. From late teens to mid twenties. The perfect age to be loved by all.

It only took a few murdered human feline, some forced pets and the beginning of an extinction for them to reveal yet an other trick up their sleeves. Those furred love were magic users, powerful at that even. Tragically powerful. A bit of a war engaged and most of the magic users were killed.

That was.. quite some time ago. A few decades. Long enough for humans to forget it and play as if nothing happened. It seems implanted into people's brain now, that cats were always like this. Capable of turning from feline to near human at will. While they are of better company under some clothes, they remain pets and many have little to no memory of that fact. Felines included.

The cats are now pretty rare. Most of them are simple pets, unable of doing anything out of a four legged small size animal's behavior. The very few magic users hide themselves in plain sight. Hats, masks, cloaks, gloves, dark alleys... anything to keep their attributes away from human eyes. That is, excepted the ones owned. A cat under a collar must response from its owner, just like a dog on a leash. Under human or feline form, it made no difference, laws were strict.

Maybe now can you understand my surprise when i saw a young woman, ears atop her head, in the grass near the pool. Obviously i was surprised by something else from that woman.. or should i say, some things... Cats always were capable of getting attention...

Anyway, i just had bought a new house and it came with a pool in the backyard. I was away from town for business reasons, leaving my newly bought property to its own for some months. I came back late in the summer. Grass had grown quite high but the pool's automated cleaning system kept working for all that time which meant, it was a pretty loved place for animals of all kinds. Unfortunately for them, a tall fence blocked access to the oasis and only a human could open it. Or a woman with a tail.

I just arrived home from work, the boxes still filling every rooms. My first thought was trying the pool. Swim for a bit, to change my ideas and evade. I indeed changed idea when i saw long white hair flowing from a chair, a woman in bikini sleeping under the sunlight.

I must have made a noise, as i was approaching her, she hissed, transformed in a soft "poof" ,followed by a white cloud before disappearing. It wasn't until the next week before i saw her again. The white kitty, padding on the fence, looking inside. Maybe she thought the house was abandoned. Maybe she hoped i would leave. Again, at my approach, she escaped. We played this game for a while until i saw her in a store.

I was doing grocery at the local farmer's market. It was pouring down water and the wind was rash. I could barely see the signs over the vegetables, but i did noticed a white kitten, sitting under a table, trying its best to keep itself dry. I bought my goods and played the dumb game. I approached her like i would for any other cat. I made sure to hide what i knew. I did my best to make her believe i didn't know who she was and brought her home.

It took some time, i left her on the couch, went for a shower and sleep the night away. When i woke up, the kitten was still here. I gave her food and she refused it. She asked for the door, i opened and she left. I only saw her again, the next month. It was snowing this time and she was enjoy a warm wind under a parked car. I must have been convincing since i brought her home again.

This time, i played my game differently. Instead of giving her water, i poured alcohol in a bowl. I woke up next morning to a young woman in a black bikini. She was so cute. Peaceful. She woke up enraged. As if i betrayed her, when really, i just wanted honesty. We talked for some, until she calmed down, then i proposed to her.


Why me?

Because you're special. It seems i find you wherever i go.

She seemed disappointed and ready to leave. I had to act quickly and make sure to keep her. I really needed some company, a pet was perfect and if it was a woman bound to listen to my every desire.. that was even better. Can you really blame me?

I'll protect you. You won't have to look for food, you'll have the pool in the summer, i'll be your friend, you won't be alone. Do i need to continue? What is it you wish, i'll make it true.

I don't wanna. I just like to go around, steal some food, see the world at my pace.

See the world? You've barely left the neighborhood, even less town.. speaking about the world..

This is my world. I don't need anything more.

I'll keep you safe. I'll keep you dry. I'll keep you warm.

We debated for a bit, until i had enough. Cats are easy to buy. Offer food and they're yours. Me? I got myself a sweet sweet girl who'll listen to my every desires. I just have to play my cards right. Make her believe she wants it, not me. All it cost me? Some food and a place in my bed, because i love my cat rubbing herself against me. So playful, so cheerful, so cute, so easy to manipulate. What's not to love?

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