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Post by Z!FF on Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:49 pm

Nine hundred twenty five. Nine hundred twenty five meters. The sun is shining down on me, keeping me warm in this beautiful, oh so beautiful day of summer. It’s noon, like it has been for the past two hours. Everyone seems happy, everything looks great, I’m walking down the road, new shoes on my feet, old blue jeans and my ragged shirt. I couldn’t be happier. Nine hundred twenty seven. Except I could be happier. My car is right there, across the street, let’s say.. oh.. roughly five meters away. Nine hundred thirty two. My seats are warm, so is the steering. I turn the key, the car starts and I turn on the AC. From here it will go much faster, it will be far worst. I don’t even want to think about it. Nine hundred forty.
To think I’m about to leave this. Summer paradise in the middle of Quebec city. What will it be next? I’m afraid to find out… I’m also very excited. Nine hundred sixty one. I’m excited. What will it be? Snow, a soft rain under a perfect moonlight, a calm evening? Maybe it wouldn’t change much. Nin hundred eighty four. Who am I kidding, it always changes drastically. Always the exact opposite. It really makes me think I live in one heck of a crazy world… or worlds. Nine hundred ninety three. I stopped. There is a red light and being the good driver that I am, I stopped. I’m waiting, looking around, my windows down, my arm out the door. This really is a beautiful day, I wish it would never end. I fear what is coming next. Maybe I should stay here, just a few hours more and enjoy this while I can. No.. I can’t. I’m blocking traffic. Only seven meters left… the suspense is killing me
Nine hundred ninety five. Maybe I should roll the window up and prepare for worst, but how can I in such a beautiful and warm day? I feel so relaxed, so at peace. You only live once I guess. Crew it. Nine hundred ninety nine. Windows down I pass the one thousand. One, full, kilometer. I close my eyes for a fraction of a second, leaving behind the sunny weather and fuzzy feeling in my chest to be welcomed by nightmares and demons. The once bright day turned pitched black under a moonless night. Although it is crazy dark, I can see shadows. Odd shapes darker than black, how is this possible? I roll the window up, cramping myself to the steering wheel. I shouldn’t get out of the car for this kilometer. Man, it kinda sucks to live in a world where reality changes each thousand meters.

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