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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:51 pm

The Av'duvians are a race of sea creatures born in the realm of Nujudareh. While being very active in the depths of the seas, they only rarely appear on land. It is to be noted their near human appearance, while being holding distinct traits of their own. While they may seem ferocious, the sea creatures are mostly harmless to humans, relying mostly on small sea creatures and plants to survive. Very few had been able to see an Av'duvian and even less documented them.

They appear to come on land for various reasons, one of which seems to be a trial to adulthood in which they must stay away from their herd for an unknown time. Some specimen surfaced for minutes while others remained on shores for weeks. It has let to be confirmed, but it would appear as the females creatures would be the upper gender. It is also to be noted they are the ones "seeding" the males.

While it is known of them to converse, none as yet to understand their language. It is most likely a mixture of sounds, frequencies and words the human mind can not comprehend. On a side note, they seem to be quite observant and intelligent creatures, possibly capable of learning other languages at an incredible rate.

The Av'duvians' lifespan as yet to be discovered, but it is guessed at a few decades. It is also to be noted, the females secretes powerful pheromones, which can differ on land from underwater, to attract males once they are in.. "heat." To us humans it can hold many variations, from a soft flowery scent to a strong, candy-like haze.

It is unknown why female Av'duvians, named Av'duvias, even have breasts. Some suggest they could quite possibly hold extra organs.


Diary of a free man.

Jan 34th 2012.

I've seen an Av'duvia for the first time. She smelled so great, so great! I could almost taste it. I kept my distances but man was i tempted to get closer.

Feb 4st 2012

I seen her again. Well i'm not sure it was the same one, but it smelled the same. I got closer this time. When she saw me she dove away.

Feb 12st 2012

I touched her. Her skin was so soft. Softer then anything i even touched. I just didn't wanted to stop touching her until she .. Hissed at me. I have to remember she's an animal.. Or else..

Feb |¶rd 2012

Saw her again. She let me approach her. I made a camp fire and we stayed together all day. I kept talking to her and she kept listening.. It was so great! I'm not sure she was understanding though...

March 1st 2°|2

I named her Avidah. Think she likes it. She didn't sleep in the water last night. I wonder if she's okay. She seems fine.

Mar¢π 2nd 2•|¿

I'm feeling sick. I had cramps all day. My back hurts. My troat hurts. My eyes burn.

M××¢π ¥€°• ....

So much pain. My skin is oiling. I cant see much. She fed me raw fish. It tasted ok. She still smells so good.


Feels like my stomach will explode. There might be something inside of me.. Some things.. Inside. I think she spoke to me. I could almost understand.


I csn frel it insidr of me. Grqawing. Wjll nsed wqtr..

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