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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:45 pm

Dust and various other particles filled the air.It was clear nothing had been there an indubitable long time. The rooms were dark. The old ceramic and steel floor were dusty, rusted and concealed by debris and moisture. Some of the thin, metal half walls were laying on the floor, scratched, bent, useless. Very few still working white, neon lights were still working thanks to the old generators still running... somehow. Most of the ceiling was gone, or falling apart. Many rooms and corridors held a horrific sense. As if bombs had exploded, yet somehow the external walls were left intact.

The old spacecraft had been drifting, crew less for years now. Not only had the crew vanished, but so had the transporter. One moment it was fine, the crew was sending live data about their location, their situation and their preoccupation. The next, silence.

The operator tried to contact the crew on deck, but no one responded. A few minutes later and the story turned even stranger when the spaceship completely vanished from all radars and communication lines.

The first logical explanation was a meteor crash, or perhaps a big piece of floating junk from an other spaceship, but when a team was sent into the area, nothing was found. Investigators, police officers, and traffic intendant searched the surroundings of its last location for weeks, but the cargo ship had vanished completely without a trace. It was only discovered five years later, crew less and orbiting a dead planet, yet still in one piece. No one could believe it, it couldn't be. It simply could not be. The black void that was space held too many dangerous asteroids, floating junkyards, scavengers and mystery for a ship this that size to be floating for this long and still be in one piece... but there it was, against all odds.

Certainly it changed a lot, from a shiny, dark blue orned with factory white stripes, and a beautiful deck equipped with three latest model MD2 plasma reactors in the back. It was only a cargo ship, but it had always been working well, and the crew inboard had been the same for years. They were experienced and well aware of their jobs. Cert they were on a new course, taking them back to Mars before leaving the Solar system, but they still knew the area very well.

What could have happened for it to be so miserably misshapen? The cargo had twisted sideway roughly 12 degrees, was missing its deck, its cargo, one of the massive engines, all of its industrial beauty. Yet, the inside was still under pressure, breathable though filled with dust.

Not to mention where it was found... Orbiting Neptune. Why? Nobody knew. How? Still an unknown factor. When? Theorists believed it to be orbiting the planet since the very moment it disappeared. Maybe some warp hole appeared inexplicably and teleported the ship. That was still to be discovered.

While experts were preparing themselves for the mysterious and dangerous expedition onto the large floating wreck, a woman traveling by took the initiative of entering the ship herself. Perhaps it was stupidity, perhaps it was bravery, but she saw adventure and could not resist.

Diana Krevle was cold blooded adventurer. She had always been on dangerous adventures and was often found where she wasn't allowed to be. The white haired woman had been like that since her younger days and it had yet to change into her late twenties.

Danger was fun, mystery was a thrill and space was a playground, but things were about to get real serious once her navel docked the ship...

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