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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:47 pm

A young woman wakes up, after a very long sleep. Her skin is pale and her hair is dark and short. She pulls the heavy blankets away from her body and jumps out of the bed before stretching herself, groaning softly. An everyday routine. Nothing to talk about.

How are you feeling? Did you sleep well?
Asks a man, walking in the small bedroom. His body was covered under a white coat, a thin blue mask on his face preventing microbes from infecting him. After all, they were in an hospital.

I'm fine. I'm just.. It feels odd. replies the young woman, looking at her prosthetic arms and legs. Although they were matching her skin tone remarkably well, they were still visibly non human parts. They could not give her any sensations and the lack of feelings was a big change on its own.

Yes, it'll take some time to adjust but, at least you're up and can go on with your life. Very few can say the same after such an accident Miss Kynise.

I'm aware.. No need to rub it in. I thought i told you to call me Lyrian.

The man has a point. Very few people survives hover bike accidents, even less at high speed. Damn those rental companies and their lack of maintenance on their vehicles. If they would have done their job, she would not be a cyborg.. But, things were what they were and she had to accept being a half synthetic from now on.

The woman's carbon members were rather light, supposedly very strong and guaranteed for life. At least the rental company was kind enough to grant her good prosthetics to patch their mess... but Lyrian was still missing three months of her life and was lacking touch sensation on all limbs. Not so great. Not to mention all the new holes in her body. In case her new systems bug out, the woman was fitted "easy access" to the key areas... Only making her feeling less human.

Life is life. It continues regardless of what happens to people. At the very least, Lyrian could be happy technology made it this far in the first place. A few decades back and she wouldn't have been able to live a normal life anymore... but now she could and she would. Just an other person with cybernetic implants, no big deal, as normal as getting a tattoo.. But pricier. Well, free in her case, but still.

Both persons exchanged a hand shake after the fully recovered patient signed some papers and she was good to go. Continue her life.. Nothing to mention. Man technology made is so far it became... banal, normal...boring.

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