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Post by Z!FF on Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:55 am

A lot is still unknown about the Av'duvians but some mysteries unveil themselves with further observations. Such are their reproduction cycle,  their roles and mating process. 

As we had previously discovered, the females, known as Av'duvias, do not carry pregnancy for their specie. It is the males jobs to birth the offsprings. We did learned a lot from the previous entries, such as some new usage of the females' longest appendices. The tentacle-like formation ended in a flat, thin pyramid-shape is actually not a tentacle. It is in fact very soft to the touch and the underside of its pointy end is covered with pores, or holes, thus rendering the illusion of being tentacles. We have yet to find their true purposes, but from what we could observe, those appendices are a great addition to the sea creature's senses. Not only that, but it seemed to hold a very decisive role in mating; the Av'duvi only choosing the Av'duvia with the longest pair. Length seemed to vary from a few inches to a feet and a half long. 

During mating, the females seemed to secrete some kind of liquid into the male's open maw, something that seemed to pleased theme very much. Nothing was proven but it was speculated unfertilized eggs, nutriments and aphrodisiacs could be part of the mixture given by the females. It also was worth noting, the longest ones held the biggest amount of "sap", most likely providing a better chance of impregnation.

Like humans, Av'duvians do prepare for mating, though their ways are different. In this female powered specie, the males have plenty of choices in terms of partners and often only chose the females with the longest claws, longest "tentacles" and oddly enough, the best singers. Yes, Av'duvias will sing quite charming notes to get male's attention. Resembling Earth's lullaby, these chants are praised by the Av'duvis yet we have not understood their criteria. Once the selection is over, the mating begins. The mating is a very quick process in itself, where the females will enlace the males and feed, possibly force feed, the males and to possibly to hold one another in a "locked" position and ensuring the partner would go through the entire process.

Unlike females, who's bodies resembles a lot Earth's human woman, the males are quite unique, resembling only what could be described as "underwater blobs". Covered by a thick skin, holding a thicker layer of greases and fat, the males as few, possibly due to their anatomy. Offsprings are born at crushing depts, where the specie lives. It has come to our attention,  females could support the precious with greater ease than males, which most died of upon their first month or so. 

Further studies and observations are needed, but we are on the right tracks. Datapads will be updated once we learn more about these specimen.

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