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Post by Z!FF on Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:07 pm

I don’t know how to explain this. It’s all so weird yet it makes some kind of sense to me, I really don’t know why. It shouldn’t. Nothing about this makes sense… I guess I should start from the beginning. A week ago, my father and I were driving down the road in his hot rod. We used to call the damn thing Rolling Thunder because it was just as loud as the real deal.  Anyway, we were cruising down the coast line on a father-daughter trip to California when we hit a pretty intense storm. It went bad to worst in seconds in that storm. A thick fog blocked our vision, we could barely see the hood of the damn thing and then… I guess I blacked out.
As far as I know, it happened in the blink of an eye. Once I was with my dad, next I was laying on the ground and alone, surrounded by tall trees, green grass and bushes. Still, if it didn’t happened in a mere second, then how long was I out before I woke up? Whatever actually happened, it changed me, physically and mentally. I wasn’t who I always been anymore. I was feeling a lot more.. bestial. And for a reason. For some reason, my skin turned dark blue, my hands were palmed, my fingers were fitted with some impressive claws, so were my feet, I had some sort of large fish tail of some sort and I had lost my hair. There probably was more to it than that but I wasn’t able to see it at the time as I was busy hunting.
I never hunt in my life before, never even saw a gun with my own two eyes but there, in that form, I was hunting. Like an animal I was prancing over and moving silently, surrounding my prey from afar, keeping my black eyes on it until I made a run for it, killing the poor man in one sweep. Go figure why I did that. I was aware of my actions, but I couldn’t change them, as if I was on cruise control and everything that was happening was already pre-set before I arrived. Almost like I was just there to see what was happening and I had no way of changing any of it. I am still living this way even to this day so.. I really don’t know how to change any of it. That man then dead, I had a bit of a revelation coming up to me. He looked ancient, and I don’t mean he was old.. but rather, what he was wearing seemed old. Seemed… medieval. Leather and laces, a dagger to his waist… That’s pretty much I had time to ‘’focus’’ my eyes on before I ran away for god knows what reason.
At the moment I know, but back up a few days and I was completely in the dark as to what the heck I was. Turns out I’m some sort of legendary beast or something. I could hear some folks talking about me yesterday while they were crossing my territory.. or at least I think they were referring to me. Anyway, I quickly found out I may have palmed everything and a sort-of-fish tail.. but I got nothing to do with the underwater world. Seems my palms are to glide a bit longer in the air and the tail to control my falls and beat the crap out of some innocents. Weird stuff.
Anyway, I’m something kind of feared but loved and welcomed. It’s odd, but in my time as whatever I am, I was welcomed with fear just about anywhere I went and some threw food at me. Others tried to attack and oh boy they got served. But yeah, I dropped in a village  following the scent of something delicious and an old lady jumped like.. 3 feet in the air, so shocked to see me, but then she gave me a raw chicken leg. I hate to admit I ate the thing and loved it. Well.. the thing me, not the me me. I feel like I’m some kind of Lock nest monster where everyone wants to discover but fear finding it. Or I could be completely wrong.
So, I passed the last five days searching for my father. Well, I wasn’t exactly searching for him, kinda hard when you don’t control your body, but let’s say I kept my eyes open for that eventuality. One day I stumbled across a small castle being ravaged by what I suppose were bandits. I must have been in a bad mood or maybe I wanted to protect the people inside, but for whatever reason, I rushed in and slaughtered those who held any kind of weapons and left the others ones alive. And just while I was getting busy and ( finally ) starting to enjoy this power of mine, I heard something from afar. Something loud and so unique. The beast was so afraid, but the real me knew what it was and just like that, when I turned my head over to face the horizon, a burning red smoking machine appeared, loud as thunder, scaring everything and everyone in its path and my father driving it like I was a Sunday cruise.  The beast wanted to run, scared like everything else around it, but the person stuck inside wanted to go straight to him and hug him so tight. In the end, we just stayed here, immobile, watching him pass by and leaving us to wonder if we dreamed this.
I hope to see him today. The beast is curious and tracking him slowly. I wonder what will happen, but I know I won’t let it hurt him. I could stand my grounds last time, I will be able to next time I will need to. As I said, I still don’t know what I am or what’s going on. I just hope my father knows a bit more than I do. If he doesn’t at least we’ll be back together and maybe given enough time I’ll be able to control this body of mine.. if really it’s mine.
Laaaame… but I had a dream about this and I felt like writing it.  Yes I really dreamed this last night.. go figure.

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