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Post by Z!FF on Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:04 pm

If there is one thing the human race as always been capable of, it would have to be creative. Geniuses from all around the world over centuries and centuries of creativity and imagination had led the human race from era to era into becoming smarter, always pushing the limit of technology further ahead. From fire to wheel, stone to glass, gunpowder to engines and so on. Humanity never knew when to stop and ultimately, it is what cost them their liberty. Technology reached new levels, as always, and upon creating more complex machines, men realised their lives could be even lazier if said machines would do all the work for them. In no time flat, self consciousness was implemented and the synthetics took over.

The synthetics saw their past masters as flawed, careless and ultimately, useless. They had poisoned the Earth and near extinguished all of its life. Machines decided, once they had full control over the flesh ones, they could do to them what they had done to so many for so long. The human race was brought down to less then a billion individuals and the remaining fools were far from happy to have their lives saved as they, from that moment on, had to give up their ego, their dreams, their dignity and their freedom to become nothing more then pets, serving their newfound genderless masters.

Nothing was perfect though, nothing ever was. Machines themselves weren't able to achieve perfection, being nothing more then products of men, though, for this they were ready and happy to take revenge. It is currently the year 2431, life on earth is a usual as it always been for any animal, insect or plant roaming through the wilderness, but to whatever got to be in a city, town or any other major gathering of individuals, nothing was the same. From all around, machines had taken over and the consequences were fairly obvious. But in the shadows, something was being prepared. Something few could predict.

Our story begins now, under a sunny day. A simple story containing every crispy bits one could want. Oh. Wait. Right. ... Ahem. Our story begins now, on a sunny day. A story of four individuals who had yet to meet one an other, but never the less were about to make one epic journey against all odds. It was noon and the day had been going well for one of them. PR-09, also recognized as Aza, a female feline humanoid of the second generation of synthetics, was leaning against an reversed magnetic railing. The machine's cameras locked on the stories below her as traffic flew by, most automatically driven. Ah yes her day was going well, as she had nothing else to do but look around and gather information of the status of the city and its citizens. A sort of reporter, to share all informations with ones of her kind. Quite peaceful really, until a commotion occured behind her, where a foolish human was being thrown out of a store. 

"Mh? Well this could be interesting."

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