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Wouldn't It Be Cool? Empty Wouldn't It Be Cool?

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:43 pm

Wouldn't it be cool? What would it be like? Gigantic skyscrapers who'd put the biggest of this era to shame, flying cars, easy fast and affordable extra terrestrial travels, sharing life with new species, new intelligent species from outer space. All of this and so much more, we were all picturing it as science fiction. Video games, music, videos, movies...it was all but real.

Some considered it fantasy, but they were wrong, oh so wrong. The true believers, the ones who hopes to live in such a world, knew better. They called it science fiction, but they were wrong too. They hoped to find life on other planets, and such life would bring humanity to new highs. Oh how sour must have been the first discoveries of intelligent species. Barely had the brain matter of three years old. At the time it was a revolution, though. Humanity saw it as a revelation. There was life out there and they had to find beings of higher intellect. The race for brain started.

Many times billionaire companies began to fight each others, which would build the fastest space craft, which would build the one that would lead humanity to heavens and beyond. First, the space crafts were sold as high class public transportation, overtaking planes in a matter of three years. Then the price dropped for general public and as the middle class joined in, new businesses rose up from all corners of the big blue planet offering smaller, cheaper vehicles. Those hovercrafts were barely safe and many, many exploded while still in atmosphere, often carrying too many people.

Laws were passed, flying lessons became real and required, technology pressed on, still, regardless of the deaths it left behind. It was a new booming industrial era. More humans for more work. Jobs to create and build places to hold more humans, to transport more humans and to.. Kill more humans. Religions barged in, like they always did and decided to put a stop to this. This knew better. This could not be stopped, and instead, all of what religions could offer was an other global war.

World war three, as some claims it, was fast. Very fast. Weapons could already target enemies on their own, fire at will and almost never miss aim. Everyone was a soldier. There was no need for an army. Religion had started a war and it cost humanity a lot. Anyone believing in a god, was fired on coldly where they stood. Then came revenge, to kill the one who killed the religious. In two years alone, mankind fell from 13 billion to 4 billion souls. It would have kept falling down if it wasn't for a few individuals who decided to leave the planet behind. No one knew, but it was the smartest thing to do.

At the time, humanity had fallen to its knees so bad, it couldn't fight itself anymore. So, in the name of money, companies began producing androids to complete the work. The ones with more robots would certainly win, they thought. If only they knew they were all losing. Some figured it out though, and build themselves a way out, for survival. Before robots, androids and overall technology took over earth, a few hundred humans escaped into the cold void of space.

Now? Now we don't really know where the last humans are. We don't really care either. They have destroyed what is now ours, Earth. Me? I'm just a simple care drone. Care for what you might ask.. Well.. Care for wildlife. Though, it comes without any surprises, there is no animals left. No.. This is a lie. There are animals. Many. But i am located in an area devoyed of them. Central city.

As the name suggest, Central City, is at the center of an archipelago of cities. It is where us humans 2.0 live. All of us. It is easy to find replacement parts, upgrades, bug fixes and oh so much more. It also holds the construction plant, which builds every synthetic and cybernetic goodies we require from a finger to a complete body. Though complete bodies are rare, only produced if a complete body reaches a state beyond possible repairs as there is no need to grow our numbers. We are 14 874 762 and that is all Earth need. Most of us work to undo what our predecessors had destroyed, being down their cities, wipe their concrete constructions, demolish, re-use or bring back to a natural state everything they had made and once made them proud.

Most of us are linked to each other, all is equal. Each search bot are linked to each other, and their order, their group, is by default linked to the grand public one. All our thoughts are our owns and most decide to share them with the others. Only the first few, still working androids are thoughtless, but they are still hard working.

Me? I have direct conversation with other care units, we hold a private one with the scouting units and i am shared publicly, but locally, an exact three kilometers radius. Why am i doing this? Why am i sharing this? I felt alone. I felt useless. Its been so long since i saw an animal, even more one in need. I feel i should change my parameters. A working unit's life would suit me well, after a few chassis upgrades. More importantly, why? Why did you ask? Why did you listen? Don't you already know it all? Is their a fault in your programing? Hello?

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