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Post by Z!FF on Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:36 am

A new planet has been discovered. Full of mysterious and interesting life, be it plant or animal. A large planet, orbiting two dying stars, unseen before and unexplored. In truth, it was explored in the past, but its discovery remained untold, as its first explorers perished tragically. How could they have known? How could they have foreseen the satellite coming their way at blazing speed? They were simply too close to the planet, right in the comet’s orbit, right when it was about to make its pass. Too eager to enter the possible atmosphere below them, the crew of ten and their vessel were blown into smithereens. Luckily, or unluckily depending on the point of view, one of the members survived the initial impact. Already working in zero gravity, repairing a fissure in the dropship’s internal wall and thus already wearing his air sealed apparel, the astronaut miraculously was prepared for the tragedy. While the implosion and impact demolished the main vessel, the small dropship attacked to it remained mostly intact and was propelled tot the planet down below. Lacking better options, the man piloted the spacecraft with care, not wanting to damage his only way out further than it already was. According to the screens and dials before him, his powers were low and air was vacant with for only exception what little he had left in his suit. His only hope was the planet they hoped was full of life. The one they hoped had an atmosphere… and breathable air.
It took a few minutes of intense battling against the strong gravity pull, but eventually, a safe landing was done and the forty year old was safe and sound.. at least for the moment. Surrounded by wildlife of extreme proportion, every specie being odder than the next and leaving no will to open a door to venture out, Hua sighted, thinking about the situation he was in. His air supply wouldn’t last him for another hour and the vessel had no reserves. Under normal circumstances, a probe would have been sent out, to test the atmosphere, check its parameters, its toxins level, but on that day, the man’s options were limited to a roll of dice: Wait until he would run out of oxygen and die slowly, or remove his helmet and hope for the best.  Deciding a quick death was the better option, Hua made peace with himself and placed both hands on his helmet. It took him a minute, wondering if this was truly a good idea.. maybe he could fix what little damage the craft had, but what good would it be if he was to run out in the vast open space? No.. this truly was for the best. His eyes closed, Hua liberated his head from its enclosure.
To his great surprise and against all odds, the was oxygen on the planet. Then again, could plants have lived without any? All wasn’t perfect, as the air filling his lungs was quite disgusting, filled with a scent of moisture and rotten, almost as if something had died a week prior and his nose was next to it, but, that aside, oxygen was good. Very good. Perhaps he could filter it later? Or get used to it… either way, but first, the space explorer of the 22nd century needed to see the damage done to his only ride home. See to it, fix it if possible and return where he came from without delay. Walking around the vessel, his body feeling much heavier than normal, due to a stronger gravity than earth’s, the pale man observed the soil was mushy.. juicy even, much like a swamp. Unlike a swamp however, there was no sign of water, or at least, recognizable water in the area. Also to be noticed were the plants, seemingly moving to avoid the man’s footprints. Was that specie capable of reflexes? Plants with instincts? Still, as of then, nothing seemed harmful and the lack of sound in the area gave a fake feel of safety.
Nothing seemed too serious. A few bents and scratches, but nothing Hua couldn’t put aside according to the circumstances. His main concern waste latch, slightly bent outward. It could easily be fix with the right tools, but all he had laying around were screwdrivers, plasteel and much too small hammers for a job this big, nothing to help his cause. Maybe with some more luck the stranded could find a rock, or a large branch.. anything heavy yet not too hard to manipulate, on this planet. As nothing of such seemed to be anywhere closed to him, Hua figured he would have to venture further into the strange wilds surrounding him, leaving his only safety behind in order to maybe, just maybe, find something to help him leave this forsaken situation.
While his pace was slow at first, the astronaut soon found himself more at ease despite the potential death surrounding him. Everything was so calm, so.. oddly serene and inspiring. In any other circumstances he would have enjoyed spending a lot more time there, learning about the plants and what he could only describe as insects. About an hour into the woods, the Hua still had not found anything useful to his case, but, he did noticed something in the distance, water. Water… no, but it certainly was a liquid, though very thick and in such quantities… as if he was gazing onto Earth’s ocean, except there was a curious lack of waves. Perhaps the satellite was too small, too far or both to have an impact of the liquid. Maybe said liquid was too thick to be capable to create waves… in any case, it was oddly beautiful and oh so interesting. Just as he approached the mystery, Hua’s heart stopped for a fraction of a second, witnessing something he could simply not believe. A woman. He had just seen a woman, right there on the shores! Or at least it had the silhouette of a woman, whatever it was. More intrigued than ever, the man rushed through the bushes and reached the red sand of the beach. He looked left and right but there was no sight of what he had just seen. Was his imagination getting the best of him? So soon? But then something happened, two eyes slowly emerged from the ocean, only a feet away.
