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Post by Z!FF on Mon Dec 12, 2016 5:25 pm

I'm telling you! It was a hydra! I know what i fought.

Juro, my boy, these are no hydra marks. Even for a hatchling those are simply too small.

Indeed they were. Juro, a young intripid Fhel'ine, was resting on a medical stretcher. His soft white fur exposed through a few tears in his leather armor on both his arms and his right shoulder. While it was clear the man had fought earlier the same day, his story of an hydra charging him from bushes made little to no sense. The semi-human archer knew it all too well, since it was a supercherie to hide the cruel truth; he could not fight. He couldn't even fight off two snakes perched on low branches who slowly crawled down on him. He was pathetic and he knew it. If it wasn't for his father being the King of this region, no one would bother with such a careless little guy. Though his father was also the reason for all his misadventures. Luckily, Juro was an outstanding bluffer and could make almost anyone believe almost anything he said.

I don't know what to tell you doctor, maybe it was enchanted? One thing is for sure, it was a hydra.

Oh, i did not considered this option. Mmh, i've never heard of anyone in the area enchanting beasts... This is interesting. For now, off you go boy. There is nothing to fret those are simple bites, there is no poison.

This being said, the fourteen years old man jumped off the bed and rubbed his shoulders gently. With his blood already dried and wounds already closed up, there was no need for bandages and the Fhel'ine was left to wander the town for the rest of the day, allowing him time for a good and well deserved nap near the fountain while the sun was still shining bright. Rest assured in his head, Juro walked off, happy and carefree. His short bow and quiver were secured on his back and nothing could fall. The man was safe in town and there was no need to carry his equipment all around, but he was the King's adopted child and he needed to look prepared for anything... Even though his tight brown armor was pierced at multiple locations.  

Juro soon reached his perfect napping spot, one of the flat sides of the fountain located at the center of the town square, where the merchants were always busy and visitors were flooding in; a good place to meet new and interesting people. Setting his gear aside, the fatigued adventurer laid on his back and closed his eyes, whiskers softly blown by the wind as he slowly drifted asleep. His rest ended promptly when he was flipped over and thrown in the waters. Screaming his lungs out at such a harsh wakening, Juro jumped on his feet and faced his persecutor.

Get up, slacker, the King as an announcement to make and you should be there.

Crap, the announcement. The Fhel'ine had completely forgot his father's quest and the discour he had to give. Of course it wouldn't be well received for his son to miss on such an event, forcing the wet boy to grab his weapon in a hurry and run to the tribunes. The day was a big day. Lumoir, the King, was fed up with the over aboundence of monsters and animals near the village and had decided to offer take matters into his own hands. He had planned a quest with a substancial amount of gold and trinkets to whom would find the source of all those creatures and shut it down. Being the "great" adventurer that he was, Juro had to be there and pretend being excited, though he only wished to lay down and eat sweet rolls. Moments later and the brown dressed felined reached a crowd, with an elevated platform in the center and a man sitting on a thrown at its center.

My fellow good people, adventurers of all kind, guards and more, i invited you all here this day...

Gah, so dull and boring. So... Ininviting. The archer really had no interests in standing in a crowd listening to his father rambling on when he could be sunbathing wnd drying himself off. Looking around, Juro noticed a few interesting bystanders. A tall man dressed from head to toe in a shining white armor. He held a shield in his left hand and a gigantic sword laid on his back. A small red cross was visible on the right side of his upper chest, meaning he must be part of some religious cult or something. On the Fhel'ine's far right was an other, wrapped in black robes. His face was covered leaving only his eyes to be seen, which the young man had no good look at. The wrapped man had nothing else, no obvious weapons, pouches, backpack, nothing. Could he be some sort of mysterious monk? If so, why was he here?

While still questioning himself, Juro failed to notice his father calling out his name and, only after the third roll did he snapped out of his thoughts and raised his right hand to the sky, barely overpassing the crowd's row of heads.

Ah, there he is. Where was i? Ah yes, this is be a competition, i request teams of three or more for this quest. It is a dangerous task and i would hate to hear anyone's demise. As i have said, my son will partake, he will be part of a team and i ask of whoever ends up with him not to go easy on the boy, he can take it. As for the...

Ah crud. Seems the slacker will be forced into this once again. What a day... With his father closing the deal, Juro already began searching for excuses to skip this dangerous quest and return to his... Occupations. Though if he had to pick anyone in the crowd to go on an adventure, Juro definatly wished to team up with the blacksmith's daughter and his best friend, Ysgar, a good for nothing goofer assured to bring laughters anywhere he went.

Sadly as Juro was about to find out, those two were not going to be helping him. They weren't even going to participate at all. The blacksmith's daughter had gears to fix and sell and his friend was simply not interested. Yes gold was interesting but working for it was far less inviting. As it turned out, the Fhel'ine was left standing alone. Most strangers coming to the village already traveled with others, it was only natural they remained together while people of the village themselves were either too scared or busy for this quest. Really, the only persons available were the two mysterious men, hiding their faces under armor and cloth. What a fun time this was going to be...

Once everyone scattered off and the archer bored young man had an opportunity, the half-human made his way to his father's throne and greeted him shortly. Proud of his adopted and only son, Lumoir puffed his chest slightly and roughed Juro's hair with his left hand. Juro smiled, like the good son he was, despite his mixed feelings on is once flawless hairstyle and whispered in his father's ears.

Shouldn't i guard the village in case some of them screw up? asked the young adult while searching for a better reason not to join this perilious task.

Nonsense my boy! We have enough guards on duty. Fear not for the villagers, you can take this request of mine without worries.

I'll need a new armor though, this one needs repairs and i would hate to add more pressing work...

We'll get you set up right, m'boy! Verify your bow, change the string, get you a new armor, anything you need you will have!

I'm not sure i really want to go with these two, they seem.. obnoxious, don't they?

At that point the king knelt down and grabbed his son by the shoulders. He looked into his eyes with one of the most serious face he had done in ages. He took a deep breath and let it go slowly before adressing his son.

You will be fifteen soon Juro. Three months will pass shortly, it's time i give you more important missions. I know you've been waiting for this, no need to hold yourself. Life and responsabilities, duties and honor, soon. In three months. For now, worry not my boy. I'm sure you can manage anything. Don't worry about the others, about us.

Oh crud. Responsabilities... Looked like Juro had no other choice but to do that thing after all, and with those two men. Maybe if he played his cards right, he could make them do the work and collect the merit later, they were strangers after all, who would believe them if they were to spill the beans?

If you say so father. In this case, i should get ready, right? added the Fhel'ine before he received a tap in the back from his loving father, strong enough to stagger him. What a weak little guy he was... This quest was going to be hell..

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