This Week With Dewm #4: More Pointless Shit

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This Week With Dewm #4: More Pointless Shit Empty This Week With Dewm #4: More Pointless Shit

Post by DEWM NINJA on Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:47 pm

This Week With Dewm #4: More Pointless Shit Thiswe11

Eh I'm bored as fuck and you're an gay.

So for starters Vorcium's first chapters is just under halfway done.  For those of you that already know the first chunk of Vorcium's story, I'm at the part where SCAR is introduced.
Some assholes keep calling me, their caller IDs are simply "Illinois" "Washington". D o n t w o r r y d o n a l d i v e g o t y o u p r o t e c t e d f r o m e v e r y a n g l e .
I've been replaying Spider-Man: Shattered Demensions. Good fucking game, I suggest you guys buy it, purely for the Deadpool Level.
I'm really just low on news, today's been a slow week for me. If you guys want me to, after Vorcium, I'll write a "book" based around another RP community I've been a part of. Like that Destiny RP community I made. I could make a better story for Destiny than Bungie can. Or I could return to Halo: Infection. That shitshow. Idk. I might even return to Dewm Dies. I know this place missed out on the Dewm Dies Christmas Special and the BTTF Parody. So I may write two chapters exclusive to this place.

Wigglets can you send me the link to the post you made announcing the Vorcium Book/This Week With Dewm? I'm interested in reading it.

Uh, otherwise that's all. If you want me to you can give me free games from Steam, my name's DEWM NINJA (fucking obviously).


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