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Post by Z!FF on Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:28 pm

While sleeping today ( i work nightshifts ) a brilliant idea came to me. How about a shooter game where character creation is your goal?

In most shooters, you have either no choices in character creation or are very limited. Most of them will also let you create your character at the beginning but you will not be able to change some features later on, not to mention, characters always fit a definite style be it science fiction, modern or fantasy. But what if, reaching level 100 would be as rewarding as reaching level 2? The only difference would be what you do with the reward.

Let me explain this further. When you would first start playing this game, you would obviously be level 1, with no choices in the selection of your character aside from its gender. As you reach new levels, you would be allowed to modify one aspect of that default character, be it what you want. Everything would be in the game from the beginning, there wouldn't be "reach X level to unlock Y thing" which ultimately forces everyone to wear the same stuff to "brag" about their levels. Instead, on each newly gained level, you could change:

- Face ( general shape )
- Eye colors
- Lip colors
- Ears
- Hair
- Accessories

And so on. It would be a very detailed process where multi layers of clothing could be possible. Want to wear something specific and add a vest on top? You could! If the default versions to chose from the game wouldn't be enough, there would also be a "create your own" for every parts and accessories of the body. It would give you access to a 3D building sort-of program giving you complete freedom in your creation. You would only be limited in minimum and maximum sizes for body parts and accessories.

Aside from characters, weapons would also be moldable, changeable. From modern weapons to historical ones passing by fantasy all the way to science fiction. Bows, swords, riffles, shotguns, pistols and more would be the types of weapons available to chose from. Yes, you saw right, swords ( or rather, two handed weapons such as masses, swords, battle axes, pipes etc ) would be a thing and while it would be more difficult to get kills with such things, it would give 1.5 times the points each time. Speaking of kills, every weapons would have the same-ish damage. 2 body shots or one headshot. You hate those pesky shotgun players for always one shot-ing you? No more. I hear you say: "yeah but riffles would have an advantage". Fear not! There wouldn't be any full auto riffles. Why? There's already a plethora of those in other games, not all games need them. Semi auto at best.

On to leveling up; it wouldn't be level based, rather, in-game money based. You would first start with ( example ) 1600 credits, thus giving you access to the choice of your character's gender ( 1000 ) and weapon style ( 500 ). From there, you could join a game. Each respawn would cost you ( 5 ) credits just like the good old arcade games where you spend 25¢ to respawn when dead. Changing your character's appearance would always cost the same amount ( 1000 ) and weapons too ( 500 ).

Maps: Maps would be huge. 24+ players in, battlefield style maps, but, they would be accessible to free roaming. Walk around, climb, crawl and chat with friends. It would be a casual activity which would let you see everything around and you could enter parts of the map ( which would be fenced ) in order to join a lobby and get some sweet kills. Jump the fence and explore freely, pass by the gate and enter matchmaking. Free roaming would be rewarding as a lot more of the map would be accessible then from matches, not to mention you could find 5$ and 10$ laying around on rare locations.

Modes would be interesting as well with the usual "casual player" style where a map would be displayed, there would be a soft aimbot, letting you aim in the general direction of your enemy and the game would point you to a chest shot. There would also be a hardcore mode, with free aim and no map, not to mention less light. Yes yes, less light. Evening and night mode would be accessible in hardcore where sunny and rain would be the only options to casual players.

Oh did i mention the only ways to gain credits ( 100 ) would be to win matches and finding it? Meaning it would be a team effort to gain that sweet money. You personally performing well while others don't will not let you level up without the others, play as a team, be tactical, have fun and win for credits.

That is all i dreamed about, bur you know, as i was writing this, i realised it would be... Very hard to build such a game. Still, i would definitely play it. Would you?

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