Yet another short staring you guessed it: Aza

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Yet another short staring you guessed it: Aza Empty Yet another short staring you guessed it: Aza

Post by Z!FF on Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:54 pm

What cha doing? Asked a feminine figure while looking over a male’s right shoulder.

I’m eating isn’t it obvious? Replied a young man, barely out of his teen aged years.

Oh you’re right. Is it any good?

It’s pretty meh. Now leave me alone will ya?

I wish i could taste stuff. I bet its really good, you’re just picky.
Added the soft british accent’ female.

Shoo. Go bother someone else. Aren’t you assigned to something? The young man, blonde of hair, smooth skin and gorgeous blue eyes seemed rather annoyed by the head peeking over him.

Yes, i’m in queue. Those are old models, so i doubt it’ll be my turn for an other two days. ‘nyway, ima leave you now. See ya.

Yeah sure whatever.

The young man, sotted a lunch table, looked down to the construction site below and the workers affair-ed to their task. These days, it was so easy to be in charge of anything, anybody could do it. Matheous, a fresh out-of-college construction worker had only to assign robots and androids their work and supervise them. Of course, he wasn’t alone as three other humans were in charge of the small anthill. As easy it had become, it was still plenty of work, as the most hard working machines were often in very bad conditions, and so were the older models. The latest ones were, obviously, always properly maintained and taken good cared of and when it came to those highly expensive ones, they barely ever got dirty, which was the case for one of the workers over at the Hillside construction site. Aza, of her name, was part of the newest line of android on the market, the Anidroids.

Anidroids were both very cheap and highly expensive products. The line in between the base and the Delux versions was astonishing, though for those who could afford such expenses, it had proven to be money well spent. Anidriods were equiped of personality chips, identity chips, self learning soft wares and self sufficient cores, turning charging stations obsolete and removing a long list of problems. Aza was bought only to keep the other androids and machines running. Her learning abilities meant she could fix any issue encountered faster and faster until the perfect routine was found, plus, being an android herself, she was already accustomed to most if not all the problems, bugs and issues that were to happen. Since she was a machine, there was no need to pay her, thus making her high price repaying itself very quickly. Working 7 days a week, 365 days a year, she was a must for Hillside.

Though, as useful as she was in times of needs, she wasn’t needed so much as the humans did not wanted her to go down in the mud to do her programmed job. Indeed, the site’s director found her too expensive to risk damaging her, so, until the first flooring was done and there could be protection against the elements, the bright colored feline-like machine had nothing to do but calculate probabilities. Oh, and walk around the outskirts of the site, so that passers could see the wealth of the company. Matheous had been hired, mostly for the same reason, to show how easy it was to work in the company and thus attract a younger audience. In other words, both the young man and the cheetah-like android were only in place to do good figure, and barely ever had to work, which only meant they were spending quite a lot of time together, despite the young man only wanting to be left alone.

Aza’s personality, on the other man, demanded attention, of any kind. She was much like a caring friend, a child easy to awe and curious kitten. She was often laying here and there, for people to see, under the sunlight, or sitting on a platform, talking and saluting people down in the streets. Of course, with such an open minded personality, the anidroid made friends rather quickly and sometimes, during good times, some groups formed around the machine, to her greatest pleasure. Not all anidroids were as popular and some were in fact, seen more as workers the public figures, though, as all personality chips with programed randomly, it was hard for every buyer to plan ahead before buying. Hillside first searched for a hard working machine, but once they took notice of the feline-like’s shining personality, decided to use her to promote themselves to the public, which worked brilliantly. Over the last months, several resident had made arrangements for renovations to their home, most demanding the android to be on their during the process.

Hello Mister Normai. How are you doing today?

Oh hello there lovely. Do you know when you’ll be coming over, dear?
Asked an elderly man suited in great fashion.

Mmh. I wouldn’t know for sure, but if my calculations are correct, in three weeks. Possibly Wednesday. replied the female of her mild british accept, a simple large smile appearing across the thick visor.

Glad to hear it dear. I’ll tell Martha. Have a good day child.

R’haaaw. You too Mister Normai.

Not only was her personality appealing, but so were the curves of her shiny body and the cute cat-like faces the lights of her screen were making on a constant basis.

~ ~ ~ ~

Who could have thought? Who could have foreseen this? It seems we were fools to think machines could do everything for us. It seems we were bested.

Matheous was now in his sixties and on his knees, a riffle pointed to his chest. War have been raging for two years, machines were taking over the planet. Not only that, but the androids created nanomachines, which they began to inject into their captured livings before releasing them. At first, nothing was unusual, but once the nanotechnology activated, an intense indoctrination followed and within weeks, what first was a living, breathing human being, turned into a mindless, zombie-like android, fighting on the frontline for the damn synthetics.

Where di dit all started and how did it come to this, no one could tell. One day the world was running fine, or, at least as fine as it could, the next, worldwide population was being wiped out. Unlike the humans, machines needed no government, no military, no commanders. All were sharing information at the speed of light, all were in command of their own cells while still being aware of what was happening on the other side of the globe. They mobilized their forces much, much faster then humans’ and, when severely damaged, an other could give rapid fixes and the machine would go back to the fight, unlike living beings which needed time to recover.

Why are you doing this? Asked the old man, facing his last moments on earth.

Humans are the cause of all problems. They need to be stopped for peace to reign.

Screamed a woman soothing a british accent. I know this human. He’s no threat.

2.09, are you sure?

Yes. I take full responsibility of this human.

Very well.
As the squadron of androids took down the other humans, man, woman and children, Matheous was left alive. As he was laying on the ground, shocked by the events, he looked up to the sky and noticed a familiar ‘’face’’.

Is... that... really you, Aza? he asked, troubled.

Who else could it be? Replied Aza, in worst shape then what the man could ever remember seeing her. The nice, bright yellow paint had become tarnished and sections were burned, or heavily scratched. The visor had cracked and many bents were on the anidroid's once appealing body. Aza had long been outdate by newer models, though never stopped functioning, apparently, and while newer models were leading the synthetics to war, she was in charge of repairing to broken ones.

Aza.. why?

Oh shush. Just think of it as.. i dunno, the good old days.

Some things never changes, others will never be the same.

You’re alive, thanks to me, but you have to be efficient, otherwise we won’t keep you. So, you’ll be helping me fixing the destroyed synths, but first, get up, old geezer.


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