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Post by Z!FF on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:01 am

Valkyrie-216, report. Valkyrie-216. Report! 216? I think we lost her, Sir.

Valkyrie-216, otherwise known as Maisito, had for objective to secure and defend an unknown object on a foreign planet. She was tasked to reach it before the Rachir, an extra terrestrial race known for its destructive power. VK-216 successfully reached her objective, which turned out to be what could be best described as a two man spatiotemporal teleportation device setting oddly in a wrecked spacecraft orbiting Jupiter.

The 27 years old cyborg had no trouble following her mission and was surprised by its easy plot so far. There she was, alone in space, her magnetic feet allowing her to walk on the metallic floorings of the inhabited ship when out of a sudden the teleport's door light up and an loud explosion occurred. The woman had no time to react, even with her Light Armored High Mobility, LAHM, suit at her disposal. A flash blinded her through the high optic visor and she was forced to duck down.

Once the cyborg re-opened her eyes, the scenery had changed drastically. The emptiness of space, the cold and dead silent void had been replaced by a lush full green meadow and nice weather. Green grass to her knees, the cyborg walked around while trying to contact her team.

Bravo, Alpha, Delta, this is VK-216 do you Copy? Bravo, Alpha, Delta, can you hear me, this is 216. BAD are you there? Shit.

The cyborg stopped her movements and crouched down. She laid her gear on the ground before her and checked her armor for potential damage. The LAHM was undamaged and functioning at its full capabilities. The bad news were for her gear, which was down to only her EMR566, a powerful Marksman Riffle equipped with an auto regenerative munition system, which were .566 piercing rounds and a x5 zoom.

Paired with the LAHM, the EMR could auto lock on potential threats, as well as being added an x17 zoom. Its accuracy was nearly doubled and its hip fire was remarkable. With a fire rate of a full 26 rounds magazine in 13 seconds, the only downfall for the weapon was it regeneration rate, which in terms took 56 seconds for a full clip, or rather, slightly over two seconds per round.

VK-216 picked her weapon up and began an area scan, allowing to see in real time reality, her surroundings in 3D as she moved. It was also capable of detecting movements in grades of Small, Medium and High. Such grade was used to represent what could possible make such movement. Small objects were between 1 and 4 feet tall, Medium between 4.1 and 9 and finally High were ranging for anything bigger then 9.1 feet.

216 switched to Medium and High detection, processing the small animals as under four feet and therefore not a threat. The Valkyrie has scanned for Enisium, which was the main element for spatiotemporal travels. Out of luck, the woman continued advancing, on her guard.

Bravo, Alpha, Delta, do you hear me?
She tried again on the private channel. Maybe she should break radio silence and reach out on main channels, but it would led her enemies to her position, if enemies there was. Unwilling to risk her safety, the woman crouched down, an eye on the 3D map surrounding her and moved silently North. Why North? She had to start somewhere..

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