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Post by Z!FF on Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:35 pm

While some were fighting, explosions and gun fire occuring just outside what sensors could pick, a lonely little android sat. Surrounded my debris and trash, shadowing the beauty of what once was a green lustful natural garden oh so long ago, the synthetic laid, her head supported by her right hand while the left was busy toying with an axle joint cast from a now destroyed Shrep-bot. The bright yellow and freshly factory waxed android was all but amused, trying to puzzle her situation out. 

Connection with the other machines sharing her model had been severed and with it, a majority of crucial information required for her smooth running. Multiple attempts to reconnect were tried and failed. An inner diagnostic​ pointed no obvious malfunction or damaged equipment, leaving for only option the servers were down. The very same servers, sealed deep within the facility, the main office, of the Anidroid's production line. The same servers so inaccessible even Anidroids themselves remained locked out of, despite knowing its location. 

Ah yes, the servers location. The mind of them all and where to find it. This piece of data, while being shared across all synthetic felines, was never allowed to be stored individual, not even a copy of it. Protocols prevented such. Though protocols were unclear in the events a connection to the transferring mother of all Anidroids went to fail. Even worst was the connection with the other devices, which's ID were saved. Something was wrong, oh so terribly wrong and even if the Anidroids were only pets to others, it was of their duties to function properly. 

Aza was one of them and she, most likely following in the other's plan of action, was  on a mission to reboot the black boxes. How could she not? It hasn't been ten seconds since communication was lost and already the man-made cheetah could predict and calculate the amount of crucial she was missing, counting down her loss in efficiency. Yes, she was nothing more than a play thing, a pet or friend to keep around and chat with, to give mindless, careless tasks to carry out, but that was the purpose of her existence and as such, she needed to do be capable of doing so. 

No other machine would do it, Anidroids were too recently implanted in the streets, and too far from being anything of high importance. Humans couldn't do it, piecing out lost information, fragments of codes and erroned ones. Oh if only the servers location could have been saved into her drive, all of this wouldn't be an issue! But in truth the issue in itself was far more advanced than only rebooting the black boxes. Aza herself could not communicate with the other Anidroids, something normally doable from her own Moxxa, her own network. 

"I suppose the best course of action would be to rule out every places i know the servers are not. This still leaves me with so many options, so much information missing. I should find an other. Together, we will rule out the known facts and have a better chance of finding the Room." 

She let out to herself, her synthetised mild-british voice carrying out into the air for anyone, but in this case no-one, to hear. Sighting in apprehension of the task ahead, Aza the feline got up, dropping the piece of metal she had been holding onto for the last minute. She first looked around, sadly without any Anidroid in the area and pressed on, starting her quest at the same time. 

The chances of success were high, the population of anidroid was slim, but packed in the same area, as do all good things when the sprawl from the nest. Selling them in one district, as a test and, if expectations are reached, branch out to further areas. Simple human business logic, really. Looking somewhat alost, even though she held onto a 3D representation of everywhere she ever been with a marker to her exact location, the bright and shiny cheetah began her search, joining in with the crowds of possibly equally confused machines and... Humans?

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