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Post by Z!FF on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:02 am

Uppercut, concussion strike, back kick, spining side kick, two men were taking a heavy beating from a middle aged woman. Short and seemingly weak, under her thick winter coat was a very muscular body, quite litterally packing punches. Haymaker, knife hand, uppercult elbow, god she knew how to fight. Soft white snow was falling from the coton white sky, only to end up melting on a man with a broken nose and an other with some fractured ribs. Away went the woman, grocery bags in hands, searching for her daughter which she told moments ago to hide and wait.

‘’It won’t be long sweetie. Just wait for momy to come back’’ She said as the viscious men approached.

’’but momy..’’ Replied the young little girl sad to let go of her mother’s hands.

It was a nice day to live in the crowded city of Estres, The weather was clement, despite cold temperatures of winter. Snow covered most of the surroundings for a few inches thick but it was still very easy temperature to compose with. Syreva had no other desires but to go for a walk with her daughter and enjoy some fresh air. Both blonde of hair, though the little one’s was shinier while her mother’s hid a few greyer streaks, it was easy to see the resemblance. One could say they could see the elder’s face in the youngest’s. The little one even had her mother’s character, stubborn and narrow minded, when she had an idea in mind, only her mother could change it.

Both were dressed responsibly for the cold day, Hoodies and thick vests, not to mention long winter pants and for the child, mitts and a little pinguin hat to keep her little ears warm and safe. She must have been five years of age, at most. Still discovering the world everyday, unaware of great dangers of life, protected by her sweet mother until she could, one day protect herself.

’’Why did you hit them momy?’’ Asked the child, walking away from the saddening scene, her head turned to look back over her shoulders, the blue eyes locked on the man kneeling down to his unconscious friend.

’’Because they wanted to take your pinguouin baby girl.’’

’’Nooo! Not Mister Pinpin!’’ exclamed the child, wrapping her arms over her head to protect her hat.

What a bad day for the two robbers, though, as all they hoped to get was a few dollars to spend on drugs, maybe some cheap jewelry of anykind. Instead, they took a beating and would need medical care, which would come to a high price. Maybe, just maybe, they could learn from this, who knew, but the chances were slim. Corruption and violence had grown to an almost usual sight in the streets of the once glorious city. Syvera once was part of the forces proptecting the residents from such evil, though as years passed, age took over her and she was forced to quite after a serious injury. As she was unable to meet the requirements for previous her previous job the woman now worked in a dull factory, though she was still able to fight to protect herself and her loved one. Her job was safer, the schedule was easier to deal with, she could see her daughter more but the woman wished to go back. She could feel accomplished, making a difference in this world. Hopefully, her work would ensure her child would not have to deal with such crimes in her growing life. Hopefully.

Reaching the store, the pair entered and picked a cart, the infant quickly jumping inside and soon began making turbing engine noises, pretending the cart would hover like people’s cars.

’’Oh she’s adorable.’’ Said a man while placing vedgetables in his own cart. ’’What’s your name little one?’’ He asked, crouching closer to her.

’’Seras. S-E-R-A-S.’’ She replied, a big smile on her face as the pingouin’s wings flopped back over ears, leaving her mother to giggle while pushing her inside the alleys.

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