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We Knew This Day Would Come Empty We Knew This Day Would Come

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:57 pm

'It would be a whole less boring with a radio to listen to...''

''We knew this day would come. Well, we didn't really knew... its more like we fantasied it would happen. Good thing we did.''

In a quiet little town, in the middle of a canadian nowhere, a small family of three were watching the news. The reporter was speaking of a new drug of sort, which turned a man mad into desiring to eat others. It took several police officers and many shots to finally stop the man. As the two parents were watching, the mother in horror while the father was skeptical, their daughter was already planning ahead. If what was on TV was what she thought, this was not a drug, but the beginning of an apocalypse.

Jess, of her name, ran to the phone and dialed the number of her closest friend.

Check the fucking news. She yelled from within her room. The young man on the other side of the line turned the television on and selected to the news channel to find the horror.

Thats what i think it is? said a scared voiced.

Yeah. News are hiding it but we know better right? I'm on my way to your place.

The blonde hang up, grabbed her jacket and car keys in a hurry. As she was putting her shoes, her parents came to her and stopped her. ''Where do you think you're going? We're about to eat.'' They said. ''No time.'' She replied before running down the stairs to her car.

A few minutes later, the scared young person parked her car next to an apartment building and ran through the already open door to her friend's home. She barged in and faced her friend sitting on a table, a sheet and pen in hand.

Truck, sheet metal, food, water... He started, the door not even closed behind his friend.

..Fuel tank, bed, weapons.. She added out of breath.

They kept going on and on, listing everything they needed and marking
the most important things with a star. After an hour of noting things here and there, the young man stopped and looked up to his friend.

What about toilets?

Don't worry. A hole in the floor, through a barrel or something.
She replied.


Don't be a sissy John.

We'll try to do better then that. He said while putting their plan into a drawing. They both smiled at the art piece, proud of themselves. They never had planned anything further then that. Yes they discussed the possibility of an apocalypse a few times, but never as seriously as this. Never was it this important either. Maybe they were both wrong, maybe it was only a drug and they were going to spend money they didn't had on useless goods, but in case they were right, they would be ready. the pair gave each others a high five and she left, the sun rising over the horizon. Did they really spent that long discussing?

With the sun rising, the jobless woman headed to a rental company instead of going home. She waited in the parking lot until it opened, sleeping in her car for a few minutes while waiting. Once the doors unlocked, she walked to the counter and rented the smallest truck in the yard.

Is it for construction?
Asked the elder man behind the counter.

..Yeah.. lots of.. huh.. digging around.

For how long did you say you wanted?

As long as three thousands dollars can get me.
She said in sights, sad to waste such amount on something so unsure as an apocalypse. If she was right, money would soon not matter, but if she was wrong.. oh the dept she would be into.

Later that same day, the yellow truck was delivered on a flatbed into her parent's yards. The man in charge of the delivery asked her signature and took the time to make a conversation.

Is this really for you? Asked the semi truck driver.

What? Hard to believe? Just because i'm twenty three or is it because i'm a chick?

That's not what i meant.. well... good day to you ma'am.
He said before departing in his big rig, leaving the blonde and the six wheeled vehicle behind. Jess kept looking at the keys in her hand, proud, happy and scared of the outcomes.

Just look at this beast. Ain't no stopping us in that thing. She said to herself.

Her parents at work, the woman took the time to inspect the heavy equipment. Tank was full of fuel, the automatic transmission was great, seat was working, plenty of space in the truck bed to live in. Yes it was perfect. If some people planned to modify pickup trucks to survive the upcoming events, her and Johnny were a step ahead. Thick, resistant steel. Near bulletproof tires, six wheel drive, living space in the bed. While others would be stuck in traffic jams, they would be coaling in the ditches, passing them all.

For the rest of the day, the young woman searched scraps and junkyards for metal posts, sheets and anything she could use and came home later, after her parents. Speaking of which were quite mad to see such behemoth in the yard.

''What the heck is this?'' They kept asking. ''What are you going to do with that?'' All their daughter replied with was a simple ''I'm starting a business. I'm tired of being jobless.''

The rest of the evening went round. The father and mother kept asking about the business of hers but she remained silent on the subject, knowing it was best this way. The next morning, the blonde woke up as usual around 11:10 am and took a short shower before working on her soon to be mobile home.

For the next month, each day, Jess build up her monster. Her friend Johnny came along on the weekends, doing what he could to help. Since the woman knew welding, he made sure she would not run out of materials. He helped her holding pieces together until she made it permanent using the welder.

Electric Magic, i command you to create a beast! She exclaimed a few times before fusioning pieces together.

Of course the parents didn't let them do as they planned, often barging in and killing the mood. They even went to the renting company, trying to get the vehicle moved from their yard, but the business told them she had signed for still much longer and there was nothing they could do until then.

As days passed, the two friends began to wonder if they had made the right choice. There was no signs of those 'drug addicted' anymore. But one day, just as the build was near its end, everything went to shit. On all channels, videos about those flesh eating monsters coming out of who knew where. All the major cities were attacked and from the looks of things, the flea was coming up north, to Canada.

Jess and John agreed to hurry up with their built, knowing it was the right thing to do. A door on the top, hard to access, even harder for the dead. Bonk beds in the back, water containers up front, on the right. One for fresh, one for rain water. A fuel tub on the left, capable for carrying an extra 100 gallons, but did not had a pump or anything to transfer the liquid out.. Everything in due time. Plenty of place to store food. A bucket fixed to a hole in the ground, too small for anything to enter was used as toilet. They even had enough time to install a box for weapons.

They had just finished completing the rooftop of their ultimate terrain behemoth of a vehicle when their town was stroked by the disaster. Jess waited home for a day or two for her parents to get back, but it felt as if they would never return. Sad and angry, the young woman cried herself asleep the last night she spent in her home. The next morning, the pair got together and started up their machine for the first time, leaving everything behind. On their road, car crashes, blood and dead bodies were found too many times to count.

Desolation filled the two as they kept driving. their plan was to go down in the United State, where the weather was easier and were they had a better chance at surviving. Or so they thought..


Its been months now since it all began. Jess was now alone. She had abandoned John when he was caught in an attack while trying to gather food for the both of them. She had reached the warmer lands of the U.S. and was now more used to her life on the road. The six by six had been running great ever since its first start up, but she was now running low on food and fuel. On the good side, the survivor had the luck to find a few weapons and some munitions from a few corpses. Unfortunately, they were rather useless as she could not aim straight, unused to firing weapons. Still, hoping for the best, she kept rolling on, each day, in hopes to find other survivors.

So far, she had encounter many people, most seemed hostile to her, and she was forced to keep her distances. She even had to run over some desperate souls who tried to block her path. She missed her friends and family, so much. She hoped to find other, new friends soon or she feared going crazy.

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