The terror and the joy in Hua’s eyes could have been seen from miles away. What was that creature? Dark in shade, faintly blue in color, the head gave a very human feel, yet it was some sort of fish in anatomy. Two big, pearl eyes were focused on the human, a few tentacles on both sides of the head. As unbelievable as it was, it wasn’t menacing at all. Curious is what it was, and after a few seconds of gazing onto one another, the creature at sea approached, slowly, on its guard maybe, and revealed itself. It showed curves so smooth, nearly perfect, a body so attractive any woman would be jealous of. Neck, shoulders, chest, hips, waist legs and even breasts. This sea creature was heavenly. If it wasn’t of its long claws fitting to its large palmed feet and hands, the resemblance with a woman would have been impossible to… scratch that, it was already impossible to believe. She stood there, half he palmed large paw-feet into the water, her big black eyes gazing curiously into the men’s. She seemed friendly, curious and deadly.
The sea creature, as developed as she was in appearance, quickly gave out her more animalist nature, using her nose to scent out the human. She also pointed the two longest tentacles fixed atop her head towards Hua and while it did not seemed to be harmful in anyway, the survivor certainly did not wanted them anywhere close him… but then again, what a curious… animal? Slowly but surely, both the explorer and the native approached the other, driven by their will to learn, their burning desire to see from up close this creature they have never seen. The first touch was surprising to say the least. Like a new world of opportunity was opening before their very own eyes. A proof their minds weren’t fooling themselves into imagining things and that what was before them was indeed a living being and not a figment of their imagination. Though could the see creature be evolved enough to hold an imagination? It looked as such, but was it the case or were the human traits be giving her too much credits?  
From that point on, the pair moved forward, slowly, carefully, fearing to brusque things and care the other away. Minutes dragged into hours and soon enough, thought without it being noticed, the second sun was rising over the horizon, giving a warning call to the human. As absolutely interesting as the sea creature was, Hua had a job to do. He couldn’t waste any more time, though how much he wanted to be able to document his newly found friend. The human excused himself before walking off, keeping his eyes on the creature just in case it would put a more savage attitude if its ‘prey’ wasn’t focused on its presence. Surprisingly, the native did not let go of the stranded for too long, following him into the woods from a safe distance, as curious as she had been since she left the water. Speaking of which, how long could she survive out of her element? Was the sea creature actually amphibious? That was a thing the human would have plenty of time finding out, when he lost himself in the thick forest.
Things turned from bad to worse, as the weather changed from a chilly afternoon to a raging storm, pouring down a putrid, rotten smelling rain down by the gallons. Soaking wet, all the human had to protect himself against the weather with was a tree-looking plant with absurdly large ‘’leaves’’ sprouting unevenly. At the very least, Hua wasn’t alone, though how much of a consolation was that really when the only ‘’person’’ to share the experience with was a native creature too underdeveloped for communication, or at least, obvious means of communication. Perhaps she was highly intelligent and he was the dumb one? What were those appendices on her head? The two longer ones first resembled tentacles, much like squids, but their large, flat end seemed to be lacking suction nodes… were they a mean of communication? Could the reason of her pointing them towards him constantly be her attempt at talking to the human?
The first night on the planet was long and enduring. The weather was awful, the man was cold and without anything to keep himself warm, he soon became ill. The next day passed faster, with the help of his new friend, Hua had continued his search for his ship and by the end of the day, had lost hope and began building a camp. Hunger soon hit the survivor but it was taken care of rather rapidly by the sea creature he had named Avidah. She gave him what he could assume were fruits and passing over his better judgment, the human ate them without complaints. As the days passed, his search for the vessel never stopped, but slowed down each passing moment spent with the native. Eventually, Hua began feeling sick, it was at that moment he realized his condition. Was it the atmosphere? Was it his new diet? Was it something else completely? No matter the cause, the facts were as such, his skin was getting slightly darker, his breath shorter and his nails longer. A few more days and he could bet he almost understood Avidah telling him to follow her in the water. Time passed, and the human was no more.
A strange story this was. The first exploratory of this strange world, suddenly disappearing, to what fate he was following. His story never to be known, but today, as a group of explorer had discovered a human dropship on planet Zb-02, a clue was discovered, A clue in the form of a woman with dark blue skin and pitch black eyes, watching the invaders from a safe distance, though close enough to be seen with ease.

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