The Journey

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The Journey

Post by Z!FF on Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:47 pm

Hello and welcome to The Journey,

What is this you might ask yourself, well this is a game. A Dungeons & Dragons inspired role play game which i made based on other table top games as well. It is focus on forum play, so it should work well here. The rules are simple and the game is easy to play, making it only more interesting.

The Rules


- Turns will be assigned by alphabetical order from the player's name ( not their character's ).
- Player B can not post before player A.
- If player B makes a post before player A, player B's post will be removed. Other players should not take it in consideration if they access the post before the GM does.
- Player A has 3 days to post a reply. Passed that, player B can make a post. Player A's turn will be brought back to last place ( Player A skips a turn )

>> Actions:

- Players can do what ever they wish as long as it suits the action, theme, era of the campaign. ( No light sabers and rockets in a medieval set. )
- At the end of a narrative section, the GM will let players take action; in order, all of them will state what they wish to do. Once the turn is over, the GM will make a consecutive narrative post to include all actions including the fails and the wins.
- While stating their action, players will be required to roll their dices.
- Only one action can be done per turn during combat. Many actions can be done in a turn during exploration.

>> Level Ups: *

- Level ups will happen after either:
 - Location changed ( If a long amount of time is intended ) ( Skipping a trip from Arizona to Antarctica )
 - Time skip ( in a mater of weeks )
 - Boss has been defeated

* Please note this section may be due to some changes.

- Leveling will either:
 - Let the player do a dice roll to change [ 1 ] Aptitude
 - Upgrade gear / spells
 - Find / train a pet
 - Add Abilities
 - Other important deals

>> Story:

- The story will be written in Indigo by the GM only. Player's posts will be of regular colors.
- Critical failures may be written in Brown

>> Weapons:

- Light   [ 1d4 Damage ]
 - Possible Ability: Lightning Fast attack with two weapons. [ 2d4 ]
 - Dagger, hook, knife etc.
 - Penalty may be chosen by the GM to compensate to the Ability ( if chosen )

- Medium   [ 1d6 Damage ]
 - Possible Ability: Hand Made lets the character use most of what can be found as weapon without penalty.
 - Long sword, bow, woodcutter axe etc.
 - Penalty may be chosen by the GM to compensate to the Ability ( if chosen )

- Heavy   [ 1d10 Damage ]
 - Possible Ability: Charge ~ing enemies in a straight line +2 damage dealt.
 - Battle axe, spear, war hammer

Character Creation

>> Aptitudes & Abilities

- Strength, Social, Mental & Health Their stats can be found by rolling a d20 [ 5 ] times and getting rid of the lowest roll.
- the GM will make the rolls for the player, with the player in order to make sure all are equal. ( Unless a better way is found to make rolls and assure everyone can see the results )

- Abilities can be added to characters, they can be positive or negative.
- Example of Abilities: Smooth Talk +2 social if drunk, The Jackass +1 Strength if surrounded by girls etc.
- The total amount of Abilities is decided by rolling 1d3

>> Favorite Enemies: Some races can be affected one favored enemy. [ +2 damage when hit. ]

>> Normal information:
- Name, Race, Age, Weight, Class, Health, Gender


- Actions will be determined if failed or not by rolling a d20 and looking at the correct Aptitude box.
- To fulfill an action, the roll must be equivalent, or superior, to the Aptitude box.
- A simple equation must be followed to fill the Aptitude box:
 - Aptitudes 10 will and below receive a bonus of 2 after the equation. ( Add to after your roll. Roll 3, +2 = Box )
 - Aptitudes above 10 will need to divide their rolls by 2 and add 6. ( Rolled 18 ­­­div 2 ( 9 ) add 6 = Box )
 - For a better understanding, see sheet below.
 - Aptitudes are taken in pair numbers.

Rolls ------- Box
1-2 ------- 4
3-4 ------- 6
5-6 ------- 8
7-8 ------- 10
9-10 ------- 12
11-12 ------- 12
13-14 ------- 13
15-16 ------- 14
17-18 ------- 15
19-20 ------- 16

- Critic failures are determined when a player rolls a 1
- Critic ''wins'' are determined when a player rolls either 20

>> Update 1.0


- Players can choose up to two spoken languages of their choice for their characters, to be displayed in the Special Feature section of their character's sheet


- Each player has access to mana. Mana is energy used to cast spells and it can be obtain very easily at the cost of Health Points. Each Mana point costs 1 Health point to gain. Wizards don't need health now do they?
- Mana regenerates each night or during long breaks.


- Below is the cost of spells per level.

Level --- Cost
Light ----- 1
Med ------ 3
Hvy ------  5

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Re: The Journey

Post by Z!FF on Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:02 pm

Very bad example of an ingame map



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