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Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:40 pm

Nobody really knows what the hell happened that day. It just, sort of happened. It scarred reality a whole lot though, coming straight out of some sort of fantasy novel or movie. It happened worldwide and in a matter of.. well, it was instantaneous. No one knows why certain people were approached and others weren’t but the facts were as such; apparitions began flooding the earth and grant them one particular wish. There was no greeting, no description of what they were, where they came from, what they wanted… everything just.. fell forward. As direct as ’’what do you wish to become’’ in some cases. Of course we, as humans, had millions in questions but… well, they all flew out the window. At the time it wasn’t clear but the ‘’What do you wish to become’’ question was bout us, ourselves as individuals. ‘'What do YOU want to be for the rest of your life?’’ was what they meant.

Naturally, most people didn’t think very far and simply answered. I want to be this… That… That from this… This from that… and just like that there were many, many duplicates. Many living game, movie, book characters and more. A lot of which had exact copies of themselves, since a lot wished for the same popular idols. Some asked for characters of their owns, though they were more generic. Angels, demons, witches and such appeared. They were pretty vague answers and most were easily pleased with the end result, but at the very least there wasn’t going to be exact replicas of themselves anywhere else. Then there was the most creative of all people. Those who, while they were as lost as the others, had very specific ideas of what they wanted to become, even though most were doubting the whole ‘Change for ever’ thing.

A young woman was one as such, someone with a very clear idea of what she aspired to be. She had been drawing her own character for years, she knew it from every angles and had perfected it to her own tastes, so, naturally, when the obscurely strange being appeared before her, demanding her to make a choice, she looked no further. She went straight into the subject, explaining every single details of what she wanted and the reasons behind her wishes. She had numerous ideas and all were listed out in an over two hours long conversation where her lips and tongue never stopped, not one bit.

''... So the head will be a bit more forward than it would if it was a living being but that’s for when I’d change into… …and the system should run automatically, but I should have full control over it just so… …and I want to know exactly all the parts I am made of, how they work and how to change and repair them… …it’ll need this so I can communicate with the other one on a constant basis so we can update each other’s every second as… …but also be able to generate the right amount of energy in case…''

The woman went on and on and on including every. Single. Detail. It even reached a point where the mystical being started agreeing to her needs as she was speaking them, unable to keep track of her mile long list. An eternity later, the apparition vanished and the woman was left to wonder if what had happened was real or just a figment of her imagination. At Earth’s time 00:00, she was granted exactly what she wanted, the way she wanted it. Not only her, but others around the world also were granted their wishes though it was more surprising for some than others. Depending on the provenance, Earth’s 00:00 was in the middle of the day, in the evening, at night… Some changed while going to work, others while going to bed, some were at school, others were sleeping, some were eating… but it all happened at the exact same time. Was it crazy? Oh hell on earth yes it was. Panic, surprise, confusion, joy, regret filled the planet in the blink of an eye.. then again.. when was it not like this? As for the protagonist, it happened just a few minutes after she woke up, sad to wake up to a reality where she was still a boring normal human being, unaware her life was on the edge of taking one heck of a sharp turn.

The next morning started on a very strange note. Bizarre to say the least. The woman awoke, blind and confused. Perhaps she could see, but was greeted by a wrapping darkness inviting itself in her room and while may answer one issue, it failed to answer another. What was that strange feeling painted across half her body? The woman had a difficult t understanding and describing what she could best speculate being her own numb self, pressing against something possibly soft? Not only that, but she couldn’t even move. Time passed quickly, though it felt like an eternity before a spark of light could be seen through the darkness of her state. Vision seemed to be coming back to her, yet everything was so different. The contrasts were high, very high. The colors were more vivid than ever and there even seemed to be more than normal. The first thirty seconds were abrupt, disorienting. All colors, kept adjusting one after the other, brighter, darker, paler… More colors, less, none, all of them, complete darkness, blinding white…  It was so confusing, so strange, yet never did she felt dizzy, something she would have normally been feeling after the first wave.
Her sight now regained, her body followed, slowly being more receptive to her will to move.  Things were still feeling quite strange though, when the woman began feeling like.. she already knew what was happening to her. As if someone was describing everything that was happening, even internally. Yes, truly this was curious, but somehow, she knew exactly what was happening, what she was feeling, what she was seeing, what she had become, yet she could not believe it, she could not understand why she so easily understood it all. She had changed and her new body, her new mind was screaming it, blasting it across all her fibers.

Fourteen weeks later things obviously still had not quiet down. The internet was flaming, the medias were scorching, the population was screaming… It was nuts, but for those who were enjoying themselves, everything was great. Everything was fine. So fine even, that some planned events to gather others like themselves. Some of those events were already just a few days from happening. Events such as ‘’The gathering of Magic’’ and ‘Yesterday’s tomorrow’’ were focused on fantasy and science-fiction inspired beings. The newly ‘born’ android Aza had already made plans to attempt such events, along with the ‘’sister’’ she had started building two weeks prior. As part of her wish, Aza demanded the knowledge to build herself over, in case she needed repairs or a whole new body and after considering it, she had decided to make a second self, right away. Though it would have a personality of its own, which would most likely differ hers, she could use it for various things such has sharing data, self-improving each other’s but more importantly, she wouldn’t feel so abnormally unique. She could share her thoughts with another being who would completely understand her.


Sadly the yellow feline failed to complete her project before the date she had intended to. It was no surprises as she needed to build everything herself. Every circuit board, every fiber, every ‘muscular’ wires, each and every single component needed to be handmade. Though while doing so Aza realized humanity’s technology was still far, far behind her level, which meant she could shine as the ‘very edge of technology’ for many years to come. The event being a day away, Aza was forced to leave her second self alone in order to meet with the other synthetics more or less like her. She had high hopes for the event, expecting herself to easily blend in as one of so many crazy things walking around. It was going to be a lovely week and it certainly started on the right foot with the anidroid’s (you read right) first encounter being one of many Cyborg, from the popular comics.

''Oh this is going to be great!'' Said Aza, a digital smile showing on her visor for anyone to see.


Okay here’s the thing. Those who know me knows I tend to go descriptive, but in this case I skipped A LOT of information. I was going to go in full detail for:

>List of details the woman wanted

>The building of her ‘’Sister’’ Freya

>Trip to the event

>World wide’s confusion and protesters

But I decided not to focus on all of this because it would have been too long to type... Maybe someday.

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