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Aza's First Christmass Empty Aza's First Christmass

Post by Z!FF on Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:35 pm

"Its not that i don't know what Christmass is, i know all too well what it is. I have hundreds of thousands of files about this celebration. Three hundred sixty four thousand, two hundred and nineteen files to be exact. I know many versions of it, i know many of its supposed origins all the way what it has become. I suppose you did not know this celebration first had nothing to do with that mysterious Jesus of yours. Nothing to do with giving gifts either, but this is beside my point. What i can not process is the reason behind the way you humans keep doing it"

Oh the hollidays, the most wonderful time of the year, or so the chantings say. Something humans tend to take for granted even though, when looking for a different perspective, it looks nothing like wonderful. Seeing from a machine's point of view, the hollidays are simply other days of the year, without any sort of attachement to them. Aza, a feline anidroid who's been activated only six months prior, was still fairly new to the concept. It, amongs other recent androids and bots, had quite a lot of documentation of the matter but what was written seemed to differ from the reality placed before the yellow synthetic female. From its four camera inputs, the humanized animal could see the humans' struggles. Struggles which the hollidays seem to add weight onto.

People pressed to get presents for the ones they love, others being uncertain and doubting their purchases to give to others, some feeling depressed and unwanted, time schedules shrinking severly... To Aza's "eyes" it seemed the world was not ready for the festivities, as if it jumped out of nowhere though it was something that was to come back each years at the same date.

As the anidroid was following its owner around, cramped up in a small store while holding half a dozen boxes wrapped with colorful, glossy papers, it couldn't stop but notice the fake smiles on humans' faces. If this was truly the most wonderful time of the year then why were all those men and women so desesperate for money, for time, fpr gifts? Why were they desesperate at all?

"Aza i don't think you could understand. It's ... A tradition y'know? Each year we run around, searching for ideas for gifts to give to people we love and we never have all the time we need to make everything perfect."

"Why are you adding all this pressure on yourselves? Wouldn't it be simpler to stay home with your siblings and spend time together instead of all going your seperate ways to purchase dds and ends without even knowing if they will enjoy it or not? And why are you buying so many useless goods? Wouldn't you rather own something to improve what you already have instead of buying something you will never find a use for?"

The anidroid followed its owner to the cashier, followed by other organics and synthetics with the same task. Aza wondered, searching deep within its systems to find a reason behind buying statues, goldfishes, posters, pendants, rings, decorations of all kinds... but it simply could not understand. Why were humans so interested in such useless products? Of course some had uses, but they were so limited one could not possibly spend money in hope to actually get to use it... Money, an other illogical human concept..

"Well, it's not about how useful something is or will be.. its just.. for the love of giving. We all love giving and we love receiving gifts. It's just how it is. It's even more fun when it comes from the ones you love"

"Perhaps, but i still don't understand. If you wish to be surprised, then why do you give them a list of items to chose from? Wouldn't it be simpler for everyone to simply exchange money? And while there, why not all keep the same amount you would of given and simply buy the things you want instead?"

"But then there wouldn't be a reason for Christmass Aza. That's not how it works.."

Of course there wouldn't be a reason for Christmass, there was already barely any reasons left for the festivity to still be done. It was no birthday, it's materialism based concept made no sense and it certainly was not to make everyone happy; only those who could afford being happy. And so Aza gave up, once again on trying to grasp another of humans' traditions. Not only the orange feline could not understand, but every other anidroid on the planet using the real-time multi-sharing database were as confused. Odd odd things that were the humans. So simple, so complex, intelligent and down right simple minded. To machines of every kind, nothing made sense, which the humans could not make sense of.

"I'm sure you'll understand later. I mean.. it all comes together on christmass eve. This is just.. the preperations and everything.. it's pretty messy i'll give you that but the results are worth it. Here, take this bag too. Thank you."

What could possibly make this all worth it? Sure, humans would finally get to spend some time with their loved ones, be surrounded by family and friends for one good evening, maybe even a full night in a minority of cases, but in the end, shouldn't they have been better not buying anything and spending even more time together? How was all of this logical, to spend a month's hardwork of goods to give out, doubting their effects and hoping to get something as good or bettee of an effect in return? The anidroid could not tell, but it was certainly eager to see. Curious to find out what really was Christmass.

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