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Post by Z!FF on Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:26 am

Oh Earth. Home world of the human race and cradle for so many lives, so many species and where so many stories began. Unfortunately it also was the place where so many stories ended around late 21st century when WWIII creeped about. Humanity doomed itself over selfishness, greed and hatred, poisoning generations to come and ultimately ending the planet itself. It certainly was not a good time for anyone, but it proved itself to be a quite inspiring time as well. People came to life on such desolated lands and when they were told of the planet's green flourish past, some looked up to the sky and decided to take actions. Humans had done enough devastation on their once beautiful world, their only habitable​ one and it was time to change, for the better hopefully. The next generation, called the Wasted Generation,  focused their time and energy on something the past ones, the survivors, could have only hoped; the Wasted looked for harmonization and team work. They gathered what they could from what was left of Earth, worked the numbers they could find and aimed to the stars. 

In only a century, a single nation was born from their collective efforts. The nation of Hope. The post apocalypse theme many first imagined never took place and was replaced by people firmly rooted the land around them, sane and hopeful. Those people harvested the scraps and left over of the era before the nukes and, as time flew by, managed to build an armada. Something so immense it could take half of the remains of mankind and allow it to venture on a one way ticket to either hell or paradise. A flip of a coin deciding their fate. 

Within this constructive timeline, cryogenisation appeared, allowing long term travels to exist without it being a story for many generations. Short distance teleportation also made its first official appearance, dark matter driven reactors and minor regenerative gel to instantly heal cuts and bruises. What many thought was the end proved itself to be only a new begining for mankind. 

Ultimately, a choice had to be made, who would jump in and go on a journey, who would stay home and suffer from the intoxicating vapors and crumbling atmosphere? It was a crushing historical moment, but soon later, the armada fired up their propulsors and took off, leaving Earth behind in a tail of white burning smoke. The trip to humanity's new home had started and sadly it was going to be one easily forgotten as most people slept through it, their bodies literally frozen in time for the entirety of the journey. Only regular maintenance people awoke from time to time, allowing them to check the parameters and make sure everything was still on track. Many decades later and the trip had come to an end, though the journey was far from over. A new planet had be reached, a new home. A planet 79 % the size of Earth with temperatures between -89 to 193, it was the second best deal after the blue ball that was their homeworld. 

Fast forward in time. The year, 2717. The humans are well established on their new home, which they named Mother for which they knew their Mother wouldn't let them down and they had to take good care of her. Sadly, Mother had a salty side she had kept hidden until her children's arrival. A stormy, violent side, slowing down the colonisation process quite a lot. Humanity had grown quite a lot on Mother, now about two billion individuals residing on the planet while a rough 172 million still lived on the orbiting ships. Ships provided the grounders with energy for a time, until the wind and heat were being used as sources. During the same time high walls were created around each major cities to protect them against the environment and synthetic life even reappeared. Oh yes, humans had created machines in the past. Fast and hard working they had proven themselves quite useful, but those nee machines were a large step ahead. Androids. Before the Last War, robots were begining to appear throughout the old planet Earth, but the nukes stopped the progress radically. As the humans were finally away from war and in need of a good helping hand to withstand life on Mother, they decided it was a good time to create the hand that would help them and, for a time, all went well. Better then expected even, but as the population grew of bot man and machine, differences began obviously showing up. What one needed was useless for the other and as those differences never were settled, machines decided to split up from their creators, making a city of their own. 

It has been 13 years since the act of separation occured. Currently, in what people of Earth could call January, of the year 2730, machines were coming back, slowly, to live in harmony with the humans. The organics, though inferior on so many levels to the synthetics, were slowly overcoming the machines, peacefully forcing them to come back and this is where the story of a certain android begins. A feminized synthetic made to look and "feel" more human then the past generations in hope to bring the two nations together. Of course, this android is not alone, it can count on an entire fleet to help out, but we can only follow one at a time, so for the time being, we will unwrap 09's story, aka: Aza. 

The time is 12:01, the sky is dark, as always due to the planet's warm star being so small and distant from Mother. Aza, one of the latest addition to the humanoids line walks down a busy street, a hand sliding gently on a railing as it, or as Aza sees herself, she looks down below to the passing hovercrafts. Friday, January 2nd 2730. This humanoid cheetah has a mission. A mission to make her composite nation look good and friendly to the soft fleshy humans. She does know quite a lot about them already, but they certainly intrigue her. In about five minutes, one of those humans should join her, for what, she has no idea. What should she expect? She was only build and put together two hours ago. Oh boy oh joy.

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