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Post by Z!FF on Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:16 am

‘’Awaken, warrior. You are the chosen one. You have been dormant for centuries, held against time in cryogenics but an evil army has risen and, over the last decade, took over this world. It has corrupted its land and people. Their lives and future is in your hands. I’m sure this is a lot to take in, but we have no time to waste, you must prepare yourself for your journey, to defeat the forces of evil. Come, Hero, let us work together to accomplish feat to be spoken for generations to come.’’

This is surely the speech I was promised for my wakening. I was due to greatness, I know as much, but my fate differed. I was awaken too late, in enemy’s hands. I awoke, weak and lost. I fell to my knees, confused for the leader of the Kra’g to easily make me his prize. I held to chance, no time to understand and it was done, I was already infected. Unlike the others, awoken long before me, I had no chance to win. The Comini in me laid dormant, it was only activated once Ja’ar, the commander of the 1stdivision, found me. I vaguely remember my past, what I trained for, what I fought against. Once activated, my heart beat once more, as if it never stopped. My last objective came to mind, only to be whipped the next instant.

The Comini contacted me. It reached me, told me to fight back, not to let the infection take over. It told me I could not lose, it could not lose an other… of us.  I heard it, but I couldn’t understand until I felt the spore’s tendril latch onto my very brain. I knew, I knew I had to do everything I could to fight for me life, but I wasn’t stable enough and I lost before the battle even begun. At the feet of the commander. From that moment on, I have been presented as a trophy, to the Queen and her people until it was time. Time to send me to war. One of the great Te-A, the only force able to stop the Kra’g army from taking over this world and many more, had fallen and became one of their strongest cards.

I was aware. I was aware of it all. I knew I had to fight back, run away even, as shameful as it sounded. Kill every single one of them, given the opportunity, but the infection had forced me into submission. It fed off my powers for light until I knew nothing but darkness and darkness I became. Ja’ar himself took me under his commandment, I suppose to keep an eye on my behavior. Perhaps he doubted my actions, but in truth I could never betray any of the Queen’s people. I wanted to. Oh I wanted to revolt, clear my organism from this plague and clean the world of those monsters, but I had succumbed to them. My brain was being manipulated. My thoughts and will modified, forcing me to listen and obey. Given enough time, months, the corruption was no longer needed. It had succeeded. My mind was no longer my own. I was one with the Queen and the Ja’ars. Their wishes were my every commands and soon I was sent to face one of my kin.

I met him on my last day as Te-A. When I became ever so powerful against my will. Ja’ar knew activating my Comini once more would trigger my beacon. A distress signal, sent to the others. I tried my best, I tried my hardest, but I could not disobey and I agreed to let him revive a part of me I hoped had died. As planned, my regain in light send a signal to the others, just before I was plunged into darkness for good. By the end of the day, there he was, standing before me, his sword in a hand, his latcher in the other. I knew it was a trap, I tried to tell him, to warn him. I wanted him to end me, or at least to save himself. I knew I could not be saved. He knew it to, he could see to corruption flowing on my armor, on my new skin. My new and dark chitin, bleeding with corruption and evil. Still, he jumped forward, into battle.

It was over in a hit. A single shot from a hidden canon took him by surprise, opening the window I needed. I could have corrupted him, I could have tried, but unlike me, this one had a chance to fight. He was much stronger than I was and could have refused the transformation. I feast on his energy, on his light, on his soul. His power became mine, my mind tarnished and shattered forever. Suddenly, it all made sense. We were never meant to fight against the Kra’g. We have always only been there to serve them, to feed them our power to take over any who opposed them. Any who opposed us.

The Queen was pleased of my decision, of my newfound vocation, my newfound will. I was later moved higher in ranking, over Ja’ar himself, to the Queen’s personal guard and officer. That was my past. It seems years ago, yet I know, deep in my core I know it haven’t been a year yet. This is my present, as Queen R’aec’s personal soldier. My Queen’s plaything. She tested me, earlier today. Tested my loyalty to Her Mighty and sent me on a very special assignment. Today, I bring her a head, the one she wished to see, the only responsible for my wakening and corruption. The one I owed my most respect. Ja’ar has fallen by my hand, chosen by my Queen and I will live without regret knowing I pleased her.

The ceremony will begin shortly. I sit here, in my beloved R’aec ‘s palace. The room is empty. The viscous black walls bloats softly in harmony. Fetid waves of warm and corruptive air reaches my forms as I gave into the reflecting glaze of the bone-like furniture. Like the walls, I am covered in black chitin, thick enough to be recorded as armor. It is, in fact, my armor. My frail figure reeks evil, from my lacerating fingers to the corruption spilling from my latcher. I lack facial features, for only exception four red rays as eyes. To any creature unaware, I seem weak and easy to confront. My skin fused itself with my once armor, making it y new body and only remanence of my past as Te-A. My shoulders are sharp, pointy, deadly. My hips are wide and with my round chest plate, the only memory of my once gender. 

The ceremony will begin shortly. I have a cold, dead head in my latcher. This was my first true assignment, hopefully the next will be to end an other one, an other of what i used to be.

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